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Im so sick of this guys baby mother cussing me. I dont want your babyfather!!!I met him at a party he was staring me down so we were introduced and exchanged numbers and its just been drama since September. I admit he got me with his sweet talk his babymother called me frfom his phone at like 4am a week after i met him and told me hes her man blah blah blah He called me the next day apologizing and told me the bitch is crazy and him and her are not to together shes just imagining a relationship thats not there we continued talking a week later bitch calls me again this time screaming and styling me up like she knows me he already warned me dont argue with her she will lock him up so i didnt until i got so sick of the constant calls i told the bitch off properly let me tell u something miss Shanny I dont care about u or Bobby you should be embarassed walking around with another belly for a man who dont even like u those were his words i actually feel sorry for u after all the bad things he has said about you to me You should really be ashamed to say you are pregnant for him a second time or maybe that belly you carrrying around isnt even his lol wouldnt be surprised as for you Bobby u need to leave me alone you know its you always calling and texting me trying to convince me you and your baby mother are not in anything Im a grown woman with two kids im not a child take your drama and leave me alone you cant f–k and for someone who acts so much like sweet boy your mouth always stinks you and your crazy baby mother leave me alone you wutless boy


  • Original Goodas says:

    sender fr di man a tell u no argue wid him baby mother u should a cut.. 4 am fr his phone and they are not together. wise up.

    good morning family

  • Sexiid says:

    yuh neva kno him mouth stink wen him did a look yuh…….u neva kno him dicksmall wen yuh f#$k him di first time!!!!???? :ngakak

  • Sexiid says:

    yuh neva kno him mouth stink wen him did a look yuh…….u neva kno him d#%k small wen yuh f#$k him di first time!!!!???? :ngakak

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Good morning Met and all Jmg family. Sender yuh really serious ina dem yah hard time????? The man mouth stink and him cah fu$k how yuh know if yuh neva give him some? Woman and man nuh deh but she a breed fi him and have access to him phone @ 4AM. GTFOH!!!! You sound hella stupid, any man wah chat shit about a woman wah have a pitney fi him, or him use to grind will do the same thing to you.

  • DWL says:

    sender one word STUPID.and you have 2 pikney ! SMDH

  • 187 Dem says:

    Mawnin Met & JMG Fambily,

    Sender you really need to look into what you send in & see if it mek sense to you, Di man tell yuh nuh argue suh yuh kibba yuh mouth but yet still him & him BM nuh deh & she a call yuh phone 4am in da morning!! Chile PULEEZZZZZEEEEEEEE, mi know a nuh jus now yuh stawt tek man suh from yuh see certain tings nuh add up jus keep it moving.. & memba jus like how him a disown her to yuh, him wi duh di sameting to u wid smady else!! Tek weh yuhself ASAP!!!!

  • Just Saying says:

    So it took 8 whole months to figure out this shyt-uation wasn’t right for you. I mean really she called you when you were only a week in, you could’ve walked away from the drama then. But no he was so sweet that you already caught feelings and felt the need to stick around. Together they scored one on you, he f–ked you and she frustrated you till you want out. Now you want them to leave you alone (lol) you’re a real donkey.

  • Both of these women are getting played… However, I am surprised at the side piece–how could you truly believe all of that rubbish that you were told? Baby mother is pregnant and stressing herself over a man who is a seasoned cheater. Some man a real general…

  • No Sah! says:

    Sender you really fool fool and dumb enuh. How a man fi tell yuh sey him and him baby madda nuh in a nuttin? then a how she got pregnant? let me guess….him tell yuh seh a r*pe she r*pe him?

    The same horsecrap him tell yuh bout him don’t like the baby mada and she dis and she dat, yuh don’t want to hear wha him tell the baby mada bout you. Trust me, he tells both of you what ya’ll want to hear to keep unno cause he’s the only one benefiting from the tryst some. Another thing, yuh don’t have to answer your phone when he calls, or reply to his text messages so that goes to show that you WANT him more than yuh a pretend.

    Hello Met and Crew

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:


  • Brooklyn Cutie Pie says:

    You have 2 pickney & STILL nuh have no man sense??? SMH

  • complex says:

    how she get your number and you neva give it to her? and at 4am at that. young lady use ur head. nothing more than she sleep wid the man and when him drop asleep she go through him phone. This was one week in. If u did stop mess wid di girl baby father, she woulda stop call u. Some people love put demself inna battyhole and den complain. u know better, u do better. hope she nuh stop ring off u phone cause u too brite. oh what a stress!!

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