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Simone the ppl then ago come back fi then man




Met please post this. We are trying to get the message across.
The principal and teachers of K++++ Primary School need to find innovative ways to teach and motivate their students and move away from flogging our dear children to get 100% only! It is because of their short comings that they find the need to be flogging innocents children like race horses, that needs to be whipped into better performance! Animal lovers are crying out for the horses being whipped, why should we sit quietly while our children are being flogged for getting grades of 38/40!! When we have our children, especially girls, accept being slapped for these menial things, we are communicating to them an acceptance of this kind of treatment throughout their lives!



“Mr. (Choke) Lumumba, (Buju’s NEW lawyer) I tip my hat off to yuh! Because in the three (3) years, is the CLEAREST I have heard this case!

I know my friend Buju, mi NEVA see him sell drugs yet! Mi neva see him teck drugs yet! And Just like Kunte Kente who get beating fi forget his identity. “BUJU is a WARRIOR who decided NOT to lay down!

They, (US Prosecutors) offered Buju Banton THREE (3) years (If Buju would plead GUILTY to the charges) and him say: “MI NAAH BOW!”

He said he is going to ((( FIGHT!!))) Cause if him did accept that deal, mi and Buju would be eating ackee and salt fish right now! But him say: I DON’T want the world to believe that I am a drug dealer, and he decided to FIGHT!

We are at WAR! But, it’s NOT a gun war, it’s a CULTURAL WAR! I beg of you to spread this word about our brother BUJU, because he decided NOT TO LAY DOWN & that is why he is in PRISON. Meck we STAND UP and FIGHT fi we bredren Buju and BE AWARE! BE AWARE OF HOW WE WALK IN THIS SOCIETY! (((( FREE BUJU )))

Gramps MORGAN, Reggae Artist, FRIEND & BROTHER to Buju Banton and a member of Buju Banton’s Defense Committee.


Tens of villagers from Busia County flocked at Busia Hospital to witness the shocking case of a prisoner who had been rushed to the hospital after changing and started to meow and cry like a cat.

The confused prisoner is alleged to have changed overnight and his shocked mates reported the incident not knowing what was happening. Residents suspect that the 24 year old prisoner may have been bewitched.

A medic at the hospital told the media that he has seen several cases of witchcraft but the case was new to them and they have no idea what to do to save him.

Prison wardens who remained at his side were keen as they feared he may escape even with the cuffing as people flocked from all over to see the prisoner whose eyes were also like those of a cat.

Medics fumbled by the incident secured a private room where he will be staying until a solution is founds. The prisoner is alleged to have been imprisoned last month for the charges of defiling a minor.


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