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26 Responses to TWINNY

  • Me sey says:

    First: twinny u look great :2 please u must have a 6figure job fe maintain these expensive shoes bags & clothes what’s the name of ur job company are they hireing ???? :salahkamar :2thumbup

  • ADVISOR says:

    please a pare fake ass shit twinny wear, she broke like me self yah….

  • Anonymous says:


  • yardie says:

    Twinny! no pay the haters dem no mind. jus do u ting.

  • Boo says:

    Expensive what lace bodysuit oh please and baby girl here nuh grudge no girl or hate on no one but she look expensive to you

  • Anonymous says:

    Twinny job is suck, lick, fuck she dunce like wa

  • Anonymous says:

    Twinny face old Nuh bloodclatt Nuh care she wear the things dem are face can’t change she sick stomach more time

  • Anonymous says:

    Di gal man a mine ar she dnt need no bloodclatt job, plus uncle sam is dere!! Enuh too nuff

  • Anonymous says:

    Di gal man a mine ar, dutty badmind ppl

  • blackberry says:

    am sick of seeing her in bodysuits…………….

  • Anonymous says:

    Twinny need fi send some a the money a jamaica fi her sister she need it

  • Ah which man Twinny have ah mine ar oh please ah pure fake mix wid ah likkle bit ah real she wear ar face tuff like wah she wah guh ah ar bed an guh get some sleep

  • Mi know the web site them sell the Super Fake stuff

  • prettykiss says:

    twiny yuh look nice..from yuh stop par wid simone weh mouth stink and smell like sour pussy..but y carisma face haffi look suh and she claim she have money? sh need to go work pon har face!1..

  • wahdodem says:

    Yu know di fake website dem cuh u dea pon too….chu lowe di woman

  • Go Girl says:

    At least Carisma is fixing her self love how the belly going down CAUSE YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TOHAVE THAT BELLY.You go girl

  • Cutie says:

    The girl looks good. Anything that you don’t have can be bought. Nothing is wrong with her. Bitches stop hating .

  • Anonymous says:

    They both look good in my opinion

  • Anonymous says:

    twinny is fake all over her clothes her body she needs a fake p**** because ur man them say her p**** stinks she need to replace her real pussy to a fake one because the real 1 rotting

  • TheRealDealBK says:

    Hold up and wait a sec……dot…dot…. this is the same woman that takes pics with the woman mon and was fucking him…. Dogg Leash always holding her up big time and behind closed doors them two talking and do more than what his baby momma really knows!!!! It’s not everything on here is a lie. Home girl looks good but she should work on her aging get lots of sleep and see that doc in longisland again! She needs to stop fucking her friends man well her and Dogg Leash Kenny baby momma really dont talk like that again but we know the gig is up or is it… DWL stop it twinny…your wrong for that shit…. then again the baby momma acts like her life will end if Dogg leaves her, oh boy!!! Good Morning Mate :)~

  • berrylicious says:

    Listen lady aint u too mature for dat hideous couger suit…go pic k up some food from di church an pack a barrel fi yu family.too damn wutliss.

  • dont give a fuckk says:

    twinny yu look good!!!!! dem dutyy ppl yahh a some haterzzz a truu dem caa look like youuu
    bcc fi a big woman yu look real fukinn goodd, live up ya lifeee yahh and enjoy every moment whilee u cann big up yu selff mumaaa and keep on give ya haterzz something moree fi talk aboutt bcc dem love ur nameee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAMAAA LOOK GOOD AND STAYY FUKINN GOODDD
    BADMIND CAAA STOP UUU WE NU KNOW WEH DEM A TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • General Starsky says:

    twinny u look good

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn!!!!! So very sexy

  • osborn says:

    I knead a nice woman

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