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D’Angel Michelle Dow
15 minutes ago via BlackBerry Smartphones App

Match time roy wilkins park tun upp

******Angel tucking in your belly is not biggy at me and your age but when you are tucking it because you didn’t have to show it is a whole other story. Angel you have passed belly skin age now…Especially showing that much belly.. And why were the people at the party you performed at last weekend told that Beenie-Man your ex-husband was arriving and you knew he would not attend? I take it you have to say Beenie is coming to keep the crowd’s interest? ……….The belly skin is also to peek the ”crowd’s” interest?


  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    Sender stfu this just sound like straight hate…. she look good guh work pon your body…. why don’t you send in a side by side with you pic showing off your six pack… then you can talk bout Angel ‘ showing that much belly”… germs like yuh irk mi.

  • No Joke says:

    Ohhhhhh lawdddd it nuh dat serious Sender cause mi si couple granny ova deh yessideh inna belly skin. An anybody weh spend $ 25 fi go inna expression is Crazy.

  • Cc says:

    Fi har belly a minor to som Breeda gut weh mi si ova deh yessideh lol

  • Mello says:

    Really? Senda come again, what’s the real prablem?!

  • Met says:

    unno nah read di sender seh is not fi har ride and a me a seh why she haffia show so much belly unno read good oo

  • PPL busineSS says:

    Morning MET a di time a come fi d end a d era a dis non talented demon ya – caan stan her sh eever affi show her belly cause a pure bitch up she wear

  • Prettylikedat says:

    Her belly flat MET.. Y pree????

  • Met says:

    har belly flat yes

  • GoodHole says:

    The SENDER REALL BADMIND AND THIRSTY..The girl look goooooooood lowe arrrr nuh..jezzasss

  • Toni Ann says:

    Morning Met, Morning Metters.

    How is this badmind or thirsty? grown people must act dem damn age, wedda belly flat, skin clean or whatever. That is a dam 17yr old outfit.

    all when some jamaicans a push 80, dem still wah dress like dem a fresh 21.

  • Met says:

    Toni Ann u lukin is not like the blous was all the way down showing a hint of belly

  • Toni Ann says:


    I say it plenty a times, Jamaicans are bias, depends on who what where and when, di outcome will be differ.

    some outfits are inappropriate when yuh touch certain age. a suh it guh still Met.

  • simplicity says:

    Word Press yuh muma…..kmft

    mi mannaz mawnin met,metters,peepers nd others..

  • Met says:

    yes toni ann …because she slim and looks young she fi wear dat all di way under har doe look appropriate fi someone over 35

  • simplicity says:

    beenie man show sell rite awfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff wen mi sey sell awf mi mean sold rite awf……………….de two stop michelle mek inna brooklyn nd bronx nd ask har fans dem fe cum out yuh wuda tink she have many wen a really none,food affi eat nd all dese tings yes but ppl a ketch on wid de beenie man aguh fwd tawk nd de stale beenie man dance ting weh yuh keep doing find a next way fe mek yuh career tek awf by simply being yuh self michelle.

  • really says:

    so the gal fi come yah and carry her ride nuh must people ride she affi inna and that was the ride that took her to the match so go to fucking hell a must a next gal a bitch pan the girl why people have to be so low look pan mary j, toni braxton u tell mi fi dem age and unnu nah put dem pan groupie thats why jamaica nah reach noweh

  • Baby Girl says:

    Leave the girl alone…..She look damn good and young fi har age… what if the show flap…..atlease people came out…..look pon tommy lee whey go a trinidad fi do show and NOBODY came out… times rise and fall….leave he girl alone!!!!!

  • Baby Girl says:


  • sweet cheks says:

    met how old is she..different times now jlo a 40 add an she show skin an she look good..i feel if u look good show it.. wear any dam ting u waa wear..

  • aMIdat says:

    Hate plentiful rounds these parts eeh?

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