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Lacell Parnell aka Girlie aka Chucky was released after being incarcerated in the U.S on child molestation charges. Parnell who often plays the part of woman in his plays, was accused of molesting an under-age boy. He has now returned to Jamaica with what sources say is a large settlement that he got from suing for the wrongful death of his wife.
It is said that he now wants to relanch his play in Jamaica, Montego-Bay to be exact. But with his long history of molestation sources say that they fear for the mothers who may get involved with Parnell, not knowing that his involvement with them is just a means to get to their sons.

Parnell also pretends to be a cheerful giver by pretending to help these young men but using it as a way to get closer to them. Sources say that they fear Parnell will not stop so this is a warning . UNNO BECAREFUL…NUH MEK LICKIE LICKIE MEK DIS MAN USE UP DI BIG MONEY AND DASH OUT WHEY NUH FI DASH PAN UNNO PAN UNNO!IF UNNO SI ANY FUNNY MOVEMENTS MEK A POLICE REPORT! BECAUSE HIM HAVE DI BAG A MONEY AND NOT EVEN DI FACT SEH HIM HAVE A DAUGHTER DAT STOP HIM DI FIRST TIME FROM DO WHA HIM DUH! GUARD YOUR SONS

18 Responses to MOBAY BE ON THE LOOK OUT

  • fabulous69 says:

    a di rite plce im a go..

  • Mr_OMG says:
  • Cindy Royal says:

    Well, ole time ppl have a saying, “if anuh suh, a near fi suh” & there is another ole time saying “suh much ppl cyaah tell lie”. Suh even tho he hasn’t been convicted of child molestation, me would be very wary of him, so ppl need to be guided accordingly.

  • simplicity says:

    anuh jail him aguh next time,is a str8 bloodclaat chop awf head tuh hell…suh guh phuck wid de ppl dem bwoy pickney a bay girlie mek dem fix yuh bloodclaat n-sty bizniz fe tuh unno licky licky parents nd young bwoy be he CAREFUL.

  • Flatbush Ave...NYC says:

    I remember this story years ago. However, he plead guilty on a technicality, if the sender had looked into what grounds this guy plead guilty on I don’t think he or SHE would of bother to send in this bullshit. However to each his own. I’m sure girly could give a rat’s ass about the sender of this story. It’s unfortunate for him as a father to be labeled as a child molester based on his pleading guilty. I’m happy that the sender is putting it out there that there was a child molestation charge for this guy, I only hope that that same sender is putting up all the faces of those Rapist, and Murderers who’s living down there in Jamaica or has been deported as well.

  • Met says:

    Flatbush oh no…unfortunate that many more did not come and speak..also I know someone he befriended to get to their son and dem is not the sender..

  • Tawkchuet says:

    As Cindy said up top if a no so a near so I believe that him touch the likkle boy germs like him kmft

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Matter of fact no technicality no nothing would make me plead guilty to child abuse r he is guilty

  • Met says:

    maybe he is only guilty of a lil bit :maho

  • simplicity says:

    likkle is much even if it is a pinch.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Oh him touch the kid only likkle bit smh u haffi teck bad tings meck joke ya man :sorry

  • Met says:


  • wtf!again says:

    PEDOPHILE needs to be shot over and over again!,,,PERIOD!,, no chating about what to do with dem!

    but unfortunately ppl will still go and look at his comedy show and say it’s acting!

  • Cindy Royal says:


  • ace says:

    Two to the head and while you at it throw in SHEBADA too if good measures dem get too much now!

  • ace says:

    Notice I have to be really nice on this site these day but I am smart enough to choose my words like two inna girlie and shebada bloodclat head no long talking!

  • DWL says:

    I hope flatbush is a man and him hole him and phuck him. That a if him nuh do it already. WUtliss bout a defend child molester bout technicality. If it nuh guh suh it close to suh.

  • Anonymous says:

    mek him come wi love kill child molester ……..a right place him a come …..kingston go too soft fi yuh…come mek wi cut off yuh head an put in front tyhe police station……..mobay killaz shub out rise everyting deh fool yh fi dead…..

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