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bossydolly Body getting there




  • Ms Renaissance says:

    Alright cat woman. You face start look like puss now anyway. dwflllllll inna d mawning yah!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    Are they getting these azzes BOGO???? Buy One Get One free? All ah di dancehall women dem ah get dem like dem ah hand dem out like Halloween candy!!!

  • Good M says:

    Is this booty fake, mi ah nuh lesbian but mi nuh dolly nuh have a big ass like that….unno gwan wid di injections…might as well inject unu face

  • Buenos Dias Metty Y Matters……..NO Hermanitaaaaaaa SQUATS NOT SHOTS……and definetly these results are not in gained in a short period of time!

  • Tt says:

    Gmorning @puetro mami she definitely buy her a pairrr

  • everybody want big batty, plz girl, we know ur ass was flat like pancake, all of a sudden, this ass pop up, bout ur body getting there, bitch plz u ain’t fooling nobody. if u want to do ur ass fine, but nuh act like say u born wid it. go sit ur fake ass down ya big face gal.

  • Good M says:

    Yeah right…. @ squats….don’t believe that


    Me sure planet fit nuh du dat!!! God dammm wid these ass fetish, A WHA SUH?

  • Met says:

    morning ooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Anonymous says:

    Waste gal . Unno still live in the room with mommy

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Dolly dem work? Cause dem certainly have all di money in the world to [email protected]$k up demselves I wonder Wat caused the low self esteem maybe was teases a lot growing up poor ting tsk tsk

  • Anonymous says:

    Dolly u like eating man A$$ mi know u lick Neil A$$ out

  • Tt says:

    All mi know dem ugly badd

  • Anonymous says:

    Definitely injections

  • Tawkchuet says:

    @tt no a no ugly is exotic looking :hammer

  • Tawkchuet says:

    But Jesam a wha do Anon @ 9:11 :tkp :tkp :tkp

  • Just Saying says:

    I’m still tryng to find something right about the first pic :nerd

  • Original Goodas says:

    wah unu really a say to me, is she claiming that workoout took her body from the top picture to dem deh dung BOTTOM (pun intended)

    unu ass soon rotten off. Low self esteem is a hell eva. Cause as u fix something ur going to find something else you still no happy with, and fix and fix and fix but if ut not hppy within and comfortable in your skin, u coulda nip, tuk, suk, put in, tek out, wear di expensive clothes and shoes, di long weave/wig and the paste on makeup unu still naa go happy.


  • Anonymous says:

    And if she lick his a$$ what that gotta do with you? The post is about her butt not her tongue. Who is without sin, cast the first stone.So disgusting

  • Yep! says:

    [email protected] Anon 9:44…Amen and Amen again, but if I may interject… She does have a big a$$$ flap jack pancake face…and this thread is about her dearie ere and not her tongue

  • Yep! says:

    If that ain’t the stupidest looking pic I’ve ever seen @ 1st pic ( monkey in a white romper humping a damn tree) :cd

  • wot is this says:

    sometimes i wonder how dem injected battam feel, how dem sleep at night and sit pon da toliet fi tek a dunk, dem brave ehhhhhhhhhh. i hope she’s happy with her decision, cos i would never do that to myself, to each his own

  • Pupping pop says:

    Poor thing. Self hate #theworse!

  • FREEDOM says:


  • BIPOLAR says:


  • Met says:

    freedom I hope anything dem do well safe

  • Tt says:

    Woooo mi gudnezz

  • status says:

    This woulda be something if did had a acting/ modeling/dance career, but to stand up in holes in the wall parties every night with a bunch if broke wannabees is dumbfounding

  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    :ngakak I don know why unnu surprise har…..

  • Anonymous says:

    I really don’t understand the obsession with fake batty, y everybaddy a buy batty n hips but weh mi waa fi know is this if d batty dem deflate after a whil and how much month d shots last fah

  • ISpy (With my two big black eyes) says:

    Question, Dolly and Sweets a Jamaican and if yes, them straight ?

  • simplicity says:

    yeah dem a Jamaican nd yeah KIM POSSIBLE str8.

  • Squats do work! After a period of time you engage the muscle. I’m not sure I understand this self esteem thing……after having my son’s my husband would constantly bother me about my stomach and at times would point out other women and how flat and toned their stomachs were. Because of him I joined the gym and worked out now he has no reason to talk or look. I don’t think it’s self esteem as it is to attract the opposite sex! But I want to live forever so I prefer a healthy approach.

  • simplicity says:

    don’t luk like squats to me….nope,luk frm her leg up

  • Cupcake says:

    Okay Dolly, I am an admirer of y’alls fashion sense but please nuh badda try gwan like yuh tink nuh bady a idiot. Look, eff yuh waah duh yuh batty a your money a spend and as long it makes you happy who gives a crap. If yuh get it done own it mama.

    Dolly mi did notice the change eno, cause mi memba seeing you inna pawty when mi first stawt duh road and mi memba how yuh did straight like arrow; now all pon a sudden yuh all curvey an shit. lol. But like I said before just own it and nuh care weh nuh baddy ago she.

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes, working out achieved that ass. Just like her staying out of the son achieved her skin color. GTFOH.


    I already have enuff ass fi days, suh unu mean fi tell me say, if me work out some more, me will achieve more?. Dolly really waan people fi believe a planet-fit or ny-sports club mek she achieve this lean luking pumped up rear?? bitch please, unu fi stap it man. cho!!

  • Little Willie says:

    Is long time Dolly fi use di Fix-A-Flat. Guh deh girl!!!

  • lol says:

    so wah if the gyal do har batty like mi nuh sii unno si dung pon the celebrity dem like how unno do to these 2 girls damm..DOLLY TELL ME WHERE YOU WENT TO GET URs DONE I WANT MINES TOO GOD NEVER MEK MI WID NONE SO I WANT SOME>>and IF IT THE BLACK MARKET ONE YOU DID BABES NO BADDA TELL MI…

  • Smh! says:

    All I know dolly looks and body come a Long way from when she first pick up with buju and have the baby .Weave, skin, knock off hand bag everything tun up now! Benefits of living at home wid mama Gwan chu

  • Dumb ass says:

    Dolly stop injecting that ass of yours it will fall off eventually. I been knew you were doing injections smh!

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah terry needle eye unnu fi see mi see di gyal ah one dance ah queens ah she get batty dwl back then she did flat like bammy now you cyaan tell har shit mi just look and laugh cause everybody done no di ass fake kmt idiot gyal dem. she neva need fi do her ass cause she have a nice face and still did ah get mon wid out di batty

  • STAR says:

    Really REALLY curious do these people work. Cause I sure can’t afford their life they live and I work with a profession degree. and no kids. So PLEASE tell me how they manages to dress and party all the time.

  • Shebadd says:

    :cool stop watch woman so much damn!!! Dolly good good no worries….. B***hes be into they feelings so much that u all forgot she dont give a rass about what you all have to say and then y’all bi***** can’t spell worth shit tryna call names smh example “son” meaning “SUN” “luk” meaning “LOOK” we in America now were spelling means something fu**** dunce!

  • Anonymous says:

    Shebadd… its ” where” not “were”. See we all make mistakes.

  • Anonymous says:

    To Shebadd, before you call people dunce and a try correct dem, you must make sure your shit is on point dummy!!! The word where should have been used and not “were” idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tre0pound says:

    Seeing this girl on the site over a period of time, I must say she has changed alot! In my opinion the new look is no bueno. Her face appears as if she is on steroid medication. I think the sufferation from low self esteem is on the rise and especially with us black woman. On the flip side I think a big a** and hips are sexy. Though I have them naturally from puberty, I cant fault the girls that go under surgery to obtain the look. Just do it safe. Like taking the fat from a unwanted area of your body and placing it there (then they cant say its fake, but instead redirected 🙂 )

  • Anonymous says:

    Met mi see har wah night and Neil Pearl was there and dem doh even fart pon dem one another. Stick a pin. Anyway she was a cute girl before so I don’t know why she is doing this to herself. In person she look like a figurine. Not even har eyebrow dem move. Everything just stiff so.

  • Dolly Ate My Coochiie says:

    Name : Yonique Robinson
    Age: 26
    Occupation: Whore/Prostitute/Escort (if you want your di*k/pus**y sucked she got you ! Does a good fu*king job too.
    Location : Queens, Ny
    Rel Status: Swinger
    Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
    Ass: BUTT PADD to trick ppl in thinking she got her ass done when in truth & fact she is broke as a motherfu*kher .. Don’t believe what you see on this girl page or how she parades around behind it all its deeper than the Atlantic .

  • WoW says:

    wow.. people come on now! leave them alone… @Dolly Ate My Coochiie you sound like such a hater! honestly who cares let her live!!

  • run and tell that says:

    For the person that was wondering about their immigration status they are both straight and sweets is a United States citizen. While you guys take front row sheet to talk about them they are still living at home with mother who has no problem with them being there. If they were kotching at dance hall people house then unu woulda still a chat shit. Let the he without a sin cast the first stone.

  • mobay villa says:

    Dolly is a wanna be, she a try too hard fi impress ppl, back inna di days when she just start partying, she wanted to be with the dancehall boy dem, and one after one dem dump her nasty ass, so now she want look like little kim fi get star fame,,, bitch pleaseeee.

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