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From: Nice Boldness
Title: Batty-man Fowley beat up picture man Long jon

Message Body:

A whats going on mi hear sey battyman fowley beat up picture man long john is it true can someone enlighten me.


  • Anonymous says:

    If a true, a wonda if Fowley lick out Long John next front teet? I caa wait fi hear dis.

  • mrsNN says:

    Wit wahn moet bakkle!!!

  • Speak Up says:

    ah suh me hear too Come ppl talk uppppppp

  • Real talk says:

    No batty boy can’t beat longjohn no time …. Chicken hawk a look a buss !! :thumbdown :alay :alay :bola :bola

  • Anonymous says:

    DWL afta a nuh fin di man have DWL DWL

  • ace says:

    John what the hell you make batty man beat you up dawg dat don’t sound good. But if a true mi know say a must blindside him blind side you if not boy you need to throw them hands up kid!!!

  • simplicity says:

    anony______________________________________________no a grung mi tretch,weh yuh ask sey him de next tooth is out nd bad :tkp

  • Anonymous says:


  • simplicity says:

    if* not him de way mi still a laff mi all rite foolishness lmaooooooooooooooooooooooo……….a suh bad him beat him dats hospital pick him up,my wurd

  • Anonymous says:


  • britbrit says:

    look like somebody a throw war powder inna the dancehall how everyone just a fight suh.

  • Anonymous says:

    Surprise and sad at the same time that this happen to him. He is a real cool person. So wey him brother and young son dey. Don’t the son have trail a load friends wey always hitch with the son in a long john place of resident. Worthless wretch them never around when you need them.

  • Dwrl says:

    Amazing and yet you are the same set a f000ers who gonna cry it never affi end so when war start. How you mean WEH son and brother DEH?? Typical black people always a cry war instead a peace smfh

  • Anonymous says:

    What da f000 unno a ask bout him bredda for? Y’all don’t want to wakeup this grizzly so me a beg y’all keep my name out of your F000IN mouths and thoughts… dunn talk!!

  • Anonymous says:

    @ Dwrl
    Yes Ms. Typical White person with your illiterate, and small minded self. No one mention anything about having a war or starting one at that. All I said was where was is family or friends, maybe if they were there they could have prevented the situation from occurring or reaching that extent. Its only an idiot and ignorant person like yourself would come to that conclusion because you are too stupid to think other wise so of course you quickly concluded to what was never intended.

  • mrsNN says:

    But if they aren’t there, how we’re they to prevent it from happening??? #honestlythinkaboutit

  • Anonymous says:

    Exactly !!!! What could they do if they weren’t there, sum people nuh use dem brain, just luv run dem mouth

  • annon says:

    Exactly, they would have to be there to prevent it, use ya brain more and your mouth less

  • Anonymous says:

    U expect him friend and family to go everywhere with him, like say them a paid security. Dunce

  • mrsNN says:

    It don’t make no sense to even fix you’re mouth to say the comment. Now if they we’re there and things got ” real” then you would of said they never have to do the fun boy like that. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. On to the next…….

  • Sexiid says:

    thank yuh anony, dis dunce always come in yah wid some f000ery shi just too much now.. DWRL yr u like that yuh need help….

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