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I really dont know why this idioy gyal ah call herself SOUTH LONDONS FINEST after she go all of di dance dem inna scandal clothes kmmmmt.

She ah chat people business but let me tell you hers.

1, she go jamaica and sleep on mans floor cah she nah have no money

2, she wear the same clothes go ah dance every week

3, she sleep with the whole dancehall man dem and ah beg dem money cah she nah have none ah Rassclart.

Then she ah walk an ah chat Dudus just cool and Lucky British after you inna di man dance and ah beg fren with the next ugly gyal yu spar wid how dare you.

The jamaican gyal nah stop laugh after you cah you hairstyle dont look good and you wear cheap clothes go ah big dance.


10 Responses to WRONGFULLY ACCUSED ?

  • Dem a watch we n mi na watch dem says:


  • U up deh so. ^^^^^^ Dem a watch or whatever u name. If you an lucky so happy and a enjoy unnu life as u say,, weh d rass u find so much time fi deh pon pink wall every day a watch and trace?!!! Gwaan go buy one home hiv test an go dweet and wi will hear how u kill u self inna u house afta!! Cho rass man!!!

  • NUFFY says:


  • Just curious says:

    Im not in fe unu class but me tired a hearing bout big dance an clothes .set a loosers unu dam unu caan do summen else wid unu life me realise dancehall has become a platform for loosers

  • Miss T says:

    But wait sender let me ask you a few questions, is she using your money to fly to Jamaica? Is she f—ing your man? Is she wearing your clothes? If the answer is no they why the f— do you care about her and her life style?????

  • Miss T says:

    Sorry Met Typo (then)

  • Met says:

    Miss T dem a cuss dis girl because dem claim she a talk dem business here

  • Miss T says:

    Ooh ok Met. Let me sit back and watch what unfolds…..

  • Saucy Baby says:

    But Met you Cree how how fast dem a watch we reach over here though? Miss Renaissance done address him already and I totally agree wid har! But then again Miss Renaissance remember say that’s community koki so I don’t know who she ah try fool bout har man.

  • Kingston says:

    mi seh ever name south london finest, yu mouth stick like cause chatting pure shit bout people. i dont care who name suh, who chat off dem dutty tinking mouth too. dudos and lucky ah mi fren. mi is no dutty gyal who walk wid my pussy pon mi forehead. like some dutty gyal who ah chat. so know yuself, weh tek sum gyal weh dem underneath stink like ram goat. YU KNOW MI……

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