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Hello MET I heard that Mo (Mavado babymother/ wife) Pregnant but I cant confirm it Run the story mek me see if anybody else heard of it, cause one thing wid gully people dem if it no go so it near….The mix up people dem have it fi say it might not be Mavado baby, but I highly doubt that cause the way how Mo and her mother love money I dont think she would be so fool with a mistake like that some people just no have a thing fi do or chat say…kmt

12 Responses to BELLY UP?

  • simplicity says:

    :coffee: :table:

  • Baby Sham says:

    Afternoon Met n Metters!
    Belly a sometin a come no sometin a go so wid time we shall all kno!

  • Is she the cousin of Movado’s already Baby Mother….what will that make their kids now………AYE DIOS MIOOOOOOOOOO!!! :matabelo

  • Anonymous says:

    di people tight lipped bout this ah one yah!!!! nobadi nah comment or say nutten…. a mussie lie

  • Dwrl says:

    Baby a blessing!!!!

  • MAMACITA says:

    @ Quena…..siblings by Daddy and cousins by Mommy. A dat yuh call real blood relatives. Mi bex still cause mi did a plan fi give him a pretty likkle brown eye dawta…..but Mo just fling up di ovaries pan him before mi even get a chance fi shift mi drawz one side. Gosh……yuh bitta eehn Mo. Sharing is caring a nuh. Dayuuumm. :marah

  • sweet says:


  • Met says:

    a moe seh chi ching chingggggg

  • kehkemkem says:

    mi nah seh nutting mi see. buji breed up fi gal five ir six times and step. so tie dung youself if you want now ah dayz marriage nuh mean nutting.

  • kmt…MO ah yessideh news!!! NEXT!!!

  • the truth says:

    OK LET ME CLEAR THIS … no she’s not pregnant …worse fi a next man ..the story was saying how when mavado went to guiness show man breed her in foriegn ..fuckery! cause moe was in jamaica as well …garbage story this n yes some ppl nah have shit fi do

  • Anonymous says:

    She breed an vado no deh pon dat cause him seh him a focus pon him career so me hear say it haffi dash way muma a raise hell cause she lub money but nooo it wasnt fi another fool eeh dah gal deh a watch vado and him money every tic a di clock!uno think she have time fi nedda cocky??? she watch him like hawk and him cant slip else him assets an him greencard at stake so UNO CAN REST THIS NOW SHE NAM DI GUT an dis a stale news uno late badd!!!

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