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Me seh wat a seh a junjo them wut-list ny Nikki go falla ro-ro couple months ago go thief n get lock up now ro-ro go falla her go thief n ro-ro get grab up the junjo them salt sah I taught them seh them monie nuff towel hill to d world blakie,Dona Gucci,boops, n not so bada badder me hear all richie left she n tek d baby from har, them Philly gal yah can’t keep a man fallen small no car a mek young bwoy a mad her go tek up back no teeth bengo him miss yo_________________

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  • toya says:

    Good morning met…….Falling star everyday u get up bout u pretty but still can’t keep a man bobby is just 20 and u can’thold him SHAME ON

  • toya says:

    ***shame on u falling star, I heard bobby was out last night with his girlfriend falling star u ago msd because bobby don’t want u

  • Met says:

    good morninggggggggggggggggg

  • Sexiid says:

    GM met metters, bwoy addi better fight fi him son caz da gal yah really mad, crazy, :hammer sick!!!!!! if u aguh afftah di man inna court but yet still yuh have sticky finga nikki plz get hwlp

  • Saucy Baby says:

    Marty good morning, second line up top check it. Full name is up there so you can block it off too’

  • rray says:

    Di way how Shakera shame she cah even do up di girl like she always do on Fb. Mi cah believe seh she really di deh wid pelpa too? Shakera really did wah keep it in the fam fi go deh wid the next sista man. u luu bad.
    Gwan meckk Tyesh boost u up she neva tell u seh she di wah plus she did a slap Bobby too. Tyesh why u did a run wide ina colors dance cause u see Keisha Gangsta and di rest a gal dem weh wah beat u ? Tyesh to how much man you teck whey have money u always look cheap and dirty. You and 4 gal ina di dance ina di same cheap dress and you look di worse . That is why i do not shop in Rainbow . go and sit ur sweaty stinking arm dung and stop smile up ina ppl face wid ur hide and go seek slappa self.

  • Fool says:

    Anuh salt dem salt dem too thief! Nasty Rochelle will thief milk outta coffee. She will thief salt outta the Atlantic. Bout dem ah hot gyal.

  • Met says:

    Saucy morning will fix

  • Saucy Baby says:

    It has begun, Philly nuh good again today! I have a terrible headache so mi just tek two Imitrex for these Philly peeps!


    @Met, DEM START THIS EARLY…If smaddy have di potential fi teef “salt outa di atlantic” DEM GOOD TO RAAS.

  • Real Philly says:

    Mornin met and others… Let today begin, this shall be nice yassooooo lol.. Damn Nicky honestly me Neva know or even woulda guess u have sticky fingers too… Rochelle me Neva know somebody wen get caught so much as u and Neva get no time…. Met Rochelle get catch reef bout 4 times a yr always in and out of jail and has yet to do real time other than we she actually get caught in d act and have to get bail or self release… I personally know Rochelle she nuh hide bout her teefing ways… This girl is good…. But yeah everybody know seh all junjo do ah teef…. I’m not too convinced about blacked yet

  • Anonymous says:

    No pix

  • blackie always teef says:

    Blackie beena teef. no man no mine Blackie. every week she come out she affi go teef it. She do not believing in buyin. King a Prussia mall and Annie sexz is her favorite spot. blackie does not make enough money to be palavin like she does. Fact..

  • toya says:

    @rray she must love taste the family them p%%% y juice she try lick dainty out and pelpa say no dainty ah him babymother so him park falling star her friend nickki talk then falling star turn to bobby and get wat the dog get Lol tyesh/falling star New name fi di crew cyaan hold No man

  • Real Philly says:

    At 10:04 u are tellin facts.. Annie sez is Rochelle favorite store… I took her there couple times.. She nuh ramp tho she will pay u to take her on her runs and ask u wa u need or want lol… Tyesh and blacks fab store is Burlington up Springfield .. I’m not convince shining star, Kim and blackie doh lol

  • simplicity says:


  • 187 Dem says:

    Met di topic funny baaaaaaaaddddd Salt + Salt =2 :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Blacky is a junjo enough said. Bada stop wear dem see threw shirt.mi tired of that outfit

  • Anonymous says:

    Falling star heading pon Instagram.I’m pretty your man want me. Dis mattress needs a good ass beating

  • Anonymous says:

    Eta falling star is a Arrons bed bug mattress. :sorry

  • The man ago want falling star cause she a use her job address fi get shit fi him

  • toya says:

    @11.06am nobody don’t want falling star in her dream

  • status says:

    Lord falling star them hot fi you baddd from the other day, any body have a pic of falling star plz, cause tis gal ago send them str888 a mad house

  • Anonymous says:

    11:43 is falling star dwl

  • @11:24 that is fact fi true!!!! Me surprise them no catch har already.

  • Real deal!!! says:

    No man!!! a so falling star young???? My gosh she a just 28 and the amount a man she tek me think she deh on god land fi bout 38 years. Me cyan believe this. U know is just the other day me hear a youth a talk say shinning star gave him gonorrhea, me tell him fi mek sure him call har ASAP and tell her because she will spread it cause she f$&k NUFF man! Philly dancehall ppl unu need to repent!!!!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Her pus don’t hav no principals. She say ut her self. What kinda woman is proud to be a mistress

  • Anonymous says:

    FS hole don’t hav no principals. She say it her self. What kinda woman is proud to be a mistress

  • philly says:

    proud mistresses

    Shakera Chrisse, Tyesh, alissa , Barbie, blackie, Zulieka,Veechy,Shauna lovinglife, ReRe Sweets, basically all a philly dh thrash.

  • toya says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Chasing afta likkle kids cocky is the hype now?

  • Anonymous says:

    What is she getting sent to her job? Hope it’s not Illegal. Cah She should atleast make the lil boy buy her a likkle hooptie.

  • deja vu says:

    shakera mine yuh kip unnu yey dem hopen fe box de.shi soon expose fe harself mums :salahkamar

  • toya says:

    Kelly watch out like how falling star never take away pelpa from dainty neither from dainty little sister man she might offf owen because she ur family man

  • toya says:

    ******because she love your family man them

  • susan says:

    People dead dead a gun jesus a pure dead body falling star me fraid a yoy

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