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dear met

Hi Met,( i have no picture of him can you put up one of him)
They call me Munchie, you can say that i am a girl that always knew what she wanted out of life , i have made some decisions in life that i am not happy about and one of them was sleeping with shane, i met him in 2008, i thought he was a nice and fun person, i liked his vibe he was a cool dude. Back then he was not married( no papers) and you know i had gotten to like him very much and wanted him to stay in the USA, so i was planning on marrying him. One day my life changed for the worse we had sex unprotected ( we always used a condom) but i dnt kw that weekend after spending time at my place , couple days later i notice i was in some bad bad pain( in my private and all over) , i had no appetite and was just weak . I ignored the pain for a day or so then i decided to go to my doctor ( while driving i couldnt even sit down properly so much pain, i was hurting all over but i couldnt show my weakness) . when i went to the doctor and i told him about feeling pain below my waist, he removed my clothes and gave me a check up the look on his face( sympathy) i knew something horrible was going on. Met i was told i had an uncurable STD. i was in a state of shock he was the only 1 i slept with i had love for no one else( my friends where telling me to leave him alone because he just wanted his papers, but i ignore them). After leaving the doctor i called him crying, i had to go look for him he didnt come around stop answering his phone etc, he said he didnt have nothing and it wasnt him, when i told him my doctor wanted to run some test on him , he became “MIA”. i said shane if you say u dont have it and you didnt gave it to me lets go to the doctor then of your choice and get tested. I never heard from him then , the last i heard he was living in florida and got a girl pregnant. i mean you have evil walking around on this earth and you dont even know, i wanted better for him….he told me life in Jamaica wasnt good and he wanted to make something of himself and i wanted to help by 1st getting his papers to stay i should have listened. In life good things always happen to bad people and to know he has neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr text or call to say ” i am sorry”, hurts the most. I am not writing this to bash nobody but i am speaking from the heart , if i can prevent 1 person from getting this std i feel good, just becareful of him please ladies because this “galist” thing comes with consequences. For those who had unprotected sex with shane please go and get tested and you will see that i am speaking the truth. Met if you have any futher detailed questions you can reply to my email. i was told by my jcan friend about this site and when i saw him everything came to the front of my mind.


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