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Sitting here waiting on a ambulance to come pick me up.

I have not been very honest with you all. but I have a INTENSE FEAR of HOSPITALS. My father was sick for a very long time (almost 30 years) and for years …..thats all i knew was seeing him go in and out of the HOSPITAL. I remember my mother and i driving from Gary to Chicago to visit him and getting a FLAT TIRE and being stuck for a long time on the Dan Ryan Expressway waiting because i was to small to change the tire. I said i would NEVER BE SICK. I NEVER WANTED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!…So for years starting at 18 years of age i would spend HOURS everyday at the gym getting in shape to fight off the possibility of getting sick. but as i sit here tonight …..waiting on a ambulance to come pick me up. I am having Anxiety Attacks ….but i know i have to go to this damn hospital….as i can barely breath tonight. I should have just went peacefully with my mother earlier today. Earl is in bed sleeping. i don’t want to wake him up. so i sit here in this dark living room. Waiting for my trip back to GRADY. I don’t want to go…….but i have to MAN UP!!..ITS 2013!!!>>> I have to get over this fear of HOSPITALS. so i am sitting here….crying, shaking, scared….of the damn hospital. At least I did spend some time at home this weekend. ..OK Walter lets do this!!!….* takes deep breath* …..* calls 911*`~ Walter Hampton II

Walter Lee Hampton II shared a link.
10 hours ago near Atlanta, GA
Love & Relationships. TYLER PERRY IS GAY. Many of us have known this fact for years. However TYLER PERRY has spent Millions of dollars paying people off to SILENCE THEM about discussing his dirty little “SECRET”…..but is it a really a “SECRET” if we all already know that you are GAY? ……Whats the point of trying to HIDE that you are GAY?…..when we all know THE TRUTH?…

Walter Lee Hampton II
14 hours ago near Atlanta, GA
Love & Relationships. WHERE IS THE LOVE? My mother stopped by here to bring me some medicine and to check up on me. We were trying to decide if i should go back to the hospital today or wait until tomorrow. as we were talking i showed her my YOUTUBE video page and all the posts and comments that i have got since i was Injured. She was saddened and shocked that people would actually CELEBRATE me being injured and actually make VIDEOS and post them on Youtube. All because I SPEAK OUT and Question somethings that are taking place in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY?…All because i ask QUESTIONS and start online DEBATE’S and CONVERSATION’S about HIV a serious disease affecting our community? People were HAPPY and GLAD to see me severely injured because i try to promote coming OUT OF THE CLOSET and being BLACK GAY AND PROUD?…. i wonder… Walter Hampton II

40 Responses to DEM BUS HIM xxxx FI HIM

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Dat we hold yuh!!!

  • Agree to Disagree says:

    I feel so sad that his mother had to hear that people wanted her son dead because he is gay, it is not a lifestyle that I agree with but at the same time it is not my life, but I really do hate violence.

  • Met says:

    agree him get di arsen because him obsessed wid tyler perry and all di beating him get him still yapping

  • BABYGIRL says:

    Him nah learn at all and I dont believe he got that beaten because he is gay. I believe it was the things he was saying about Tyler Perry. Him brave bad because him still a talk filt, nobody cares if he is gay, get it??? You better becareful dem nuh wire yuh mouth shut.

  • Yep! says:

    And Babygirl a me fe tell yuh bout wire mout shit… It is extremely painful and yuh gotta drink from a straw which means no cheesecake and rum raisin ice cream for months….okay so now that I’ve vented, this gayee is not sincerely addressing issues within the black gayee community; he’s only using that as ammunition to further bash Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry is gayee, yea and so what????? Why don’t you give back to the black gayee community and shut the f#%k up before di battyman gang come finish yuh vindictive little bytch!! Morning Metty/ crew

  • Met says:

    yeppie morning… how him a ride this i feel him set it up fi people sorry fi him

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Morning everyone!

    An unuh know seh dem nuh beat him di rite an proppa way still. Cuz if dem di geem a proppa beaten him cudden still a write up all dem tings deh. Fi smaddy weh Tyler not sticking it tuh him certainly deh pan di man dick every day kmt.

  • simplicity says:

    anuh buss ass enuh is a rass slice tuh the face and arms dem deal wid him like the first slice bread.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Y dem duh him suh Simplicity?

  • Met says:

    Cindy him mek a bag a video bout tyler perry is a gayman and all kinda tings

  • simplicity says:

    him sey tyler perry a b-ttyman nd how him a behave str8 nd nah give the black g-y community nuh knowings again.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Met, I keep getting this message: “Sorry, this comment contains undesirable words. Try again. More information in Drainware Content Filtering Solutions’

    But narry a bad word is in my comment, but I did mention the ‘g’ word a few times. So what’s up with that?

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Yeah, I watched one that u posted recently & I just didn’t get y he needed to make that video. I’m sure Tyler didn’t force the g_y community to spend their money to support his ventures, so how can he want to tell the man how to spend the wealth he acquired. He kept saying Tyler could help the g_y community by even preventing HIV/AIDS. Is he for real with that?! So many persons & funds have gone into helping the g_y community & they r still out there with their promiscuous selves catching every disease known to man because nobody can talk to these loose men. kmt Dem fi llow Tyler alone. Even fi wi jflag a avoid nuff a dem tuh, cuz dem only disgrace dem.

  • Cindy Royal says:

    _________________________________________________________________ the ‘G’ word is an “undesirable” word?! So what do we call men/women of their situation now? I’ve just died & gone to the land of the ridiculous.

  • simplicity says:

    yes the g word mama …. :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    Yuh woulds tink as big and buffalouss him is him coulda beat dem bloodclot. Talk bout him spend in gym an train and when the time for all dat traning pop off him blow it and get him batty beat and lass to him face.

  • 187 Dem says:

    @ Cindy Mawning dear,

    di man a luk knowings to a diff level bcuz him jus a go on & on bout Tyler Perry as if him did deh wid him & Tyler walk out pon him….Gimme a break Mr.Hampton, yuh dun get di lime light suh please guh siddung… It’s your personal preference to live the life you live & it’s the same for Mr. Perry, come off a di man seedbag. Not bcuz him a fish dat mean say him fi shell out him money inna di Battyman community!!! :toast

  • Fyahwife says:

    As they say “snitches get stitches ” but this is LITERALLY :hammer

  • ... says:

    boy dat window/door weh him seh drap pon him a do him real bad…. :travel

  • blessi says:

    attention whore &a tyler him a use try get it


    Him dam out-a-ada and that’s why he got his raas beat.. Him is like a str888 harlot scorned..Not a ounce a pity from me, him deserve it fi a scandalize di man name. With all that has occurred, him still wont shut him PIE-HOLE.

  • agree to disagree says:

    I am confused? Isn’t this the guy that got beaten up by the three girls in the

  • Dwrl says:

    I feel is a warning him get, but him so angry him no get it. Knowing the YAGS if him no stop a bury him mother ago bury him next. He should just leave the man alone , I feel someone (the friend WEH him meet him through) set him up to it because they all jealous of the man success

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    most of u are such hypocrites in dis yah,,first you guys go on hating gays and when someone call a famous person , then unno want to have different mouth,, as dem say as long as unno have money unno could f**k and hide,, but if unno don’t hjave money unno should die,, unno on dis page should move on with unno hyprocrites ways, that’s why dem could go around and f**k woman and man and spread dem diseases,,

    pick unno side no matter of FAME OR MONEY,,HYPROCRITES

  • Met says:

    aand your point? who the hell would have a problem with anyone saying who someone is…………..there is a difference between that and obsessing over someone…the man is selling himself and may likely be a liar…so any hypocrite here may be you because the truth is clear but you have warped a big lie

  • Met says:

    Most people already said Tyler Perry was a homosexual but why does this guy have to make 40-59 videos if indeed what he said is true? Imagine he should be in the hospital and he is steadily on fb? I think u need a revision of the word hypocrite

  • Oh Dear says:

    Met, Under all that bandage is a huge chop in his face and a big cut on his hand. dat a what him mouth gi him….. chat too much!

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    met please go look it up it will discribe you,,str8888

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    you ppl are fast to say ppl are lieing when they talk about famous ppl,,first if was jay-z now it tyler,,please keep it moving

    i don’t give toots about your opinion met ,,all gossip but unno pick it up like unno life

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    why go listen to it if it’s too much,,it’s like this site if you dont want to hear the gossip find another site,,same here if you guys don’t want to hear don’t listen and say why,,cause him want too and he knows the truth,,take it any how you feel met since you need to come back to answer,,,you must know it’s u me ah chat bout.

  • Met says:

    nuh because a u write the meaning why it would describe me new up coming and dun batteyman ..u head feva dem dul hammer

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    met keep your site popping,, stay neutral so you could have ppl stay on here or u selling the site?

  • WTF!AGAIN says:

    it’s so funny that you kno what my head favor,,unno could seat down and pretend unno know who is on here,,met go seat down and pretend you know ,,if you kno so much print my name and everything here or else just write your gossip to pay your bill,, if unno could read through computer then unno would be a very iMPORTANT hacker!,,

    all you need to do is keep putting up people pics and gosssip,,that’s your job

  • Met says:

    Mi nuh haffi know u fi know u head nuh shape right..batteyman u have 99 problems and me and jmg a nuh .5 a dem

  • Met says:

    nuh tell mi how fi stay…u are so dense and have ur eyes pan di side a u face dat a only batteyman topics u can run in pan. …nuh tell me wha fi do because God done tell u what is what long time

  • BABYGIRL says:

    No Met yuh just floor mi…wwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It is obvious some one miss out on many a classes at the BASIC school level. Two words, “Hook on Phonics”.

  • simplicity says:

    met guh SEAT dung yuh deafth?!?!?!?!? :nerd

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  • Met says:


  • wtf!again says:

    oh met,,,stop cry,,cha,,take it as you give it,you can’t do anyone anything so keep it popping

  • wtf!again says:

    if my problem is tht then yours must be world wide and you talk bout head nah right,,met all you do is take in ppl issue,,now tell me who’s head is not right,,cha

    this one here dead,,new gossip

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