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U.S. Marshals: Miami Man Fatally Shot Wife At Party
November 12, 2012 11:28 PM
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Ramone Clayton is wanted by the U.S. Marshals for allegedly shooting his wife in the forehead as they argued outside a Miami Gardens party in September. (CBS4)

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Fugitive Task Force

Fugitive Task Force
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MIAMI (CBS4) – The U.S. Marshals is looking for a man they say fatally shot his wife in the forehead at a South Florida party they attended in September.

Ramone Clayton and his wife Stephanie were arguing in a yard next to the Miami Gardens home where the party was held when things turned violent.

Family member say Ramone became angry when he told Stephanie he wanted to leave, and she told him she wanted to stay.

“I was told he dragged her to the ground, then punched her, then went for his gun, and came back and shot her in the head,” said Olive Jones, Stephanie’s mother.

“Ramone Clayton is one of the most dangerous fugitives we are looking for right now,” says Deputy US Marshal Barry Golden.

U.S. Marshals say the Claytons has a history of domestic issues and run ins with the law They say Ramone was arrested for attempted murder several years ago for shooting at a man in an argument over another woman. Those charges were later dropped.

Stephanie’s mother is now raising the children her daughter left behind, and said she never liked her daughter’s new husband.

“The first time I saw that guy, I said to my daughter, ‘I hope you are not going to live with that guy,” said Olive Jones.

Stephanie was just 35. She leaves behind 3 young children from a previous relationship. Her daughters say they are dealing with it by pretending their mother is on vacation, or working late in the job she held as a mail carrier.

“We gonna grow up without her,” said daughter Crystal Jones. “She’s not here no more and it’s just going to be hard to live without her.”

US Marshals believe Ramone Clayton is still in South Florida.

“Somebody out here knows where he’s at but they’re just not talking,” said daughter Crystal.

The US Marshals are offering up to $20,000 in reward money for information that leads to Ramone Clayton’s Capture. The number is to call is 877-WANTED2.

“I would really like for him to be brought to justice because he killed my daughter and she was a wonderful person,” said Jones.

51 Responses to HE WILL BE FOUND NOW!

  • simplicity says:

    now dem mean real fucking bizniz ..anyweh yuh deh a cuda even johncrow back yah sore pon or hide unda him wings dem gwine fix yuh wicked coward bloodclaat bizniz yuh scu a de eart agen stephaine.

  • Taliban says:

    Nothing neva happen before it time….a hope wen dem ketch him, anybody weh a put him up get fuck to.

  • Mmmmmm. i give them a week,jamaicans love money and i know $20k gonna do a world a good…..psssss thats down payment on a house give is up NOw

  • Quiet Storm says:

    Lol @EYN 11:22
    Yuh right doah, give dem likkle more motivation yes – encouragement sweeten labor
    Full time! he needs to be brought to justice

    Morning Met and Metters

  • Taliban says:

    It is really hard to lose ur parents at such tender age

  • SOON AND VERY SOON…..WOOOOOOOOWHOOOOOOOOO!!!!! America ALWAYS gets their Man! 877-WANTED2…………tuh bllodclaaht!

  • LadyWoW says:

    yess finally this case start get some media attention. Whateva rock him climb unda him must start squirm yah now. DEM SOON CATCH HIM BAXIDE

  • FREEDOM says:


  • MzBee says:

    Met all along me a follow di story me neva know how she was brite him suh..beat har den go fi gun come kill har…but dat 20,000 will get ppl talking..about time dem put it ina di media

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m sure he is Jamaica by now. No way is he still in South Florida!

  • Mocha says:

    Breakes my heart to see the kids.. I can’t imagine my children without me as big as they are… I feel for the grandmother, she already raised her children n now affi raise grand kids… Encouragement strengthen labor $20000.. is a hole heep a encouragement… I hope whoeva a aid n abet him get the same about ah time as him…

  • Anonymous says:
  • Anonymous says:

    OHHHH SHIT!!!! Finally

  • Fyahwife says:

    Dats right met di $20 look real good fi someone start singing
    Di nastiness need fi get caught

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    him lucky kmt mi wuda tun him in fi free ole wutliss pc a shit :mad:
    poor babies

  • simplicity says:

    the kids dem melt mi heart dem imagine sey she a work 24/7 or deh pon vacation mfh ..dis man tek weh dem mother jus suh awww bwoy

  • Yep! says:

    H killed a government employee ( U.S.Postal Service). Did he really think he was gonna get away with it?? I sho as hell will also be on the look out

  • Yep! says:


  • blackbeauty says:

    People a fl chat fi free so 20 k my youth you a go get catch soon soon soon

  • Anonymous says:

    All if a Jamaica him reach,US Marshall ago extradite him hog body back ya mi Jamaica peeps and uno we still get uno money.So yawd an abroad look out

  • Yep! says:

    F.Y.I…whomever is hiding dis nigga…you **WILL**be charged with hear boring a fugitive. Think real hard about that shit son

  • Yep! says:

    * harboring a fugitive

  • OBSERVER says:

    :ngakak Mettyyyyyy I get a nice laff lassnite ooo mi sehhhhh yawdie ppl a di bess mi a tel yuh di same raascloth dem a florida weh put on fundraising organization dance n all dese tings n wen stephanie ded dem put up status rip n a pray fi guinness tun roun 360 degreesssssssss mi seh dem status a lik out lastnite hawddddddd pon di bredda all of a sudden em a killa like weh daii em wasn’t a killa dem badddd wid dem mout an a dem same one a guh gi em weh fi da 20g deh stephanie madda not evn now of dem dem c di ooman fi di first pon tv suh mi wudda like noe weh di money guh caz she bury n dun longtime :hoax2

  • Met says:

    zervah a ceresse fambilly dem

  • yoko says:

    O M G finally

    but mi neva kno a suh di shit house kill di ooman…. wat a dutty wikked heart bwoy

    mi sarry mi nuh kno him or his whereabouts bcoz as much as dat dey money nuff, mi surely wud a talk fi nuhn… mi hate ppl like dem shits yah wid a passion

    R.I.P my girl

    may god bless ur kids an mother… bcoz we know di fada nah sleep

    hailings y’all

  • OBSERVER says:

    yes met dem dedly bad

  • Taliban says:

    Dem deadly man

  • Lou-lou says:

    I find it hard to believe that this man never done the decent thing and hand in himself, what a burden to be walking with smh

  • Sashabling says:

    Saw this on the Wes last night …what a coward turn yourself in

  • Sashabling says:

    Saw this on the news last night what a coward …turn urself in

  • Dwrl says:

    Listen if you know WEH him deh and fraid to turn him in, just whisper it inna mi ears. Christmas almost here trust WE can use that $20Gs. I won’t give you half but for the hookup I will gift you $5GS .”…”…the birds no start singing yet???

  • Dwrl says:

    @observer trust me give dem by thanksgiving someone may already been on the phone when dem see the money, all vacation plan. You think someone never sit down patiently a wait pon the reward?? Why give him up for free?? 20 thousand is alot a money inna the recession yah. Someone thanksgiving and Christmas dinner well set up but a hope dem dweet by this week. Because the money no come just by calling

  • Dwrl says:


  • 215karma says:

    did someone say philly?

    you think people gotta pay taxes on that?

  • Dwrl says:

    If you are a US citizen it can be it will be consider you doing you civil duty….ITS TAX FREE!!

  • Dwrl says:


  • Tweet says:

    Him is a heartless dog cuz after him kill di woman, him not even keep a low profile, him deh a club! And di jancrow dem see him and nuh call police?!!!

  • Dwrl says:

    Tweety we cut different because as me see him club woulda shut off ….cause a cop mi a call matter a fact me would leave and have dem a wait as him enjoy himself and a come out

  • Tweet says:

    That’s exactly wha’ mi a say-mi woulda just step out and call di po-po fi come fi him, reward or no reward.

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi see it pon mi local news since evelin,mi guarantee by weekend dem capcha him clawt….word of caution to anybody weh a house him and call po po, I really dont think uno ago get di money so,there r exceptions and I think dats one a dem…so get sumady fi call and uno splitit if uno a kep him

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank God, about time man!! I’m quite sure him friends or a greedy family member will give his nasty rass up. Yes pussyhole yuh run but fi how long, and yuh wicked fren dem did a seh RIP to yuh, knowing good and well seh him never dead. Now unno batty gwine go twet twet just like fe him own!!!

  • well dah hog yah day a cum, yu ole murderer yu. look pon di kids dem, why yu kill dem mother? a hog a yu mumma? an unnuh ole nastiness weh a harbor him do di rite ting an turn him in. an any body weh know weh him deh an never know weh fi do, here is your chance, DO IT. poor kids holiday a cum up an dem nuh have dem mother. soooo glad yu under di US MARSHAL radar….they always get their likkle man. christmas nuh fi ketch yu a road hog

  • COCO KRISPIE says:


  • EYE SPY says:

    a lot of them know were he is cause few weeks pass he was somewere and give his side of the story say it was a mistake he pull the gun to scare her , but after i see the news he meant to kill her . wish i knew were he was i will be paying off my little range

  • Pattypumps says:

    The night of the party me tink a she did ago kill guinness. Because she was the aggressor. Only who was there will know how it went down. Him should neva run. Him need fi turn in himself. Now nobody cares what went down. Satan take charge dat night. They deliberately kept it from the media. In attempt to get him comfy. But he has proven to be more elusive than they anticipated. So they decided to go this route and make it public.

  • OBSERVER says:

    Pattypums a tink yuh rite very rite caz mi did a wonda y di secrecy mi ere seh she tel em bout di dildo fuk :shutup:

  • Mitsy says:

    Come here Observer, whey yuh jus seh…

    Anybody that was at the party can’t come and give full details of what went down?

  • OBSERVER says:

    Mitsy yuh nuh c 2 piece a tape cross mi mout :shutup:

  • rip a steph you did not deserve to go like this no matter what and now matter how you live you life…. guiness you need fi turn yourself in asap… okay back to the night of the party what i hear from a friend that was there is she told him that a she a both the man and woman him fi remember she use dildo and fuck him inna dem batty. they live a very wild life, like almost every night after the clud they would bring home a girl for a threesome, i hear what cause the fuss is because she had a girl that she alone a fuck and she nevva want guiness fi fuck her. this was a very violence relationship , either he would have kill her or she would have kill him someday … they draw guns on their one another regurlarly, they fight like puss and dog, she humilate him at the club alot of times, even infront of his friends, it reach to a point where people don’t even pay dem no mind when dem carriying on, but as i said she did not deserve to live like this , there was signs. people when you in a relationship like this you need to get out. if you did not know these two you would have think they were inseperable but that was not the case, dats y you cannot judge a book by looking at its cover……

  • stephanie says:

    Steph is dead and buried…her tab is closed by God but yet and still ppl want to talk ill about her and the family that they dnt know much about…steph lived her life independently and freely without the tabloid…..her lifestyle is neither here nor there…the matter at hand is that a crime had occurred and a murderer is on the loose….so to.all the folks on here…hope whn yr tab is closed …it will be clear…..thnx to all the mix up closed minded no good pink wall ppl.

  • PinkieNuhMannaz says:

    him wicked dem fi catch him……………

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