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Lisa-Hanna-OptimizedI know that all Jamaicans must be very disturbed by the recent killings and rapes of our young children. Many Jamaicans have been made aware media coverage has made it a duty to inform all Jamaicans of these brutal acts. However, I have yet to see a proper response from our female prime minister. It is very clear to me that Mrs. Miller has shunned the distress of our nation. She has made it clear by her actions that being the first female prime minister is more important than being a mother to our children. As Jamaicans we must call for action, we must shout loud enough in order to awaken our Prime Minister from her beauty sleep. There is nothing beautiful about the murder of children. We do not want to hear from Minister Hannah we want to hear from our female Prime Minister. We as a community cannot watch our children die because our Prime Minister refuse to watch over our children

Look out for children in your communities, Hanna urges nation

Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 4:23 PM

KINGSTON, Jamaica- Minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna has expressed outrage at the recent beheading of four-year-old Natasha Brown, in Duanvale, Trelawny and is urging members of communities and Jamaicans at large to take seriously their responsibility for the care and protection of children in their communities and the nation in general.

The minister said that the instances of children going missing or being the subject of violence often leading to death are too prevalent.


In condemning the latest brutal murder Hanna said that words of condemnation “cannot ease the pain and unspeakable grief the child’s parents are experiencing at this time.”

She said the recent decisions by Cabinet are timely and will lead to an improved collaboration between the Youth and Health ministries in tackling the problems facing children.

Expansion of community mental health and counselling services is urgently required as part of a concerted campaign to assist persons to deal with domestic conflicts, other interpersonal disagreements and psychological issues, Hanna said.

She added that too often children suffer as a result of the social and relationship problems among adults.

“It is sad that our youth and our children have to face such horrendous realities based on domestic tensions,” she said.

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  • Tawkchuet says:

    Morning one and all may God continue to shine his light and love upon us n deliver we poor likkle country from all this mayhem and cruel murder
    Now as fi Portia she has never been the sharpest tool in the box and it seems the puppeteers have not lifted the string so she lie down somewhere waiting on a nudge Portia if u sick appoint someone to talk for you if ur not come n show some compassion tuff face woman wid the wig whey fava the alligator name Jolene kmft

  • Anonymous says:

    So the P M don’t have a press secretary?

  • Original Goodas says:

    Yes I agree that ms miller should say something, we as parent must protect OUR children. Portia could a gi press conference till she weak it naa stop whats going on.

  • kehkemkem says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    The above is true, but how is PM Simpson-Miller to respond to what she doesn’t know about? She said she doesn’t keep abreast of Jamaica’s news, her husband does, & he sees to it that she is only made aware of the “positive news” items. So how is she supposed to respond to all the bad that’s happening.

    One thing she needs to understand tho, while in the general sense we (most of Jamaicans) voted for the members of her cabinet, in the specific sense we really voted for Portia. It is only because we have several different constituencies that r manned by ppl other than her y it seems we voted for these other ppl. I am saying this because, we want HER to address certain issues, not her ministers. Because for the most part we see her ministers as idiots (Lisa ‘salty’ Hannah, Peter ‘cry cry’ Bunting, et al).

  • suh how the PM addressing the nation going to stop these demons from raping and killing our babies and women. it’s like this peace march ting whey blair used to have, the criminals never a tek part. whey the PM must do, is implement policies to lock up some of those careless mothers.implement policies fi treat missing children as immediate priority . i wish death on no man, but examples must be made of these demons. yu know how many times mi a guh work and si the little babies alone a walk pon road a guh school…where are the parents?. portia addressing the nation not going to stop anything, probably just let wi know that she’s wid us, but wi inna crisis mode and need actions, not a bag of talks.

    last night mi a watch a program pon TVJ-impact and a 16yr-old on there, who love run whey from home and now she’s back pregnant. some state agency people on their sey she needs counseling, mi no hear nobody sey, who is the father and can he be located, suh dem can lock him up, becuz wi can assume sey a rape him rape har, if she 16 and pregnant. these agencies are clueless, a dat portia fi fix, not chat to the nation…wi need action!!!

  • there..not their

  • simplicity says:

    the age of consent is 16yrs old dont knw why dem move it frm 18 dats why dem nah ask wehh fada nd if a rape…it jus sickening all round

  • whey mi really a sey simply, is dem need fi question har pon de relationship………..chances r him d a sex har b4 16

  • fashiondoll says:

    Lord help us all :malu2

  • Anonymous says:

    It sad n sickening wid violence n crime in a JA, n quick justice fi anyone weh do deez tingz , all f yuh mad a death. Politicians cause deez tingz, jlpnp cyaa get along ago lead to di ruin a Jamaica. A new style d biggest threat to us in a Parliment.

  • Chanel says:

    Unno need to stop it the Prime Minister say har husband is the one who listen to Jamaica news ahem mi did think say like how Lisa so cute she would be the wife and not the husband. I am just saying….. So unno leave Portia we did done know say she a eeeediot and couldn’t manage PM work and we vote har in so we getting what we paid for. She need to step down and give one of the competent people in the part the job

  • badgyalneicy says:

    shi nuh watch jamaica news???? what kinda fuck shit fuckery nonsense is dat? This lady needs to step down ASAP

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