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Famous DJ of the year, Bounty Killer, is not only the voice of Dancehall but the lone artiste who has had a permanent stalker/ retired suckist ( evidence A, & C in the pictures below) for over ten years. Rodney’s heart aka Priceless, real name unknown , a citizen of the United States,left her homeland to run, walk, scream at Rodney ”Bounty Killer”Pryce with hopes of winning him over. It is said that Priceless often bought the artiste suits at well over $40,000 JMD as reward for the attention that he bestowed on her when she newly arrived on the island. Sources say although she has been the most consistent , she isn’t the only one. It is said that Lena British also gave a deposit towards the purchase of the artiste’s now impounded Range Rover.

Priceless not only has a tattoo mimicking the artiste’s last name but she has vowed not to give up on winning his affections. News of his engagement sent her into twitter frenzy. She started off by saying

” Yahweh, I know You are near. Standing always at my side. You guard me from the foe & lead me in ways ever lasting. Thanks, AbbA.”

After which she released various pictures, making indirect statements at Bounty’s fiancee Claudia Rattigan.pc2-Optimized . Sources say that Bounty has denied any present involvement with the middle aged woman but does admit to a few trysts with her in earlier years.
In Priceless’ sycosis, she went through various emotions, stopping between subliminals to ivite who seems like the love of her life, to partake in what she has made available. *Met signing out*





22 Responses to ITS ONLY SHE

  • ... says:

    MET IT IS TOO EARLEEEEEE!!!!!! DWL is waapen to di odda flippa/fin inna di pic uppa top? She look mad nuh raas…or is art?

  • Real says:

    Priceless as in no RODNEY PRICE???

  • Belly Bang says:

    This lady need fi shake up yuhself, use up di listerine, come offa social media and look at the purpose God send you pon this land for.

  • Real says:

    Belly dat look brainless teetless adnd senseless

  • sexyboo says:

    hmm okay then. is it true claudia as a big son?
    and if so who takes care of him?

  • Belly Bang says:

    No man, dem woman yah need fi do better.

    Look how Missa Pryce love march to di beat ah him own drum, name ah call up inna f000ery now & then, all dressed in black, face screw, hammer pon di hip and fiance in tow…..& now him haffi ah deal wid stalker!!!! :nerd

    Lady, mi seh moveeeeeeeeeee on & low di man. Up inna age & desperate nuh look good fi ah woman. :bola

  • lemon says:

    Morning Ms. Met….how old is this over grown idiot! Seems like she has way too much time on her hands…she needs to go sit her tired ass self down and stop making trouble. You’re telling me that she can’t find a man of her own to keep her occupied and out of the killa’s business after all these years? No man har condition want some shampoo fast, fast, fast like yesterday.

  • Real says:

    bwoy belly killa a mi dj …so it look like dem love di hammer and beaten …..mi a wonda if a klla lik out priceless teeth in the name of LOVE

  • Belly Bang says:

    But fi her antics just ah mek her look like a mascot.

    She still out yah or she hold di JetBlue back to USA already???

  • Anonymous says:

    She looks like somebody’s grandma

  • Real says:

    i do not know my dear shi can go fix up ar head and go pon di road weh seh; avoid killa …

  • Poor gal, mad like shad, uno hear weh she name, PRICE LESS. Mr. Price gone long time she nuh find out yet. :travel :hammer

  • Buenos Dias Metty Y Metters…………WTF?! This bitch is to old for this bullshit. @Belly tell her again moveeeeeeeeee on! Killa has clearly moved to the next level WITH SOMEONE ELSE! Time to get yo life…….Jetblue first class!

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Now seriously ppl, tawk e chute….Da sekan to laas picho deh nuh look like shi mentally unstable to oonu?

    Si wid har deh, caw when mi look pon di picho ah one sick head mi si

  • fashiondoll says:

    Men & women beware!!! A swear some ppl a falling angel and when u deh wid dem, u jus mek de biggest mistake a u life. Why dis ooman nuh move on and low de general :rate

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh my gawddddd toothless did still deh a JA mi feel bad fi har eh see. Woman accept that it is OVA cause u can see say Bounty did obviously have in mind when him post say him a get married he is sending u a message call it Quits Nuff man deh a JA whey need a woman walk away. I feel only pity for this woman cause it obvious say when bounty did a send on di 11′ it rackle up har head poor ting

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Dem say good KOKI can mad u so see it ya now, but wait den now bounty Koki dem say have one condition u know Wat :tkp

  • watsitnotsit says:

    how old is she btw?

  • sweet says:


  • channel 7 news says:

    hi Metty :D

    bwoy mash mout grannie skin clean doa :kimpoi but still :games hello KILLA CAT BOUNTY yuh nuh eEMbrass seh a GUM HEADAZ yaw get? :hn

  • Met says:


  • Anonymous says:

    She looks crazy. Its all in her eyes.

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