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Strauss-Kahn in preliminary deal to settle case with maid
By Noeleen Walder and Emmanuel Jarry | Reuters – 1 hour 38 minutes ago

Nafissatou Diallo, the Manhattan maid who has accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually …
NEW YORK/PARIS (Reuters) – Former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn has reached a preliminary agreement to settle a civil lawsuit brought against him by a hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault last year, sources familiar with the case said.
U.S. and France-based lawyers for Strauss-Kahn, who was once tipped to become French president, on Friday acknowledged a deal was under discussion, but said it had not yet been finalised.
They also denied as “flatly false” and “fanciful” a report that he agreed on a $6 million (3.7 million pounds) settlement.
“The parties have discussed a resolution but there has been no settlement. Mr. Strauss-Kahn will continue to defend the charges if no resolution can be reached,” Strauss-Kahn’s U.S. lawyers, William Taylor and Amit Mehta, said in a statement.
“Media reports that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has agreed to pay six million dollars to settle the civil case are flatly false.”
French daily Le Monde, citing people close to Strauss-Kahn, said he and the maid Nafissatou Diallo would meet a judge in New York on December 7 to sign a $6 million settlement and close an affair that ended the Frenchman’s International Monetary Fund career and wrecked his presidential ambitions.
“The discussions have been going on for weeks, months. The agreement should be confirmed at the start of next week,” Michele Saban, a friend of Strauss-Kahn who saw him recently, told Reuters in Paris. She could not confirm the sum involved.
“We are moving towards the end of a tragedy,” she said, adding that Diallo had always been open to negotiating a settlement despite reticence from her lawyers.
Le Monde said 63-year-old Strauss-Kahn planned to take out a bank loan for $3 million and would be lent the other $3 million by his wife Anne Sinclair, despite the fact the couple separated in the summer and now live on different sides of Paris.
Strauss-Kahn’s Paris-based legal team declined to comment on whether a deal had been reached with Diallo, but denied Le Monde’s report of the sum involved.
“Neither Dominique Strauss-Kahn nor his lawyers will comment on proceedings in the United States. That said, however, they strenuously deny the erroneous and fanciful information relayed by Le Monde,” said a statement from the Paris lawyers.
The New York Times, which first reported the development, also said the pair would appear before a judge in New York next week. It said the settlement sum could not be determined.
News of the U.S. deal comes as Strauss-Kahn is awaiting a decision by a French court on December 19 on whether to call off a sex offence inquiry involving parties in Lille attended by prostitutes, where he risks trial on a charge of “aggravated pimping”.
If that case is dropped and Diallo ends her civil case, Strauss-Kahn would have a freer rein to pursue his consultancy work and could even consider a tentative return to public life in France, where he has been shunned since the Diallo scandal.
Images of the then IMF chief paraded before TV cameras in handcuffs before being charged with attempted rape shocked the world and led to French media raking over smutty details of the former finance minister’s private life.
“That’s the end, not only of this affair, but of any potential affair because one of the reasons for signing this kind of agreement is that both parties agree that they will never again bring a lawsuit,” Christopher Mesnooh, a U.S. lawyer who practices in France, said of the Diallo agreement.
“There will always be people who wonder about what happened in New York and in Lille, but from a legal standpoint if he gets all this behind him, he’s a free man,” he added.
Diallo alleged that Strauss-Kahn forced her to perform oral sex on May 14, 2011, in his suite at the Manhattan Sofitel.
The criminal prosecution fell apart after doubts emerged concerning Diallo’s credibility as a witness and the attempted rape charges against Strauss-Kahn were eventually dropped.
Strauss-Kahn, who in May 2011 was days from entering this year’s French presidential election, has maintained that the sexual encounter was consensual, although he said in a TV interview after his return to France that he regretted his “moral error”.
He filed his own countersuit against the maid earlier this year, claiming that Diallo’s accusations had destroyed his career and harmed his reputation.
In recent months, Strauss-Kahn has been making a comeback under-the-radar with a handful of speaking engagements at private conferences and by setting up a business consultancy firm in Paris.
(Reporting by Noeleen Walder in New York and Emmanuel Jarry, Johnny Cotton and Thierry Leveque in Paris; Writing by Catherine Bremer and Brian Love; Editing by Jon Hemming)


Hey guys December is a few hours away and you know we do polls every year , not only are they funny but with each post I would like to think each and every person learnt something. This year, I would like to know from you what posts you want elected. How long have you been on JMG , how many people have you encourage to read and most importantly what did you learn here this year?



Looking for TRUE love – 41 (nyc/nnj)

Date: 2012-11-23, 9:06AM EST
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The holidays are upon us and though the economy and sentiment is not as good as we’d all like it to be, it does serve us as a reminder of what is truly important in life and though money and tangible things might bring us satisfaction, it rarely brings happiness; that is why I am looking for the greatest thing in life… TRUE LOVE

I am looking for a woman who is a hard worker, down to earth and most importantly a stable job that will be sufficient to maintain hers and my lifestyle. I want a woman who prides herself in keeping her man happy and can tell her friends that her man does not need to work. I have a very busy schedule on a daily basis that leaves me very little time to work. I usually wake up at around 10:30am; hopefully when I wake up, you’ve left breakfast prepared for me before you head out to work. Don’t forget, I need a woman who thinks about me first and foremost. After I have my breakfast and watch Sportscenter, I start getting ready to hopefully be at the gym by 12 noon. With that being said, I expect the night before, you have washed and ironed my gym clothes. I spend 2-3 hours daily at the gym, so please understand that I am only doing this to look good for you. I hope your office is close to my gym, so we can meet up for luch at a local restaurant and you invite me for lunch. While we are having lunch, I will remind you of what you need to do before you get home from work; ie…. pick up groceries, dry cleaning etc, etc. As mentioned previously, I will be a bit too tired from the gym, so I will need to go back to OUR apartment and take a nap. Hopefully by the time I wake up from my nap, you will be on your way home to get dinner ready. Don’t forget that I want you to be in really good shape, so you must maintain ( depending your height ) the proper weight within 1-2 lbs. Hopefully you will cook me dinner and then hurry on to the gym to stay slim and fit. By the time you get home from the gym, I expect you to shower, get into a sexy outfit and take care of my intimate needs. I might want to go out at night to hang out with my friends once in a while to watch a game, so please make sure my clothes are clean and ironed as well. On the weekends, I expect you to keep OUR place very clean and in order. I usually prefer you do the cleaning on Saturdays, since on Sundays I intent to be home all day watching Football and do not want to be bothered with your noise; besides, You will be too busy serving me and my friends food, snacks and drinks during the game. Please spare me the thought of asking me to take you to the movies or dinner since this is a bad economy and money is tight;. See, I am already saving us money by not taking you out. As you can tell, I am one of the few men who knows exactly what true love is. If you do not resemble someone like Angelina Jolie ( tomb raider years ) or Jessica Alba, please do not respond. Also, I am looking for a woman who earns a minimum of $250,000yr and can cook. I would prefer a woman whose family lives far away, so I do not need to deal with the family members ( specially mother in law ).

If you fit such description, kindly respond with a full body picture, stats and location. Bonus points if you enjoy taking your man on long weekend getaways. I expect you to put aside your own wants and needs in order to please mine. I want a woman who will not complaint to me when she has her ” PMS ” or claim to have women’s issues. Save the drama for your mama. Speaking of mamas. I want a woman whose mother won’t be calling everyday to check up on us. I am a modern men who values women and I expect you to value me as well. I do not believe that women belong in the kitchen having babies, because they also need to work to keep their man happy. I do not want kids, so I expect you to take care of the birth control methods; that’s a woman’s problem. ( after all, you are the ones who get pregnant ). Is suffice to say that a man can’t live on bread alone ( as Shakira says ) so do not question me if I keep a few female friends on the side. As the bibble says, men are entittled to SEVEN women. But rest-assured that I will always come home to you.
Can’t wait to meet you
Location: nyc/nnj
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