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A 16 year old girl from Trelawny was taken into police custody after a foetus was found by residents in a pit toilet in the yard.

Residents, who described the teenager as being heavily pregnant, went looking for her when they noticed she was not around. A search revealed a black plastic bag with human remains in the latrine.

11 Responses to TRELAWNY AGAIN

  • simplicity says:

    sad to say but a fulfill the bible a fulfill.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I feel for her because she’s young & probably felt so conflicted about the whole thing (the pregnancy, becoming a mother). It also made me wonder, under what circumstances did she fall pregnant. Di dutty ppl dem fi leave di likkle pickney dem alone enuh man.

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Jamaica need a better family planning program cuz whe dem have NAH WORK!!!!

  • simplicity says:

    and de ppl dem not taking it edah cutie

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Simpli dat ah di next ting!!! Mi did read somewhere something whe go like ‘A people who don’t control dem reproduction, will never control their destiny” & it’s true. Having kids, when not ready or fully equipped to, leads to poverty, sometimes lack of education & all kinds of problems.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Rememba di ooman last yr from dunga Majesty Gardens who was 34 & had 9 pickney weh shi cudden feed Simplicity? An a run har mout bout shi naw tek birth control cuz a animal tek dem tings deh – yet still a she a breed out like animal. kmt

  • Yep! says:

    Cindy mi know 2 a dem weh have 8 each, but dem feed fidem gang a pickney real real good cause uncle a gi dem bout $1,600.00 each a month time; asides from dat, fuckin pickney dem bad nuh raasclaat suh til police a call call pa dem every minute. One set a dem try gang mi one son and mi tell di mumma str8 seh any how dem Eva touch my one bwoy pickney ungle ting she ago draw fa is ar life insurance policy cause me a tek dem down one by one. Police even tell ar seh if them come back on my property it is my right to exercise my2nd mend meant rights. Believe this one start breed from she about 15 cause she in ar early 30’s and hab bout 6 baby daddy……oh Yankee tuh. Bottom line is if you cannot take care of at least the first 2 kids, keep ya legs shut!!!

  • Yep! says:

    * 2nd amendment rights to bear and buss arms

  • Anonymous says:

    cindy behave !!! lol
    nutin nuh wrong wid breedin still just hvae the resources to backit up..simply!

  • Anonymous says:

    i know someone from this community and dem sey A DI mother of the teenage girl who do it dem sey when de girl a 12 she did breed n de mother mek har dash weh the belly …… now she breed a gain have the baby 7 months n the mother of the girl dash weh the baby inna the toilet….. she wick dem fi kill her rass

  • mifedupadealmshouse says:

    Me head a hurt mi; is a lucky ting me did eat mi dinna before me did read de news. If mi nevva did eat already, den da story ya woulda kill mi appetite. I forgot de name of the singer dat sing de song dat ask de question “what kind of world are we living in? My question is “how can dem people ya live wid demself when dem do wicked and heartless tings like dis? A no blood a run tru dem veins, a ice wata!

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