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‘Chiquitita’ singer, Clive ‘Snowball’ Brown fallen on hard times.

IN 1994, HE had what was arguably the most popular song in the National Festival Song contest. Clive ‘Snowball’ Brown didn’t win the top prize, but he placed second, earning several thousands of dollars in the process and gaining what many people thought was a new lease on life for a frustrated singer.

After the contest he was in great demand for appearances at pop events all over the country. He was truly a crowd favourite as he enlivened the hearts of children and adults with his folky song ‘Chiquitita’ and his ontoward appearance. Today, the ‘Snowball’ seems to have melted.

The Gleaner caught up with him at the first Tastee road show in this year’s Popular Song Contest held at the Tastee outdoor theatre in Cross Roads.

He told The Gleaner he had fallen on hard times. His appearance reflected his tale, as he was in cut-off-pants, a dirty shirt and worn-out boots. He had the countenance of a street person, although he said he was living at a premises on Brentford Road.

‘Snowball’ said he had used up the money he made from the festival and the subsequent shows to pay rent and take care of his family. He told The Gleaner he had submitted entries for the festival four times since, but none had been selected.

“I want a manager and a producer. Ah write some songs since the festival, but nobody want to produce them,” he said.

He complained that he had not been paid royalties for his song and said he would like a lawyer to act on his behalf in litigating the matter.

“Ah woulda give them a cut out of the money. Is a lot of money out there fe me,” he said.

‘Snowball’ dreams of travelling to countries where his song gained popularity so he may earn some more money. And he says there have been various times when he would drive taxis for a living, but he is presently out of a job.

22 Responses to REMEMBER THIS?

  • SERENITY says:

    A news this to me…i never heard of this person or this song before….sorry fi hear him fall on hard times doh,it can happen to anybody esp when u poor….hope him get a helping hand…keep trying rostah. There is always hope one you have life….

  • SERENITY says:

    cho backfoot…”once…not one”

  • simplicity says:

    big big bloodclaat tune dis ….cliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tuh de wurl mi use tuh sey

    “who tek teeth out,yes fi mi teeth out,doah tek fimi out out,doah tek fimi teeth out”

  • simplicity says:

    “who tek mi teeth out” mi mean clive gwaan hold it weh nuh dead nuh call it duppy yuh nuh de first r last yuh may hab wan more bomb chune inna yuh.

  • Dis was my song to win, A BIG tune, sorry to hear he has fallen on hard times

  • SO FUCKIN SAD!! I WAS AT THE RANNY WILLIAMS ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE THE NIGHT OF THE FINALS. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance & thought he was the clear winner based on crowd response. ItS a really sad case when you’re not educated & YOU’RE ROBBED & UNABLE to reap the benefits of your hard labour. I hope he gets a second chance & some help OOOOHH CHIQUITITA

  • Obara Meji says:

    Mi ah de Biggest most proud Jamaican inna de entire world an mi neva hear bout him, an mi swear sey mi know suh much bout we culture and tradition,…..mi haffi guh buckle up fimi folly groun an guh back inna we history to royal george!!…SIMPLICITYYYYYYYY AND SERENITYYYYYYY, MET NO JOKE, KIA, AND ODDAs WHEN OONUH COME HAILMENTS!!!!

  • Obara Meji says:

    Clive nuh worry yuh self, in God we truss an everyody else pay cash!!, in life yuh haffi guh chu rough patch, before betta come, and BETTA MUST COME ONE DAY…

  • sweet says:


  • To all commenting and saying they have never heard or know of this song either never grew up in Jamaica, was too young when this came out or you are simply out of touch. There was only JBC back then and this was all over TV & the radio. @Obara I understand not knowing the singer but not knowing this song is almost criminal.

  • Obara Meji says:

    mi nuh know if mi fi laugh or ask huh? at your comment eyn3:15…lol….almost criminal, mi possibly fall inna de too young category!!..nuh because mi ah MADDA it mean sey mi is a ole gal, mi still inna mi prime, and still ah produce eggs fi breeding…no hot flashes to mi ting dwl!!…but eyn, fi real mi nuh know it mi love

    if yuh sey it’s almost criminal chu mi love and know mi culture well, den yuh right mi really should ah know it, but mi leff Jamaica from wappi kill Johnatan and den phillo, so mi undastan why dis would ah miss mi… yuh can lass mi ah Jamaica

  • Producers,i kno unnu come pon JMG, gi di man a blye please.

  • No one has to feel bad not knowing the song because mi nuh live outside JA 10 years yet & mi feel shame when mi go pon youtube & see stageshow wid wi artist & di foreigners dem ah sing the song dem word fi word & I can’t. so mi say hell no & mi start pay more attn to the new releases as mi cousin post dem pon her page. I miss knowing all the reggae/dancehall songs over the years but thanks fi di internet I’m on track

  • When dah song yah a run thing mi deh inna a stove love dance one night and dem draw it pon a dub plate “woi mi chiquikitta stove love sound sweeta” dance mash dem haffi pull it up bout100 times

  • A straight up F’rey him a chat, cause me know that man persoanlly from round a Cross Roads. Naw go hide and talk it. Is a humble rass man, really decent.

    But him money never done sake a rent and bills. Him money done cause him did crack-out. Mi no too sure yah now, but about 15 years ago him did deh a Cross Roads a wash car, and a tek every cent a buy crack.

    Either way it go mi still wish him the best cause me memba a sing out that rass song bout eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiii chiiiiiiiiiiiiquititaaaaaaaaaaoooooooooo love me chiquitita, Say we gone a dunn’s river falls and just a swim inna the beach… Wheeeeel up and come again my selector.

  • *stone*

  • says:

    Swear on my father’s grave, i just searched youtube for this song about 5minutes before logging on to JMG.

  • says:

    …..and btw he was ROBBED by the silly judges who thought stanley had the most popular song. Most people dont even remember the stanley song.

  • guest says:

    This was from a Gleaner article published in June 2000. It’s misleading to present this story as current… alot may have changed in the last 12 years. The date of this article should have been stated

  • This was truly the boom tune that year–Stone Love and all di other sounds use to play da song deh… Straight classic…

  • Met says:

    yes oooooooooooooooooooo


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