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Justice Served’ – Buckfield Residents Happy Cop Freed Of Murder
Published: Friday | March 8, 2013 3 Comments
Carl Gilchrist, Gleaner Writer

Buckfield, St Ann:

In much the same way they stood with Sergeant Lloyd Kelly almost three years ago, residents of Buckfield in Ocho Rios, St Ann, have thrown their support behind the decision by the court to free the policeman who was charged with murdering Ian Lloyd in the community in July 2010.

“I think justice has been served,” a community member, Donald, told journalists yesterday.

“Kelly is a good cop and the guy that died wasn’t an angel. He was guilty of a lot of things; he had the whole community terrorised.”

Kelly was freed yesterday after Justice Marva McDonald Bishop upheld a no-case submission by his attorneys.


Kelly was charged for the July 29, 2010, murder of Lloyd after a video recorded by a cell phone was aired on television in which it was alleged that Kelly shot Lloyd.

Lloyd had been accused of killing a woman shortly before that, prompting residents to call the police.

McDonald Bishop told the jury that the Crown failed to make out a case that Kelly murdered Lloyd.

McDonald Bishop pointed out that the person who did the video recording was not called as a witness, a medical report was not tendered in evidence, and the doctor who did the post-mortem could not be located. As a result, it could not be proven what had happened, the judge said.

Yesterday, several residents declined to speak to the media but openly voiced their support for Kelly.

But according to Donald, the community was generally satisfied with the outcome.

“When I called a friend of mine and tell him Kelly get off, him seh, ‘Thank God’. He is a very good cop; he solved a lot of crime,” Donald said.


Another community member, Michelle, also expressed support for the controversial police officer.

“The person who (died) had just killed somebody, and within a short space of time, he was killed. A lot of people who are sticking to the straight-and-narrow rules and regulations would say he should go to prison, but I say justice was handed out to him,” Michelle said.

She was asked if she was glad Kelly was free.

“Yes, yes!” she replied. “I know of the individual who was killed and he was a menace to society; the mother must feel it down to her womb, but he was a menace.”

Meanwhile, Donald voiced support for Kelly returning to Ocho Rios.

“I want them bring him back to the community. I am sure the whole community would like to see him back in Ocho Rios.”

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4 Responses to JUSTICE SERVED?

  • BK says:

    THIS IS ONE PIECE A WELL COOKED CASE AS USUAL IN JAMAICA, HOW EVERY BODY M.I.A SUH……….McDonald Bishop pointed out that the person who did the video recording was not called as a witness, a medical report was not tendered in evidence, and the doctor who did the post-mortem could not be located. As a result, it could not be proven what had happened, the judge said.

  • milikeit says:

    Regardless of what this mad man did, the officer was caught on camera being judge, jury and executioner, ON CAMERA. What’s the message sent here, you are above the law and can do whatever you please to whomever, = f—ery. If the police officer who killed the pregnant woman for cursing is found not guilty, bwai, Jamaica really gone.

  • one2tree says:

    Typical Gross break down of JaMaiCas justice System..

    de mad man should have been brought before de court of justice while he was terrorising de community???

    Yes he was wrong for killing de lady…

    Yes de police man was wrong for killing him as it was not in self defense

    2 wrongs no make a right???

    How can de court not do a Postmortem on de body???

    How court cnt find de doctor???

    Nor de witness can’t be found…???

    Wht gross lapse in our justice system in Jamaica…

    U see why corruption is rampant in Jamaica..from de politicians to small man

  • The media can mek a guilty man look innocent n innocent man look guilty (Malcolm X), a murder me witness pon YouTube, regardless a wah d man do, police must do police work n bring d man in to face d justice system, n d media seh residents happy,Lie!!! But when dat print n ppl read a dat Dem believe, bun ja observer,tvj, cvm n all d controlled media worlwide!

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