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Metttyyyy mi hear sey Friday night at Richie Spice show in H-Town Mr Breed Easy beat up a man over the man woman who is one of Breed Easy friend daughter that him (Breed Easy) f***ng. She is about 23 and Breed Easy is 38!! Dem sey Breed Easy and the girl went to the show, and her man confront her about Breed Easy and diss her and him up. Suh Mr Breed Easy approach the man and dash liquor inna him face and box up box up the man over the man woman. Mi hear sey it big and stink a Houston and the warring nuh done, because is the man woman. And dem sey him a fuck off the likkle loose gal dem and the man dem woman like crazy with the 3.5 inch instrument. As soon as mi get more I will dash it out with warning, because there is more to come. The saga continues lol. Every week him name call up on a different pumpum dem sey. Mi nuh know if you can code it up and post it, either way I wanted you in the know.

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  • REALLY? says:

    [email protected]………..FROM U SEE HIM U KNO HIM A WORK WID BERRY BERRY little

  • Lol @ Really. Even though it has been confirmed many many times that he is working with 3.5 inch, the gal dem still a flock to him. Him all a beat man over them woman. Imagine if him buddy was 4 inches longer… wudda dead. Met yuh know mi family point him out to me the other day and mi nah lie him look like him nuh done grow, likkle short ugly looking fellow in tight clothes and him belly hang over like Sky Juice, with a cocky attitude and 10 man behind him like him a celebrity. Tight clothes nuh fit everyone especially him…..

  • jamaicas finest says:

    I hear he got some American girl pregnant but nobody really knows that they messing around. they keep it real low. she about 6 months pregnant now

  • @Jamaican finest a suh mi hear some young gal whey name Ayida or something like that. She is about 21 or 22 and him a 38 or 39 and him a pay her tuition. Him deh wid a spanish one tuh whey married, she name Claudia. if her man ever find out. Dem seh him have about 4 kids already. I hear sey him a galang wid some dirty nasty living down there. Mi nah sey much but from what me hear him is a nasty dutty likkle short ugly man. Dem sey him walk and f**k off the whore dem, the man dem woman and him friend dem daughter under the quiet. Mi hear sey him all give a girl infection and stop tek her calls. Metty duh nuh block meeeeee, but yuh know I speak the truth. Mi never call him nameee. Him have a dance a come up, what a thing when all him gal dem meet up……Houston nah guh good again. All the one from NY whey she and Cecile a big big friend, the one from Florida, the one from Connecticut whey live with her well-known top top man and the many from Houston. Him a guh Breed hard

  • Met says:

    mi nah block yuh mi jus waa know if this have a end why it still a gwaan? This is not how we do it

  • Mi know Mettyyyy but it done now right here with me. :tkp :shutup:

  • Jamaicas finest says:

    Yep I heard the same but the girls name u call is not the girl that’s pregnant. Indeed he do have a chick pregnant. It’s a shame cause he has kids that he don’t even take care of. I hear his baby mama don’t let him see the kids cause he worry more about the street

  • Anonymous says:

    who is mr breed easy????/

  • Ukka bit says:

    So the little girl name is Jessica love jones. The girl is from Trinidad. Her son also call him daddy. I also heard her and her baby is livin with breed easy part time.

  • It is are here says:

    Met how mi sign up? Heyheyheyheyhey yes yes my gawddd. Met howdy do to you. Please to post, I am behaving myself, I am going to get to the point(s) and run like Bolt to the Airport (hope I didn’t blow my cover, but I don’t care because I talk truth). Den Mr 3incher (clears throat) how it was big big sey yuh and di out of town gal left, but unuh was spotted out July 4 at the park watching soccer. Yes yes gawdd. Mi ‘supporter’ sey shi look good and dem tings dere and him wudda tek her from yuh since yuh have nuff gal. yes yes mi gawdd. Him si her very close up when she was talking to someone outside yuh vehicle. I guess yuh put that out deh seh unuh left suh yuh can still have yuh concubine dem around. Likkle 3inch buddy ugly fat short gremlin suh if yuh and her still deh why yuh still a call and text off mi family phone all hours of the day and night fi f**k all when shi run it like dog. Shi sey fi tell yuh sey $100 cannot buy anything inna dem time yere. Yuh buddy likkle but it tallawah. How is the blue pill working? Mi hear sey yuh nuh stop OD on it fi help the likkle buddy stay up longer. Yuh is one short fat ugly gremlin and yuh name all call up on man tuh, allegedly. Met I am behaving myself as promised. Suh how it work out with the girl whey dem sey live wid yuh part time when yuh out of town gal was around? Yes gawddd a yah suh nice. I don’t know anything about yuh yard business, mi just a go affa what di people dem post. And before mi figet, suh yuh have baby on the way tuh and paying tuition? Yes yes the children are your future. Dat likkle buddy is sure working ot. Di mount a gal whey yuh likkle 3 incher call pan and shi still stay, shi is a real man mascot. Yuh all beat up man fi the man woman. Yes yes gawddd. Met mi nuh like dat fat short fassyhole because him is a undercover snitch and a woman beater. Him buss up woman face and run left dem. Him better mek sure him lawyer dem ready when fi him time come, him mek the man get dip and den him move to Texas. Snitch for Snitch roger that.

  • It is are here says:

    Last post on this ugly fat short gremlin. So Mr. 3inch buddy man, where was your out of town gal Saturday night? How come she wasn’t present? Mi luk till mi almost blind an nuh si her. I saw about 8 or 9 of yuh concubine dem especially ms Terri she yes gawd. Yuh concubine dem stay bawd but yuh must pick dem usefully suh yuh nuh haffi spend nuff money pan dem. Head concubine Mrs Brownnnnnn yes yes gawdddddddddddddd. I will not say another ‘werd’ about she except yes yes gawddddddd. Moving along to the Trini one, she stays very bad. Concubine number 4 or 5 Ms Terri, my gosh man. Yuh did luk like yuh was gwine drop one a di time over yuh gown. Yuh was acting like yuh is concubine #1, but nope Mrs Brown has that title yuh is #4 or 5. Whey yuh husband deh? A yuh sey fashionably loud inna you floral dress whey look like it did suppose to be window drape and yuh turn it inna frock. Or is it one a yuh teifings dem from outta di people dem store. Moving along. Mr 3inch buddy, mi neva know sey yuh and the ‘wetwet’ dem a friend…yes yes gawd that prove sey freaks of a feather flock together. Becaw mi hear sey Mr wetwet him love when the youngster dem play wid him rear area wid a certain object if unuh get mi drift and mi hear sey yuh like dat tuh…yes yes gawdd. And Ms wetwet yuh is one big freak. But fi unuh story run on JMG already. 3inch buddy what a way yuh tun fashion ‘Hicon’ now (rolls eyes). Mi was right by yuh table when yuh a galang wid yuh antics dem. Mi si yuh a greet yuh concubine dem carefully suh yuh nuh offend any a dem. Di video will show more of what mi miss. Mi very curious why miss out of town neva deh dere. I guess it wasn’t fi her time fi come or becaw yuh concubine dem was gwine be dere, yuh tell her stay home. Mi hear sey di reason why yuh have so much concubine is because dem ‘werk’ fi yuh. Mi notice how the selector woman whey yuh f*cking keep tuh herself and friends. Heyhey if her man ever know sey yuh a f*ck him wife, what a some ting it gwine be inna Houston. Yes yes gawd. Moving along. Mi family sey when yuh did ask her if she going out Saturday and shi ask yuh fi money fi duh her hair and buy clothes yuh promise her $250 and shi run yuh. But Sunday yuh nuh stop text off her phone fi f*ck. $250 and more fi duh hair. Yuh leave from $100 to $250. Suh shi have a right fi run yuh. All the gal whey him beat her man over she, shi was there. Mi hear sey yuh was entertaining at yuh house Saturday and Sunday suh where did yuh roommate and her baby stay? Mr 3 incher, yuh call back the girl yet whey yuh give the ting dere below? Shi sey shi have the results from the clinic. Moving right along. God nuh like ugly and 3inch buddy is one ugly short fucker. When yuh duh evil and wrong dat sh*t come back inna yuh face and him must memba sey him not contributing to society. Whey him duh to di man was wrong. Mi hope yuh memba how yuh mek di man get dip and soon as it happen yuh decide fi pop engagement den change yuh mind, den yuh sekkle inna Houston. Mi hope yuh prepare when your time come, becaw yuh inna di same type of werk whey di man was in and yuh will get your day. Yuh si di topic about di people dem inna Florida yesterday? Yuh is a snitch big big time and yuh use di gal dem fi ‘werk fi yuh.

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