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1. Girls need to start grow dem boy pikni and gyal pikni better cause is di careliss madda dem is the cause of the break down in society nowadays… And I wish all women wud come together and stop fite over dem dutty man ya.. Cause they can only do to us what we women allowwwwww them to do!!! Smh and lastly I love u shani for keeping me company all these months u r a blessing in my life( big hug ups) lol hahahaha.. I dunno wat is there to talk about that u nuh cover already? U have been quite thorough oh btw javana run weh lef killa gone a foreign dwlllllllllllllll shani I weak!!! Shani mi cyah manage dwllllllllllllll

Signed L.



JMG has opened my eyes to alot happening in Jamaica, especially in the dancehall fraternity both locally and overseas.
p.s. before JMG mi neva know sey a groupie go hard, artist sleep roun wid one a nother ooman & so much battyman dey a jamaica.
JMG has also made me laugh on many a sad days
Its a family to me who offers advice, prayer and love with that said…

3. MILAN ~NEW NEW~ said…

wat has jmg done for me ?well fi me specially wen mi a post pic pon fb or other channels mi mek fine rass sure the back ground no too dutty caz if di pic reach yah atleast unuh cyaa mud mi say mi wall dutty dwllllllllll…mi evaluate mi clothes properly and so on and so on…also if mi see ppl a criticize others on something that i myself am guilty of mi cut it rass out!!further on in di news i must say this blog right here has taught me alot, politically and mix-upcally________________________________ and has really opened my eyes to my culture. Both in past and present happenings (eg. vivianne blake, a jmg mek mi kno bout him i swear) also
di artiste dem dutty life along side the groupies its alot to digest but i tryas fi di mericans weh gwarn like dem nice! (philly and new york mascaraids) merci, mi love dem dutty laundry and so on….. unuh get the drift rite?

4. Sean Paul ppl dem n dem shegrie:

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5.king of the fire said…

Yeah yeaaaa!
Well alright den
Fi all who neva know a dis year mi fwd
Naw move backwud nor move akwudYes. What has jmg dun fi me?Well the site unique… a jamaican paparazzi ting.. is a tru reflection of jamaican culture fi pree an analyze an discuss tings. An who nuh love dat?A bare tings. Tvj have entertainment report pon tvj..but dis a di passa passa entertainment report. Yu simmi…
Dis nuh water dung…..Di tings dem dash out..
People business flash out.
Some a dem corn get mash out when di passa passa splash outPon di wall
When name call
Some rise some fall.
Some smile some bawlJmg betta dan dem all.

June 15, 2010 12:25 AM

6.**Tessie** said…

jmg mek mi know seh some girl when dem a hype outta road aint shit & dem file nuh pretty gimme di low down pon wat a gwan outta road and who fi sidestep when mi see dem outta road (esp. artiste) mi get di news as it hit lol dweet mi seh jmg and nuh pay dem nuh mind

June 15, 2010 1:20 AM

7.islandgodess said…

Please don’t move without me…JMG has open my eyes on the Groupies what’s going on in Jamaica etc and boy Belly bang story selloff I love it and I’m waiting to read the rest I think this is great site!

June 15, 2010 2:03 AM

8.AnonT said…

jmg has made me laugh and fulljoy myself more dan anything. JMG done more also like mekk me eyes open pan differnt viewsme late commenting on dis so me ont write no long epistlejmg also mekk me get nuff food pan many nites wen hungry ah kill me, oh and de jinks too, belchhhhhhh!!

June 15, 2010 5:44 AM

9.Met by now u fi kno how people really feel, dis site nuh normal, it nice like suga and spice. JMG mek mi deal wid di wicked people at work, when dem get me cross me just log on pon JMG and get me wicked laugh. Mi come pon dis site from January and buck into bare tings bout people me neva know. I wouldn’t say I beleive everything but it really shed sum light pon how me preee certain folks and mi nuh wan figet di COUGAR DEM, dem act like nobaddy nuh bad like dem. Well me represent DC area and mi nuh care fi talk di tings bout dem.
One more ting: Mawning all fimi manners no gwood as usual, ok back to di ting, so far mi rate di comments and how people feel bout JMG. Dis blog is beyond GLOBAL, all culture and islands hear bout JMG. Mi deh Bermuda whey day and dem ah talk bout it. Me say Bumbo JMG it reach BRITISH GROUNDS—-DWL


10. Anonymous said…JMG Sell the fPPk awfff…Queen-Empress11. sexxy kerri said…bwoy met a bere joke mi get inna cause when di ppl dem ready fi talk up di tings dem, trust mi all when school a kill mi it come in like nutten. Big up JMG although a long time mi nuh tarry too long

Anonymous said…

met the blog is highlyy entertaining but at the same time i have seen good people name being slandered because of feelings other carryin for them. reputations have been tarnished but besides that it is quite entertaining. i would love it if you find out if the people sending you the mail have personal vendettas with the person they emailing you about before they send it in to u idk how you wud do that but a u name met so u will find a pebbles

June 15, 2010 8:59 AM

socialite said…

too much to type shani but yuh done me love it an me nah lef jmg nuh day :)
xoxoJMG JMG JMG, where do I start. This blog has been a great de-stresser while I’m at work, since i’ve been reading and commenting mi nuh watchi clock as much lol. unuh nuh have no behaviour. love chilling out on the pink walls!

June 15, 2010 9:30 AM

Anonymous said…

i just luv it… i don’t comment much maybe once or twice but its very entertaining… been here from day one keep up the good job met
big up belly story madddddddd!***kimmieRounding said…@ Meeeeeeeettttt sorry mumz u ketch mi offguard mam! Now lemme expressify ma poetic self *clears throat* it approaching a year now mi deh pon JMG but I can count pon 1 hand how much time I comment lol and TRUST me!mi feel like all di yrs mi live a ja mi been living a lie bc half a weh jmg teach me I woulda neva dreaaaaaammmm. Di mix up sweeeeeeet when it ready and sometimes annoying when mi neva know di ppl dem but Met u also cover a lot of other important issues n mi cyaa help but rate yuh! Mi lift mi hat to yuh how u deal wid di dudus ting wid di info bc mi deh a farin a choon in pon all kinda supm n doa get half a weh u gi we!!!! Mi mite nuh comment nuh but mi feel like mi kno n luv everybaaddyy!!!Met a u a di CEO mami!!!! Soci, Henny,8itorluvit,Gog3tt3r,Sweet and Bellyyyyyyyyy unu laaarggee yeardat! Anybody name mi nuh memba doa vex yerr??? Mi luv unu jus as much :) Rounding mi name! Mi nuh brown but mi well round!!!!!! Dwrcl

ProblemChyle said…

JMG was pure entertainment when I started reading…I was reading for a long time before I started posting…But outside of entertainment when it is time to be serious JMG is more than capable of that as well.It’s all about the diversity….

@Met ah wednesday now yuh know …Who har di baby daddy **Bounty voice** …. mi nah give up yet

$SK$ said…

Started reading from August 09, wid di kartel suss… me memba dat verrryy well… dats when i had just came back from jamaica. then the groupie stories start coming in… thats when tings start gettin hot… DEN other fram the groupie stories we have real life tings fi deal wid… matters, wars, world news, everything that comes together makes this site a damn good one and keep ppl coming back for more. The suss part…. is what keep this site also alive…. PC LOW SHANI IF SHE NAH MENCHAN DI BABY DADDY NAME DWLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL me nuh wha get har inna chubble eno dwllllllllllllllllllllllllll

June 15, 2010 11:04 AM


$SK$ said…

damn, thats a typo, i dont want shani inna chubble****


June 15, 2010 11:05 AM

rounding said…

Yes Met lol me’s very maddy maddy wen mi ready jus more time mi nuh too like jump inna ppl convo das y more time mi nuh comment bc unu dey ya long b4 me :)


June 15, 2010 11:16 AM


TT said…For me..JMG has brightened my day whenever I’m feeling, lonely, miserable, sad and depressed…Or whenever I feel like shit…mi always si one a dem groupie yah whe life WORSE DAN MINES!! dwl dwll Then i feel mucccchhhhhh better!
And also..It has made me meet my new found friends and family members….and also find out bout some big ole whoring DUTTY MAN whe a try look mi wid dem bright self! before mi date anybody mi waan know if dem have a file pon JMG!

June 15, 2010 11:22 AM

Anonymous said…

Met a long time u thing a shot….

JMG mek me know nuffffffffffffffffff things me na lie.. Its a encouraging site, not only bout sus but polictics n everything else me rate thats bout u…so plz no move out lef me..

from wen me wa sign uo n a try n all now, somebody buss me no…



June 15, 2010 11:24 AM

(HUGS) how u do?

shadae coolllllllllll

June 15, 2010 11:36 AM

Anonymous said…Met mi jus see dissa topic,a so much tory drop since me lef yah yessiday?
Anyway, JMG to me is a de-stresser during my trying days at work.I get ton loads of laugh & for most of the times,the vibes is right & 3/4 of the people are fun.
I enjoy the suss,I love the serious educational topics & I am totally addicted to belly bang/JMG novel.On here we pray,laugh & cry together.
As for you Mrs Met,you are simply the best,you make a blog into an entertainment parade like no one else,your interaction,word play & fun side sure knows how to make a long day short & exciting…SERENITY

June 15, 2010 11:36 AM

Anonymous said…

met mi post & cannot find it,whey mi comment deh,a who tief it…SERENITY


June 15, 2010 11:39 AM


TT said…Meeeetttt!!
*returning hugs*
I’m kool..things kinds slow dung a work so mi seh mi woulda log een an check wha mi missssss.
How yuh do mumzzzz?
Di biggest news whe shock mi since week a di fact seh Mumzell get cyar.

Pretty Pink said…

Brightens Every day! Love it! Can’t Live without it! Big up Met…….


June 15, 2010 12:26 PM

Anonymous said…



June 15, 2010 1:07 PM

sexillisha said…

jmg is my destresser if met ever change an nuh mek mi know where to go i am gonna be sobolious up in here i foung jmg after i did surgery last year nov and all i had was my computer as company i followed nuff but start comment bout january or so met mek mi know whe u switch where u going mum


June 15, 2010 1:49 PM

bev said…

met me can remember when me come on but u guys come like my extend family if I donot come one me miss uno bad nata my gal u like a sister to me anont me drinking friend soc the cook ad sweets the big big sunday cook and to all the rest of my jmg family me love uno bad can stop say so jmg to the world


June 15, 2010 2:27 PM

Anonymous said…

JMG mek mi head hat mi!!! More time Mi laugh so hard mi affi tek a pill.

OMG where mi must start, more that anything it a mi DE-Stresserrr, when I’m annoyed at work mi log on and mi no tap laugh, all the white people dem think mi mussi mad.

Lets just say that I work hard and have school full time so when mi feel like miago mad with stress this is where I come, you guys are soooo funny, at times mi man ask a wha sweet mi so pon mi Blackberry and mi tell him DRAMAAAAA.

Met Bless up I dont always agree with some people views but one thing mi can sey is that yu funny as hell and yu fair…..
Ohh and I like Belly’s stories she is so talented.



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