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3 Responses to JMG’S TGIF

  • eyecandy says:

    Big bwoy ” all me know seh maggie baggie stink nuh rass!”:D

  • simplicity says:

    mi may feget a few line if i do smaddy fill it in plz


    wan day after school big bwoy falla him teacha home
    wen de teacha reach home she went to change har clothes while big bwoy
    stand outside har window and beep
    big bwoy c a man cum inna de teach room and dem start fuck but big bwoy realize sey anuh de teacha husband,suh afta dem done big bwoy come round and knock de door sey him want fi him share tuh
    de teacha ask share a wah..big bwoy sey mi c yuh a gi next man weh anuh yuh husband and mi anuh yuh husband edah suh mi want my share
    she let in big bwoy cuz she did waan fi knw how she aguh shut him up
    big bwoy hurry up nd tek off him clothes sed time de teacha spat har husband a come
    she tell big bwoy fe guh hide suh him guh up inna de ceiling top and him big hood drop down cchue de hole
    de husband step up saw it nd ask a wah dat
    de teach sey a new bell
    suh de husband pull it
    big bwoy sey ding dong
    de husband pull it agen big bwoy sey ding dong (louder)
    de husband sey wait deh man and bull it extra harder
    big bwoy sey yuh neva hear mi sey bloodclaat ding dong two times b4 ding dong,ding dong.

  • simplicity says:

    wan day big bwoy and him fren dem guh fe pick ackee
    suh dem a debate pon who fe climb de tree
    big bwoy mi nah guh enuh mek maggie she climb it cu she love climb things
    maggie she will gone climb the tree inna har red baggie
    put wan a yuh foot pan dah limb deh maggie nd de next ova de adda side
    suh maggie falla big bwoy sey bloodclaat dah ackee deh well open maggie
    dont move mi a guh fe hook fe ge yuh
    suh big bwoy guh find a hook a hook it pon maggie pussy
    maggie sey hey bwoy a weh yah duh
    big bwoy sey deh if yuh up inna ackee tree and open up like ackee
    mi nuh must pick yuh ackee

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