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30 Responses to WHAT DROP OFFA HEAD…

  • Anonymous says:

    :mewek What’s going on in here?

  • soap opera says:

    parents who don’t think “what will happen to my kids if I don’t put them first”.

  • hottopic says:

    But wait ah nuh the yankee sista Ruff always ah talk bout how she guh school and how she ah har backbone.

  • Met says:

    di smaddy whey reply floor mi lmao

  • ehhhhhhhhhh says:

    But how simone bright suh ah wah type mother seh har pitney dem a citzen and them live a road no mon she wah do better

  • blessed says:

    She need fi lowe the likkle girl a she one no body no know bout she have manners fi a likkle girl har head deh pon har shoulder. weh ruff nuh worry bout har pitney weh a live from pillar to post

  • uptowngossip says:

    but the 15 year old ah nuh johnshop daugther demi mi hear seh she deh with qutanya so 2 daugther ah sadamite , har son deh a jail and the big one live a people yard and a breed

  • Met says:

    oh gosh mi mek mi :shutup:

  • BBC says:

    What a careless mother!! She shoulda shame seh are pickney dem ah bounce from ppl yard to the next… Who nuh deh ah jail deh a rd ah theif n bare things. Mi naw lie… When di parents dem get deported, dem fi bring dem pickney dem with dem too… or atleast try fi cum back cum tek care ah yuh kids dem. Any drum pan knock ah JA Ruff nuh miss!! Weather har kids dem ah citizen are not.. DEM NEEEED DEM MADA!!! Nuttin like a others care!!

  • Anonymous says:

    ah pear butch di liikle gyal deh bout mi daughter have har pon facebook and ah just this one Gyal she tek pic with often boy dem pikney wah guh a church but then a again them madda a big freak

  • jesta says:

    ah pear butch di liikle gyal deh bout mi daughter have har pon facebook and ah just this one Gyal she tek pic with often boy dem pikney wah guh a church but then a again them madda a big freak

  • Met says:


  • BABYGIRL says:

    Ohhhh Lord the woman ova de odda post wah walk and thief and a try justify it need fi read this. Think about how your actions can impact your kids later on in life. Once yuh breed yuh obligated to yuh kids forever….

  • xhale says:

    a how god give some a dem pickney?!SMH ruff naw learn.Di time she a paloff all bout Di place she woulda sit and reflect pon har life

  • Anonymous says:

    yuh caan judge di kids by them madda but dem a live wah dem see. from johnshop ah diss har with how much woman to every minute she up yah bout she deh with shana upsetter to likkle miss there is di reason all har kids them a struggle mi ah guh pray fi dem because dem grow ah see destruction so dat ah all dem know

  • simplicity says:

    “weh drop awfa head drop str8 inna qq pussy like a blade weh is dem resting shoulda quartaz…”

    met cud you edit my comment plz my fingers just got away tonx

  • pplBizKeepMeYoung says:

    RUFF A DE MUMMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!unoo expect from the children? pure lawlessness a run rampant inna dat fucked up family. RUFF-go prison -come out-get dep-deh a ja a suck dung all a de pussy dem in sight . helloooooooooooooo

  • miblind says:

    but wait qq and johnshop daugther from england shanice never did ah war fi pmoney suh how di likkle sista tun round and deh with qq what a breed ah nastiness this mon

  • noshame says:

    Ruff nuh learn fi stop put up things pon facebook first she a beg $10 credit now she ah chat she know weh har daugther weh runway deh she need fi send fi har daugther and stop the slackiness that pitney dem ah do

  • Anonymous says:

    ruff and shana upsetter live with the man on the hill so she cant mek them come live there too ……………………children live what they learn , ruff use to sleep on ppl floor a merica

  • xhale says:

    but weh dwayne princeman deh fi help har?

  • pplBizKeepMeYoung says:

    dwayne need help himself kmt

  • pplBizKeepMeYoung says:

    b4 RUFF go look a life fi r children dem she dey pon fb bout she a beg vote fi best dress ina dancehall. DARN WUTLISS WRETCH

  • goodlife says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Wat really a gwaan so ruff dem a Mercian citizen dem fi live out a door dem no feel cold dem no hungry ooh ok all lacka unnu fi gwhey man

  • nastygyalbunna says:

    mumma ah sadamite pitney ah sadmite

  • damn says:

    Really and truly the kids have nothing to do with this. and if you are a mother is it a shame how you you are speaking about other people kids.

  • bwoi it look like a ruff n johnshop sins a falla the pikney dem. no sah no to claat. thats y dem fi do good so it can falla dem pikney. demi fadda deh a prison fi life n mumma deh a ja a walk n suck dun the place n deh a drum pan evrynite. n yes she a beg evrybody inna her frens list fi best dressed female. wuclkiss cutlass

  • disclaimer says:

    for real NO example dem no set

  • ruff deh every weh she a fuch Andy Star mek him gi har likkle a petrone money and look after her kids darn fool jus a fuck fi nutten just so

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