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  • Divnasta says:

    Should Shibby worry? Lol

  • Tt says:

    Dwfl it funny
    Alot a ppl get fat when they migrate for tru but its because nah eat proper like in ja
    For some ppl foreign life is grabbing fast food daily or microwavable

  • Yup says:

    We (including myself) get dirty, nasty and lazy. forgot why we borded the plane in the first place.Families are now separated and you have to call before coming over.Lol, dwl. back home we just stop by. We Get comfortable as if we were born here and adapt the yankee mentality. Me stop spread my bed a morning time before me leave, drinking tea before me leave me house is a luxury if I do. I don’t roll out the bed early unless i need to do something,washing clothes every Saturday turns to when I feel like it now . Between work,stress and kids i get soo busy I am happy to see the next day so I no longer prioritze the basic task anymore. If i was home it would all be done before 10 am and still able to go to work and come home to do it again. Sad, but i wish i was back home cause farrin meck me get wutlis bad. When we are home we are broke but happy we have life, in farrrin we are depressed more than we are happy regardless of what we have. :travel :nohope

  • Tt says:

    @Yep so true
    I sed all sundays mi just lay dung or eat some junk food too lazy fi cook
    Home u know the nice nice sunday dinner
    I dont even think i have milk in my house right now every am im buying coffee on the run
    No self disipline

  • Quiet Storm says:

    So true!!! Him on point…… well mi know sey di skin lightening nuh necessarily due to bleaching, but fi nuff ah true

    Buttttt di ‘special ppl’ role whey him juss play…..well, lets just say he did a damn good job right there

    Good Morning one and all

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :ngakak Dem nuh get fat choo dem a eat good, dem get fat choo MacDonald’s know dem nayme, cuz a dem seh fast food an a fast food seh dem. Out yah, wi want wi proppa cooked food fi keep wi body slim an trim.

    Dem can wear brands cuz clearly from weh mi learn pan JMG many a dem as dem lan dem stawt teef.

  • goodso says:

    Well…I agree with de news part :ngakak …cause every day me have stream cvm news watch..

  • Hotstepper....formerly peeper says:

    I agree, I went to college here while my brother went to high school and he said, the way the teachers teach here, he is able to understand it, and there is more help for him, so that could be a reason why they do better in school

  • Trouble mekka says:

    What a damm fish ….. Yu tell the ppl how you turn batti man

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