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  • Cc says:

    Not only wi nuh want unu pon wi airwaves, wi nuh want unu inna wi sight needa all straight ppl approve dis message.

  • shane007 says:

    Yow dem a teck this too far, mi cyan watch a regular show on the free to air network without being bombarded with gay themes. The most popular show on NBC, ABC and CBS are filled with gay themes, I was watching SCANDAL recently and see one man go down pon him knee and the next thing they show was his partner face in exstacy, yow this cannot be right.

  • Yep! says:

    All Boy Scouts of America a let een gay members now

  • Yep! says:

    How ironic.. What a perfect plot to recruit :siul

  • caan badda says:

    yow dem batty bwoy ya a gwaan bad….but yuh see if most if not all a d badman dem neva did a mingle wid dem, dem cudden a gwaan so….plus portia need fi step een caz a she legalize dem nastiness.

  • Cc says:

    Dem p*y deh a defile di flag

  • Anonymous says:

    @caanbadda….real talk.

  • sweet says:


  • shelly says:

    Why would anybody want them on such prominent television station where you kids watching. It already bad enough that they are confused but y them want come confuse the little hope that us jamaicans have for the country’s future.

  • LMAO says:

    yet you will party with them at the dancehalls, let them style you and do your hair and blatantly turn a side eye to these outlandish frauds in and out of the parties and wonder why your men are all on the DL having wifey, mate and boyfriend, find a country? these folks been running things. Get out of here with the bs. Mind who you taken to the bedroom and don’t worry yourself with whom others are taken to the bedroom. Hate is hate a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Cc says:

    A who you glaad appointed fish defenda? Red flames…mi bun unu out from crust to core kmft.

  • lemon says:

    That looks like the Jamaica Consulate office in Manhattan, Why are they protesting there.

    What’s up Met. Loving the progress with the site!

  • gaza says:

    let who have not sin cast the first stone,…that all am gonna say

  • jackson says:

    GAZA, it look like a right up your street de GAY thing gone. Yu can come out now..a 2013

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    No Battybwoys around here.Needa on de airways, airlines or breathing air next to me.Pow pow pow pow pow and a sixth pow inna a battybwoy head fe mek sure say dem dead.Dem fe gweh!

  • gaza says:

    dwl @ jackson, i careless what 2 adults wanna do within their privacy, i have my own life to sort out, da time we take to so called shoot gay men, we can also should shoot as well da person/ person that rape and sodomise the 14 year old in maxfield ave 2 days ago, we can also shoot the da man who chop off the old lady neck few hours ago today neck who sells newspaper in downtown kgn, dont get me wrong i believe in the bible and bible said homosexuality is wrong, ALONG with sex before marriage, lust, adultry, lies, stealing etc.. i notice ppl condemn only certain sins and ignore da others, leave all judgemet to JAH!!!! he alone can judge us!!!

  • Thorne says:

    All u Jamaicans r a bunch of hypocrites. bout bun out battyman. d time we spend trying to stop consenting adults from screwing who they want, we could be focusing on fixing our damn country. how abt spending time bun out corrupt politicians, like the current ones who want to limit the power of the contractor general to investigate multi-million dollar govt contracts? oh wait, maybe 95% of us Jamaicans dont know that this is currently happening. but every rass thing weh di battyman dem do, we all know and have an opinion. its no wonder we are one of the poorest country in the region and one of the 8th most stressed in the world (bloomberg magazine). in Jamaican we seem to have our priorties all rass wrong, the things we should focus on, we leave them to the side. smh, my people need to wake up and stop being ignorant and focus on the real issues.

    as for the suggestion that they all go live on an island. why not? that island would have many of our most qualified doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, pharmacists, police officers and soldiers. what u people fail to realize is that while u guys are out here bashing gay people and calling down fire and brimstone on them, they are busy getting educated and ruling the world. so yall go figure.

  • Met says:

    We dont want unno pollute di place u cudda write till u hand start shread like tire

  • Thorne says:

    “unuh” You are assuming i’m gay, right? far from it. I’m simple educated enough to know that it is irrational to deny an entire group of people the right to be themselves. and like a typical ignoramus who cant stand up to arguing you descend into name calling and base arguments. fact is you Met, nor I cant stop the gay agenda, because while we are all focusing on them, they are focusing on making themselves better. watch in five years time, when the next election call, check the ballot and tell mi if at least 50% of all who a run nuh gay or affiliated with gay. we all better get used to it or run way go America or England. oh wait a battyman a run dem country deh to! how about Africa? Ohh shit, South Africa, one of the most developed african nation, already legalize gay marriage. People like i said wise up and focus pon unuh damn selves. peace and love

  • Met says:

    We nuh want unno pollute di place

  • Thorne says:

    lol. di place is already polluted. next time u go doctor, u might want to ask the doctor if him ever have sexual relations wid a next man. lol, when u go for u visa ask the officer if him va deh wid a next man, lol. when u go supermarket ask di cashier if shi eva suck out a next gal tongue. ask di artist weh unuh a rail up to inna dance if him him a fuck him producer for tracks. ask u gardner if him a f*k di man next door. unuh place already corrupt, poor unuh. focus on ur lives and mek dem live dem life. the mantra going forward should be “build your networth and not focus on another mans worth”. smfh. sorry fi Jamaica.

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    Met, me love yu website. It a say one! Me like how yu defend your view about dis battybwoy shithouse ting. All empty bakkle fe hold dem crate. Me nuh rate nuh bwoy who play numba 2. Dem nevva have pu–y from pu–y have dem.

  • Met says:

    u know a same so one a dem bright come send me a video and mi a watch it bout dancehall queen so mi si two tired gyal go wine and seh hmmmmmmmmmmm..when mi look a some dutty batteyman mi si run ina a wine…den hear di mc who is gay himself…yes dem a show dem panty cause some gyal cyah show fi dem…mi tell him put it pan dem gay forum because no batteyman nuh more dan me

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