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9 Responses to IN DI NAME OF…………

  • LUNDUN says:

    good day met

    good day metters


    “they told him not to sneeze or his teef might stab him in his chest :ngakak :ngakak

    mi cyaah stop laugh to claat!!!

  • Met says:

    mi laugh when mi read it u si …di smaddy him fi get a medium and get a xxl

  • LUNDUN says:

    met mi seh!!!

    who eva write diss bad no claat :ngakak

    dem seh if him tek a bite out of crime, diss will be a peaceful worl________________________________________ mi cyaah badda :ngakak

  • Met says:

    Dem seh if him bite bread it will become a donut and dem cannot see if him battam teef oh Lord dem bad man

  • Quiet Storm says:

    All mi know dem is some big bad teef

    Hope is a fotoshop cawsen sey!!!

    Aftatune one and all

  • Yep! says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard til mi cry____________________________________________________________________________talk about jumbo sized chick lets and white picket fences :hammer

  • Met says:

    di person seh iphone charger…what hurt mi u can see is a studio picture :tkp

  • Black Rose says:

    Good Afternoooooon Metttt n Metterssss!

    Look yah nuh man!!!!!! Mi put di ppl dem work pon pause, Met tears come a mi eyes, mi laugh and mi head start all hurt mi….d prayer bad mi nah lie….if a did d pic alone we wudda just look n say “mek him teef dem big suh” but di prayer, di prayer…..May God have mercy

    Mi belly… sah…………………….hahahahaha!

    Met mi rate yuh and mi love yuh fi dis….made my day

  • Met says:

    big up di sender a dem send in di tings..anything unno si send come

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