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Title: philly mixup

Message Body:
Boy me cant belueve say three man inna philly a f–k one woman no man donna u gwaan bad a wonda weh nicky a ago say when she find out u f–k shabba a clara ago say wgen she find out u a f—k duck and mist of all kevin woman u dutty bad u alone a f000k three moggla

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  • toya says:


  • RAYY says:

    Is which Donna this?
    donna Gucci or donna British or donna Benz. lol

    YOu story no meckk sence. who is Kevin moggla ?.

    Last night was Carson Moggla and Yanice babay Showa Tyesh and Chrissie why weren’t yall invited Carson invite y all everywhere else. hehehe.

    :maho :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Dem gal is one nasty set of germs

  • ------------------- says:

    Nikki you stawt have slepples night mumma? Alissa is back out and so was u were hussband. They should never be in the same Venue together. Ole fyaah stick easy fi ketch, but it neva out ina di first place. I gone :tkp :tkp

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Met seeit yuh get more new words fi yuh JMG dictionary. LMDAO!!! All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hear an no care says:

    Majority of the dancehall regulas a di biggest teef. Dem no have di money and dem no wah ppl seh dem pop dung. Keisha Gangsta me hear seh u start again, I guess u neva learn dem 20 plus times already, Kelly, not anada word.

    Oh Kelly di bby bday party was lovely, but my Owen still looks oh so unhappy. He couldn’t even force a smile in di pics with u? we all know a true dolphin no deh ya meck di party keep a Chucky Cheese. Any other time a woulda big bashment.

  • simplicity says:

    sen inn even two pics,tonx

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi no like chat bout peopke kids but why kelly hav everyone picking and touching the baby. The older daughter look angry. Shauna unno hav more pics of kelly baby den u owna. Owen please ..mi beg unno go find sumbody to match your fly.

  • yess says:

    @ anaon 10:42

    ur so rite about everbody kissing di baby . especially chrisse the 3some specialist and nikie lue weh dem seh have di flu. But chu Kelly frighten bout baby a di cutest she get blindsided and no memba seh mouth carry jerms. Is it me or Kayann and Kelly ina competion wid dem kids and which one a bigga star. a hope them teach dem kids more than looks and clothes thats all i see. Neva a pic or a video learnining to count or ABCDEF
    :tkp . :maho

  • Fyahwife says:

    Dem p—y watcher yah kill me . Ugh!

  • Anonymous says:

    The winner is kayann baby. 12:00 nobody is blind dem love take pix so the life dem live is public info. Don’t get me wrongs. Kelly is a good mother.That’s it.


    @Met, dem dam people yah from Philly out-ada-bad..U see wha dem ova yah a duh?? compare and contrast people’s children, dem fi stap it.. di girl name kelly ears muss a ring, every chance dem get, dem slaughta di uman and talk bout owen nuh waant har..Why dem bitta and wiked suh?.

  • Anonymous says:

    How people bitter..Or Wicked?DWL
    Dem call dem self Moggla? Dem gal love attention.Mi neva know grown woman with respect run roun like dem gal .


    @anon 1:04, UNU FI STAP IT..Why unu ova yah a compare di people dem kids? not cool at all. DONT DWEET.. Yes unu wiked and bitta fi dat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Stick to the topic of the story, an leave the kids out of it

  • Anonymous says:

    Mi hear Shabba tell somebody seh him nuh want Alissa and him nuh stop look mi friend

  • Anonymous says:

    Nikki look good fi just Have baby. Nikki mi know one man weh seh him wants you bad and him have money. Try hurry up and drop Shabba.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cocky care taker kc please mi a beg u stop comment pan mi friend donte pic dem…don’t. U see him nah fart pan u???him ansa everybody else when dem comment!!!..!! Him just need u to send on de money fi him and him wifey and kids !!!!!big old woman like you pick up little boy and affi a work hard fi mine him fi stay….FYI stop put up dem piglet pic of ur dem look sick stomach.

  • Philly says:

    I wah know y nifigi and Robinson have to have party every night the same date…..look like Gary Neva tell dem nothing keeping this Saturday… Who is Sheldon British we only see him a few months before his party…

  • Anonymous says:

    Him da with the otha ole girl Nicky now him with Barbie.

  • hayhay says:

    Kayann muma. U need fi ask sample when him ago stop service kareema. all when har rman no deh pon tour him a brite up wid har ina clubs a weeknd time when dem come out. Now mi see why di weight a teck so slow fi move. Kareema mawga and dat hot badd.

  • it bunn unuh says:

    from dem suck off teacha u no see sunday best Crew start hibernate. . Mi neva even memba seh Kc alive. this is the girl weh no have no luck at all wid man. please switch to woman maybe that wi wurk cause all you need is love right?
    Di way how Teeka showoff mi think she woulda a advertise the prettiest dawta in Philly. summa a come so me a look out fi you a di parks and cook out. you cah stay in too long unless u brukk.

  • deja vu says:

    mi neva c weh one smaddy all tawk fe anser demself excep fe d ppl dem a bellvu :tkp :ultah

  • Regula says:

    @Deja Bellvu too small fi dem oh, dem need a much bigger facility, cause di mount a personalities dem one have! wah right minded smaddy a carry such deep bitterness fi soo many ppl one time and all now none a di ppl dem nah look. My girl a betta yuh jus start a war wid yourselves an done yaw man, it wi much more interesting. kmbct

  • Stick to the topic.which donna.because I couldn’t my man gucci a f—

  • deja vu says:

    @ regula STFU BITCH

  • deja vu says:

    @ regula d fact remain unnu is one big crotches fe galong suh.guh get unnu life dancehall renk pink guh fine cream r ointment fe unnu dry ass egzima neck r patch d headside weh unnu try fe cover BITCH

  • gee says:

    wata stress

  • me too pretty says:

    shabba and police a two a phillys worst dutty hood man…shivers

  • Anonymous says:

    omg suh deja yuh a one a di personalities dem tuh? oh no… yuh have ten personality and di whole a dem bad mind and envious odda ppl fi dem cocky an pussy cos dats all yuh worried bout. Asylum walls white dem nuh pink. a doubt yuh undastand but still.

  • shanique says:

    Donna has two sons weh par wid the upperdeck crew call them selves the all star crew the two indian them are son donna u worthless kevin weh par wid coco, duck weh hugry it look claudia fuller known as clara nah tek c are har properity, and shabba who inna dem right mind coulda want

  • susan says:

    Dem people yah wicked life is tol short get a life dam.

  • Anonymous says:

    a really dat deh tinking whole donna deh unnuh a talk bout no man she fi shame mi know say har son dem shame a har omg.

  • peewee says:

    No sah dis a joke donna u thirsty drink yah mamma

  • gee says:

    Hw shi a gi wey dat dey man puss wen him tings su tall an him a bedroom bully..i dnt undastan

  • @Philly aka G Life...stop try fi look fi hype! We kno seh it you! The both of u stupid fi try keep party the same night! I will stay home with mi $20 becuz both ah dem flop! says:

    @Philly aka G Life…stop try fi look fi hype! We kno seh it you! The both of u stupid fi try keep party the same night! I will stay home with mi $20 becuz both ah dem flop! :tkp :tkp

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