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1-OptimizedFor a big woman like nesh she always ah argue over this Likkle Bwoy Paul comin like like she ah convince harself and di ppl dem that Paul want up har body kmft f*king fool. She can stay deh put up wid Paul slackness cyah ah di same STD OR STI HIM AH GO COME GI HAR IF SHE NEVA GET BURN YET MAN CLOWN


  • simplicity says:

    good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    pictures speaks a million and wan words is she seeing this pic?!?!?!?!

    just look pon the man face and body language.

  • MAMACITA says:

    Mi a wonda if a low self esteem or a ignorance. SMH. Mi waan see when dat day will come fi me mek a statement like dat…or even close to dat….”Mi nuh care who mi man waan fuck* REALLY!!!! Paul nuh come back to yuh because him love yuh….him come back to yuh cause a yuh alone want him an him community hood. None a dem odda gyal deh did tell yuh say dem want Paul??? A bet if yuh leff him now …dem gone cause dem nuh waan tek on YOUR headache. Nuh matta how yuh see fowl a walk from yaad to yaad and scratch…..when night come….dem find di fowl coob. Yes Jinnyah…..yuh hole a di fowl coob an Paul is di fowl. A nuh great it great mek him come home….a jus tru him naw nuh weh else fi go an him know di fowl coob will ALWAYS be there. Kmt. A unuu spoil dem mek dem tink dem can go to every ooman wid di fukkry. Get some self esteem likkle girl cause you are far from ugly.

  • Drwl says:

    That no mean nutten. If you a BLANKING him and you are not the one he’s posing with you need to shut the BLANK up and go sit your ass down. Everybody a rass relationship experts now a days but still they can’t find or keep a rass man.

  • Drwl says:

    Oh he’s fine :)

  • Anonymous says:

    she fava a jag queen bout she a cuss gal fi man! n she no knw wa d man a tell d ress a gal dem

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