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Observer news team attacked by Millsborough gays

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 | 2:03 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A rowdy band of gay men who have occupied premises at Millsborough Avenue in the upscale Barbican community attacked an Observer news team, which had attempted to speak with neighbours in the community, a short while ago.

An Observer photographer who attempted to take a photograph of the building, which has been taken over by the gay men for months, had to beat a hasty retreat to the news vehicle after the gay men attacked and hurled stones, bottles and other missiles in his direction.

The gay men have been a thorn in the side of residents of the quiet upper-class community. The residents have complained that the men have behaved in a disgusting, stomach-churning manner and have begged the police to remove them from the community.

An Observer story published Sunday highlighted the residents’ plight, and that police have visited the location on numerous occasions.

However, the gay men, some of whom appear to be in their teens, are still occupying the 16 Millsborough Avenue premises.

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  • Cindy Royal says:

    “the building, which has been taken over by the gay men for months” Where exactly is the owner of this premises??? If the owner is away or cannot afford to maintain premises in this neighbourhood they should at least have a reputable real estate agent deal with either renting or selling the premises. As it is now, they have left their premises to not only be taken over by vandals, but to be a source of menace & disturbance to the community.

  • sweet says:


  • Quiet Storm says:

    Bun dung it rawse!!!!

    Juss mek sure di owner have insurance b4 it bun dung

  • MY NAME IS... says:

    How is it possible in a country that is supposed to be so hostile to homosexuals that they could take over a home and no one has harrassed, burned them out or out right killed them or the police, who are known to shoot and kill average people for the slightest offense cannot remove them? Something is missing from this story.

  • fashiondoll says:

    I know for a fact that the government own a property on this street. I hope is not 16 Millsborough because i dont think no body can just take over a house…..maybe the owner give consent to smaddy and him comrades/frens tek ova

  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Anybody ever think that the house wasn’t captured but legally occupied with the consent of the owner? We nu want de gay dem a road, yet we deny them legal dwellings. Me rather fi know sey dem indoors rather than outdoors, dem have a right fi live somewhere and pay dem dues.

    Bun dung? A wonda if de oman was a lesbian a Westmoreland de oda day when dem set de house a fire wid har and de pickney. An innocent man died trying to save dem and yet de oman and pickney survive….just wondering since we have ‘bun dung’ house suggestions…mek we nu bun dung de house dem whey full a sadamites and battyman dem when we go foreign? Me surprise no dance nu catch a fire yet wid de amount a sadamite suckings whey a gwan…

  • Quiet Storm says:


  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    The police should arrest de owner of the house for not wanting to help dem in their investigations. Maybe the owner is a battybwoy who pay off de Police dem to leave the occupants dem alone, given the fact that it is in an upscale community).I agree wid Quiet Storm to bun dung de house yes. Once dat happen, den no more 6:30 or sword-playing will happen at dat address. Me see innocent people house get bun dung fe less dan dat – people who straight like 6 o’clock. So, since dis a shithouse ting,and we nuh deal wid dat, den bun dung it bloodcleet!

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