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Duanvale woman beheads 4-y-o girl, dumps body in sinkhole

‘Dat a wickedniss’

BY HORACE HINES Observer West reporter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

DUANVALE, Trelawny — The Trelawny police have confirmed that a woman in her early 40s has confessed to Monday’s murder of her estranged common-law husband’s four-year-old daughter, who was beheaded and her body dumped in a sinkhole in Duanvale, ironically as the world celebrates Childs Month.

“She has admitted knowledge of it,” a high-ranking police officer told the Observer West last night, refusing to give details.

GROSSETT… beaming after he retrieved the body from the sinkhole yesterday.


The deceased has been identified as Natasha Brown, a student of the Duanvale Basic School.

The entire community was plunged into shock and anxiety later Monday after it was discovered that little Natasha did not report for school that day, even though she had left home for the institution.

The police who initiated an Ananda alert after they were summoned, subsequently — along with residents — launched a search in the deep rural community. It was later announced that a small human frame was spotted in a sinkhole, located in a rugged terrain in a section of the community called Faith Avenue, which is only accessible by foot.

Efforts were then made to fish the body from the sinkhole.

But the team, comprising fire fighters, the police and residents, later abandoned the mission and returned yesterday morning about 8:30. About an hour later, the dismembered body was retrieved, with the assistance of community member, Marvin Grossett, who snaked his way down the hole, estimated to be about 25 feet deep.

Grosset who recounted his adventure to members of the media, noted that after he reached the bottom of the hole he saw the infant’s head beside a black plastic garbage bag in which the child’s torso was concealed. He said he placed the head into the bag and worked his way out of the hole.

Armed with the bag with the body, he was greeted with loud cheers from community members who lined up outside the police tape which cordoned off the area. Some of the curious onlookers stood on the roofs of buildings overlooking the crime scene, while others thronged the streets.

But, while Grosset was greeted as a hero, the community members on the other hand, branded the suspect as a villain.

There was much anger directed at her from the large gathering of irate residents who lined the streets outside the area cordoned off by the police.

Among the disgruntled members of the community who directed venom at the woman in custody was Natasha’s distraught father, Ewan Brown, who disclosed that he and the suspect had broken up about four months ago, after a relationship spanning 16 years.

Four years ago, Natasha was born out of a relationship with another woman in the community.

He admitted there was not much love lost between the two women but he didn’t expect that it would have resulted in Natasha’s gruesome murder.

“If a problem was there — nobody don’t want to die — but it would be better if she had attacked whether me or her (Natasha’s) mother who can defend ourselves. But when you go tek the pickney and murder her, that a wickedniss,” he said.

“Me know say shi (estranged lover) is a serious woman, but we naw look fi that.

Other members of the community who were in a state of militancy, demanded blood.

“Carry her (the suspect) come give wi, and mek wi tie her up on light post and beat her,” said a woman.

Another man stated: “Police come too quick. Them should allow wi with her mek wi put her in a tyre and light her.”

Community members claimed that the suspect was seen holding Natasha’s hand when she was on her way to school about 8:30 Monday morning.

“She trailed the pickney and kidnapped her while she was walking in a track in the community,” one man theorised.

Another member of the crowd said that the suspect who was seen carrying a garbage bag late Monday, declared that she was carrying a pig in the bag.

Residents also alleged that on Monday, the accused woman asked a butcher in the community how he felt when he slaughtered a pig.

Yesterday, Natasha’s mother was unavailable for a comment, but her maternal grandmother, Marlene Shaw, expressed shock and disbelief at the gruesome act.

“After me come back from hospital yesterday evening (Monday) by me reach in one bus me get the call say them take her away. All now me can’t believe,” said the grieving grandmother.

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  • Real says:

    ppl always want weh dem cah have so dem wi kill fi weh dem cah get ……madness..Ye man mi sista did a tell mi seh a rape and kill..mi tell ar seh di oman inna custody a mus di likkle girl fada oman……di bible neva wrong big up di bredda weh tek ar out cause if yu look pon him and dem neva find di oman is a yute like dat woulda send go prison fi di killing ….

  • Original Goodas says:

    people can so cruel man.
    Dead would be too nice yes met but in a case like this dem should a lef her to the community… head fi head me say

  • Mello says:

    Good morning Met and metters!
    I’m still pissed that the community did not get to this ol dutty wicked mungrel and gas har bumbo! Wicked heartless stinking cho mi caan even finish class it! I’m so irate I have tears in my eyes.
    RIP baby girl…prayers to the family. Smh

  • Anonymous says:

    GM Metty n me wake dis mornin me a think bout this poor lil baby..It sad bad…f a my baby me wudda deh a Windward Rd ya now…wa mek she nay cut off d man hood n keep it…she gone dismember d poor baby..mi ignorant fe har…a nuh my baby n mi feel so..mi can jus imagine wat d modda goin thru…RIP to the poor lil innocent baby…she a go get worse dan dat..Polonia

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Dem need fi hang this johncrow by her tongue man mi feel it to mi core just thinking about the innocent a wonder Wat is happening to her tears smh God alone still smh

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning everyone!

    This is not the time to emphasize certain points given that this is very fresh & therefore a very emotive time for the general public, BUT I must say there are many lessons for women, especially, to learn from this tragedy. It’s always the innocent children who suffers.

  • Met says:

    good morninggg


    @Cindy, real ting!!. i wouldn’t even know where to begin to address this. The heart of man is wicked, iyah.. I cannot process why a woman would commit such a vile act. I’m lost for words. This is so painful to [email protected], maanin u and di crew..

  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    like mi sey last nite nd mi ago say it agen give natasha mada a machette a sharp one nd mek she limb dis woman frm head tuh to real mince up….kill the baby bout a bcuz a de baby har marriage mash up nd de fada a pay pickney tuh much mind nd a use de pickney as excuse fe guh link de mum…….mi nu knw de muma but mi wuda jump all de prison wall fe tek awf back a gal head nd nah bring back de pickney but it will bring likkle peace tuh me fi knw yuh nah live jus like how fi mi nah live…wicked bloodclaat ooman.

    God i am only human nd upset much plz bare wid me but this woman is wicked and wi cant fite fire wid fire but dis ooman Lord,she hurt mi HEART!

  • Real says:

    Cindy di man neva a keep him ting inna him pants …and di oman fail fi realize seh di man a mascot …now dis lady gone inna di bang a rang and dem have enuff time time fi si and love di pickney ……but di oman seh weh shi couldnt prevent shi a go destroy ……life and death ting dis ya man and oman ting caw mi nu know how u can just kill so and nuh tink ………..mi nuh know

  • Cindy Royal says:

    It even deeper than that enuh Real, but as mi seh, mi naw tawk bout dat now, but right now mi know is a whole heap a tings a guh choo di likkle girl mother head – guilt for several reasons, wondering if she’s being punished all sort a things. As mi seh, the lessons in this tragedy is especially important for women when we decide to play roles (wifey/matey) in men’s lives. All a di adults dem have dem own personal hell fi live eenn rite now, suh a just the loss of di likkle girl mi feel.

  • Real says:

    cindy mi know weh yu se

  • simplicity says:

    cindy mi undastand weh yah sey enuh cuz wi nuh knw if de mate did a chow wud,call nd a f*k wid de ooman a chow de pickney thing innna har face etc….but de way how mi heated fe de ooman how cud you tek awf a 4yr old head wen is not she ask tuh be here de pickny dont evn knw wrong frm way as it is.

  • Original Goodas says:

    me hurt so till me caa even stop think bout it. If somebody bark affa my child too hard me waa kill dem muchless…

  • Original Goodas says:

    Cindy u know a only one thing me think a go through the mother mind right now is murder..

  • Cindy Royal says:

    U would be surprised to know that’s the furthest thing from her mind right now OG. Remember, it was other ppl who approached the girl b4 police picked her up, not the mother. Me si me rushing har b4 anybody else fi find out if a she duh sumting to my child, but she didn’t. We really don’t know how we will feel or react to certain situations unless we go thru them.


    This story jus mek mi heart break! Mi feel it for the likkle girl. Dem ting yah is wah mek mi really overprotective when it comes to my girls. God Bless her little soul. Mi wonda wah coulda really ah go tru dis woman head mek har do something so heartless. @Cindy u r so right each and every one of the adults in this situation is going thru their own personal hell. I just hope dem tek heed and other ppl reading this tek heed. This is a most serious consequence to dem kind of lifestyles.

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    I agree that the police should have left her ass right there and mek the people them deal wid her real nice… mi nuh understand how some people sud wicked and heartless.. I pray god bring some sort of comfort to this child mother.

  • Mad Rass thing says:

    The man dem should a rape tis dog shite first, then tie her up &set the dutty bitch pon fire

  • Toni Ann says:

    Good morning Met. Good morning Metters.

    She’s in denial right now, anger will come after.
    A lot of time wo/men dont think them actions affect anyone but it surely does, an we usually have no clue what the person thing or planning of doing.
    This a something dat a guh stick wid him fi life, especially the mother.

  • simplicity says:

    for many years till nung ppl a get warning fe stop mash up ppl home nd most ooman love fling it in de next ooman face dont knw wat de relationship was build on wat hardship dem guh chue etc….phuck dis bun wid caution foolishness cuz anuh everybody can tek it,it a trigga awf a killing spirit inna dem ppl frm wah till nung…poor baby fe deh a sch,mi a wonda if a lunch mony de baby stop fah or a pass sh a pass nd she stop har..sigh RIP Natasha Brown.

    Did they find her head?!?!

  • simplicity says:

    who deh yah a peep frm trwelany or have an insight pon dis story cuz mi waan knw if the wife have kids harself…..

  • Original Goodas says:

    the bun thing naa go stop it a happen before me great great granny born.

    Is either u stay or leave but this harming other people kids to the point of killing them is a big no no.. the man say him and her lef so why she no go find a next man f*k her in a her big ole and go weh.

    naa uphold cheating but it is what it is and its not going to change no time soon worst the way how the place a run, di man dem a tun batty man and who no tun batty man gone a jail.

  • Toni Ann says:

    Jungle justice is not good in jamaica, it jus gi ppl the right fi brutalize ppl fi a pin drop only exception is gunmen/murdera.

    in this case, its a crime of passion. I could only imagine di humiliation the oman feel fi know seh she deh wid di man from thy kingdom come, and him guh breed someone in the community and break the relationship off with her like she is no one. That’s why me refuse to play the dolly house with anyone, because you never knw what the 3rd person thinking.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :shakehand2 @ Simplicity.

    Wid all weh a gwan inna society right now, mi feel more a wi need therapy fi deal wid di stresses of life, cuz clearly wi not managing well on our own.

  • Toni Ann says:

    They said the head was beside the body by the garbage bag.

  • No Sah! says:

    My God what a wicked woman. I say slow painful death to her. On another note, why was this 4 year old walking to school by herself? I see my cousins doing the same damn thing a mek dem pickney go shop and all over by themself. These are kids and there are sick, demented people in this world that will harm them.

    Morning JMG Crew

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Dem sey di head fine Simply. Same time when di body fine

  • simplicity says:

    thanks fe dat Storm…cindy more than therapy cuz most mothers now a days a train dem pickney fe tek ppl man especially married man wid a change.

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    Dem fe hang dis bumboowl! Turn har upside dung, strip her naked, and hang her by her pu–y tongue publicly, so everybaddy can see.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I was talking about the killer Simplicity, cuz clearly she too guh choo her stress & it needed some kind of intervention to avoid it coming to this.

    But on the point of women tekking odda ppl man, mi si di gyal pan Biggy video weh day a talk all loud & brazen bout how shi tek har sista man & how a har sista man shi fi tek like is a good ting & I was just like…stunned. If a har sista man shi tek so brazenly & widdout remorse, a wah shi wudda gwan wid if shi a tek har fren or stranger man?

  • simplicity says:

    yea the gal frm up a tower hill met had it up here mi almost tun ova dry yeye wid it..him put sist chue sch suh fi har time fe guh chue sch bwoy oh bwoy

    mi knw a de woman yah tawk but she nd many addas need it cuz sh cuda neva jus get up nd duh dis suh a long time she a plan fe de baby (i think)

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Long time di granny seh shi mek threat Simplicity.

  • simplicity says:

    see weh mi a chat bout nd no1 tuk heed…sorry but jail anuh fe she,why she neva plan fe har husband????????????

  • eyecandy says:

    “can a man take fire into his bosom and not get burned?”

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Candyyyyy :peluk Weh yuh deh suh long mums?

  • simplicity says:

    cindy a wah gwaan dung town deh?!?!? smaddy jus chop awf a ooman head dung deh

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yes Simplicity, this morning in Parade.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    My mom says: after I dropped her off this morning to meet her bro at Corri market, the walkathons that they r, they ended up in Parade at seasoning shop. While they were heading towards the big tree in Parade in the attempt to go onto Beckford St. they heard gunshots & ran into a store. She said they just saw a girl running up into the store saying she just saw a man grab the woman & cut off her head. She said it happened right under the big tree in Parade. Ppl say the woman (an old woman) is a vendor in Parade. She doesn’t know if any1 got shot, cuz they took away themselves as soon as they felt it safe. kmt

  • Met says:

    Cindy den u have di details and cudden link mi?u know me and u gwine have a falling out :nohope:

  • simplicity says:

    big broad day light nd dis man beheaded a ooman….mk mi knw weh de mid day news deh pon sass crise a wah gwaan a yaad man

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Lawd Metty, mi been busy wid Target stressing mi from mawnin, is like dem block c-card shopping from Ja agen an naw come str8 out an seh it. A wen Simply mention it mi memba seh mi madda did call mi wid di news.

  • eyecandy says:

    Chop off clean or wah?? Cause j’can pple lub exaggerate..

  • Met says:

    mi a go put up whey u seh people so free fi kill people I dont know

  • eyecandy says:

    @Cindy deh yah same way nuh gone nuh weh..
    Yuh miss mi?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Don’t know Candy, my mom says ppl were going to look, but they didn’t want to see it, but they did see a lot of blood. kmt Dem clearly feel free as a bird Met.

  • Real says:

    nuff time man a gi oman bun an a cuss di oman and di oman tell di man dem seh any pickney u get outta road mi a tun it dung…di oman have four pickney of her own ….shi do a great wickedness but mi a oman and me know seh oman dangerous……so if a man marry mi nah tarry….and if him common law mi a find flaw ….cah ppl are wicked ……and some oman nah accept certain tings …..di mada dede a wander if shi neva involve wid dis man how ar life woulda set……….adultery and di taunting of ppls feelings is a dangerous ting ….as cindy seh oman fi learn certain tings …..di man does not sound shock to mi …him did know di oman a wicked it look like him a kip di two a dem same way ……and di oman decide fi mash up dem life inna a wicked way …..but mi nuh know how u fi chop off a pickney head jah know u mus have some kinda hate …dat nuh normal

  • DWL says:

    She admit to it so why waste money on trial and jail just tie are ass to a cement block an drop har off a high cliff into a tub full of hot oil so she suffer slow painful death

  • Anonymous says:

    Oh father God, deliver us from evil. Mi bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. My bellyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Wow. No sah.

  • MY NAME IS... says:

    Do they have the death penalty in Jamaica? I have never seen a better candidate for it than this demented b**ch. This is beyond sad….it is downright evil and there is NO excuse for murdering this child. Your title is fitting because this is exactly what she thought when she planned this horrendous crime. She thought death would be too nice for the ex and his new woman…she rather make them suffer. Man and woman have been unfaithful since the beginning of time…everybody face heartbreak at some point…people get divorced every darn day….what people don’t do is KILL INNOCENT CHILDREN….I hope they have the death penalty because her death should be LONG PAINFUL AND PUBLIC….this is just pure evil.

  • Met says:

    a she shudda get hacked to death

  • Anonymous says:

    F*k me a dog dem

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    This shit is crazy. The suspect is a wicked bitch. However, I’m curious as to why the mother or father allowed a 4 year old to walk to school by themself?

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