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Sitting here waiting on a ambulance to come pick me up.

I have not been very honest with you all. but I have a INTENSE FEAR of HOSPITALS. My father was sick for a very long time (almost 30 years) and for years …..thats all i knew was seeing him go in and out of the HOSPITAL. I remember my mother and i driving from Gary to Chicago to visit him and getting a FLAT TIRE and being stuck for a long time on the Dan Ryan Expressway waiting because i was to small to change the tire. I said i would NEVER BE SICK. I NEVER WANTED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!…So for years starting at 18 years of age i would spend HOURS everyday at the gym getting in shape to fight off the possibility of getting sick. but as i sit here tonight …..waiting on a ambulance to come pick me up. I am having Anxiety Attacks ….but i know i have to go to this damn hospital….as i can barely breath tonight. I should have just went peacefully with my mother earlier today. Earl is in bed sleeping. i don’t want to wake him up. so i sit here in this dark living room. Waiting for my trip back to GRADY. I don’t want to go…….but i have to MAN UP!!..ITS 2013!!!>>> I have to get over this fear of HOSPITALS. so i am sitting here….crying, shaking, scared….of the damn hospital. At least I did spend some time at home this weekend. ..OK Walter lets do this!!!….* takes deep breath* …..* calls 911*`~ Walter Hampton II

Walter Lee Hampton II shared a link.
10 hours ago near Atlanta, GA
Love & Relationships. TYLER PERRY IS GAY. Many of us have known this fact for years. However TYLER PERRY has spent Millions of dollars paying people off to SILENCE THEM about discussing his dirty little “SECRET”…..but is it a really a “SECRET” if we all already know that you are GAY? ……Whats the point of trying to HIDE that you are GAY?…..when we all know THE TRUTH?…

Walter Lee Hampton II
14 hours ago near Atlanta, GA
Love & Relationships. WHERE IS THE LOVE? My mother stopped by here to bring me some medicine and to check up on me. We were trying to decide if i should go back to the hospital today or wait until tomorrow. as we were talking i showed her my YOUTUBE video page and all the posts and comments that i have got since i was Injured. She was saddened and shocked that people would actually CELEBRATE me being injured and actually make VIDEOS and post them on Youtube. All because I SPEAK OUT and Question somethings that are taking place in the BLACK GAY COMMUNITY?…All because i ask QUESTIONS and start online DEBATE’S and CONVERSATION’S about HIV a serious disease affecting our community? People were HAPPY and GLAD to see me severely injured because i try to promote coming OUT OF THE CLOSET and being BLACK GAY AND PROUD?…. i wonder… Walter Hampton II

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