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So the clock struck 12 fi Tappa! Apparently him love sawt out the woman dem, breed dem, and when di belly reach him naw look!! Mi a tell u how the world small!!!! The player dem from europe reach Mo-bay day before yesterday! Someone mi know is “dating” one a them. This is how the story drop and me decide Mr Head Coach need him 15 minutes pon the MIGHTY PINK WALL…LOL! The daughter was in kingston mussi a some salon, and you know when you go hairdresser or barber a desso you hear bout the “who’s who”. She say a lady name charmaine weh use to date the “big man” was also in the shop, and them a discuss how the game ago go, then one summady start talk low of Tappa, seh him nuh know weh him a do and dem nuh know why Burrell nuh leggo offa him. All him do a walk roun and F off people wife and child breed dem and abandon them, before him focus pon the coaching….A YASSO THE SUSS DROP! The lady seh she and him did together fi years til she did haffi hide weh because him use to beat her so bad she couldn’t go road fi days how she batta bruise up. She seh fi years him try breed her but she nuh fool she deh pon her pills cause him have too much pickney weh him nuh mine and she nuh wanh add to the “tappa baby madda list”….. The pictures included a just a “FEW” a the many gyal him currently a F. Now, me naw blame him fi a swing the 3 inch(so dem seh) cause after reading dem mail yah, and seeing that most a these woman have and idea or already know how him stay choose to stay!!… Him live pon JMG!! Which is why the suss a drop yasso! Dem seh, him literacy level go as far as one a him foot can step from the other, him nuh have none! Him still a call one a dem, after she lef him bout 3 years ago! .. Last year it was a browning him did deh wid, and every weh him go she deh backka him P P cluck cluck, mussi a watch the buddy, but as she fly out, him reach a di married woman yard!! Dat mussi mash up, cause she nuh see her in a while. But between late last year til now, a mussi 4 different woman fly out go katch up inna the ghetto mansion!Inna the space a two weeks, him go 3 different party wid three different farrin gyal a pose up, not to mention the one dem weh nuh privy to going to the ghetto mansion so him go a fi dem yard!! She say she a drive one day, and a him dat wid one the morning inna the town, the same evening him go some beach party, and a him dat with a next! …Him a deh wid The young sports analysis Simon Preston Mother(picture of mother and son who sitting at a stadium)..When me read the emails from her and see how dem desperately a plee fi him attention it just sad!!…A the fuss me know seh a so much pickney him have! If him really naw mind the pickney dem, with all the money him supposed to have its a damn shame!!





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