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photo-OptimizedRat from termites

Rat u fi learn fi stop chat… Cah me Eva a dissung pon ya face

Dutty liared boy wah love f*k nuff gal and a pass on infection, stinking suck p*sy boy.

The people dem need fi know say ya nasty boy

25 Responses to ????

  • Firebrand says:

    Why woman always deh wid a man and everyting good, then them fallout and all of a sudden him is a “suck p*y bwoy”? Am jus saying.

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Di suck puzzy/suck c0cky argument lame fi true Firebrand! Cuz either she suck back him c0cky or after him done suck her out, him come up come kiss her – so who cares!! Whe gwaan inna di bedroom, fi stay inna di bedroom cuz really & truly mostly (please note I did NOT say all) MOSTLY everybody ah do it nowadays, so it’s no longer a diss!

  • OH GOSH says:

    Errrrr, How is a man nasty if he wants to orally pleasure his/a woman? secondly if you as a woman know a man look f**k nuff women the blame is on your dumb ass if you ketch any ting from him…Like DUH!!! Some of you backwards dumb dancehall skets that think your “good hole” and good “f**k” can “hold” man really need to buy a clue with some of that money some of y’all use to buy those mortician make-up some y’all wear

  • Real Talk says:

    To add to the other comments, I have always considered a woman who tells a man he sucked her p*y as ignorant. Why? Simply because if you think about it, what she is really saying is “guweh bway, because yo suck mi nasty p*y” She is only dissing herself. Because if she considers him sucking her p*y as a diss, that means she considers her p*y of not being worthy of being sucked!!
    Real Talk :mad:

  • Real Talk says:

    Might as well shi seh, “look pan diss yah dutty nasty rotten jancro p*y” and yo really go put yo mout pan it! So ladies, before you jump to try to diss a man by telling him he sucked your pussy, think about who you are really dissing..
    Real Talk :mad:

  • Cc says:

    Bigup yuh self real talk….it doesn’t get nuh realer a Dan dat.

  • Miss Baddadan says:


  • Yep! says:

    [email protected] Miss Baddadan; sender, sometimes that is all I want ( suck minus the fuhk) so yaffi come betta than that baby luv cause there is absolutely nothing wrong with a lil oral pleasure…sender..girl, what did he do to you to piss you off??? Tell us the truth. What knd of VD did you contract?

  • alwys a peep says:

    Har argument lame she need fi guh sidung, evry body a duh oral sex n she wasnt sayn that wen he was eating it smh these female, my girl mi nuh waah hearwah him duh tell mi weh u duh

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Si dis from mawnin an neva did even aguh comment pan it, cuz me personally tiad fi cuz dem cayliss skettle gyal yah, but :shakehand2 @ Real Talk for that REAL explanation of these dumb, ignorant bitches.

  • But I believe this is true, and believe say a him wife put it up cos she Eva a put him out and tell everybody say him Nyam her crutches. But she just ave baby and a still throw him out wen she’s ready.

  • truuu says:

    Bitch need to get spelling classes..

  • Jackson says:

    It’s interesting how a man put him mouth under a woman who cant even afford a bar a soap fi wash har pus*y. Gentlemen of dis ya forum, how yu sure seh a nuh another man juice yu a put ina yu mouth. Yu know whey de gal a come from? Since mi nuh have de time fi watch a gal…mi nah suck nuh pu*sy. All a de gal dem who a front up…try afford a bar a soap fus.

  • Met. A who a use up ni fren name (Dobbet dee evakute) u stink nuh pussyclaat. Bout rat suck yuh pussy. Abbbbaaaayyyy a coz di girl n har husband nah leave each oda, n it a kill u Dutty rass’ole. Bullet fi yuh. U nuh see him jus buy har a new car n evryting. Bad mind a guh kill yuh. Once again aaaaabbbbbaaaaaayyyyyyyy.

  • Dobbet aka dee evakute. How u believe a di man wife send in da message, when u a use him wife name fi urs. Stupid bitch!!! When u a do ur shit try do it properly. Coz him nah look pan nunn yuh. Look afta yuh unwanted. U kno wat I’m sayin.

  • Hehehe whatever bout buy her a new car. Same man a mind me too. Ask him wat him buy me. The stinking Mercedes wah hi. A drive and a pick me and my unwanted inna. Go sleep dobbet cos u Eva a chat bout unwanted. Well guess wat I’m pregnant again. Abaaaayyyyyy go ask the boy after him breed me. Rat ever a mind me dutty bitch just cos u live with each other it don’t mean shit. Bitch get realistic and know the fucking FACTs and stop hiding behind keyboard soar face gal

  • Anonymous says:

    A true him wife luv put him out and make di man look like a mad man a Tottenham @enter ur name you shud know di fact before ya talk cah da boy ya ave nuff gal, even if the wife tink say him nah lef her, him still mind next women dem, but the suck pu*y argument a nasty sumtink fi true, but him must do it if the gal a call him name….. The boy ugly na blood Clart so me can’t understand y unnu a fight fi him, di whole a unnu need fi Lowe dissa ugly boy

  • @enter your name…. The same Mercedes wah him buy fi her a di same car wah pick up me and my unwanted inna and me unborn, YES u heard me a breed again me dear…. Gwarn go ask him cah a him same one breed me again, it’s amazing how him wife love fi gwarn like she a di only one wen me involved and I can’t be unwanted cah di boy der luv fi mind me and me so called unwanted, get wid it cah him luv him Pitney bad and a ever a buy tings fi di two a we, ur lucky true di man buy ya car ya tink say ya wah…. Bitch please siding and join di other bitches in line. Mad bloodclart dippy face gal ABAAAAYYY cah him nah go nowhere

  • @enter your name iT cum like u a di wife bout ya tell ppl bout car and fi dem unwanted Pitney how cums unno so much ya mussi a f*k him too lol but hear wah di boy wah unnu a war ova, him don’t luk appealing at all unnu couldn’t find a nicer man fi a war over, and as to dobbet aka dee Evakute me nah wrong ya talk up, cah me hate di wife too she too gwarny gwarny and Eva a follow di boy a dance like one idiot. She stay bad and Eva a ave chat pon ppl like fi a husband a sum body wa mi cuda spit pon she lucky ta rass

  • Loveyyyyy says:

    @enter your name, ur baby nappy wann change ya chat to damn much, true di boy buy u car and wats is all these tings ur lucky, cah him a do the same ting elsewhere, ya don’t see it……. Durrrrrr brain cum like more time ya nah no sense…. Keyboard bad gal

  • Shock out says:

    Met cum like @enter your name love tell lie pon di man like a u alone him business bout, dissa gal ya luv talk bout unwanted wen cum like him Mek and plan di unwanted @ dobbet aka dee Evakute talk di tings dem, tell @enter your name anno fi her Pitney alone him a mind, tell di dutty gal ya how she stink like….. Mad bloodclart Gal were luv follow back a man like sum man mascot bout unwanted it a kill u again true she a breed again. Cum like him really want him unwanted don’t it, gwarn go catch belly again fi prove a point like u succeeded ya just breed wa dayand der a dance so quick a skin out ur big pu*y go mind ur four uncontrolled Pitney dem wa ever a sleep and catch inna ppl beds sofa and wooden flooring, and fix up ur FB status bout it amazes me how sum galimite and garza mite and dem unwanted, if the Pitney was so unwanted how cums di man still go der and breed di the so called unwanted gal again. AABBBBAAAAYYY to u

  • Kmt. Stupid bitches

  • Ctfu says:

    @yep.. U funny as hell….but so tru…(VD…I was wondering what happened to that term)

  • @enter your name no your a stupid bitch lmaooooooooo

  • mummatoya says:


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