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Met I would like you post this for me I meet this guy he told me he dont have a woman and I kinda like him but before I go any further with him I would like for anyone who know him talk if him have a woman bcuz drama im afraid of toss mi no join n worst hes a regular on the party im asking publicly anybody that know him or him woman plz talk I want to kno before I put a next foot forward bcuz them man ya lie.the short one in the full red.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Girlfriend run dem man yah look every gal him ave a woman in bx run

  • Anonymous says:

    Really sender?really……..if him is a dancehall man,dat a easy ez investigation……dat nuh mission impossible..Good morning Met,happy belated Mother’s Day to u

  • Original Goodas says:

    smh…unu bad no bagjuice

  • Mrs Ambitious says:

    Sender ah my man that!!! mi a beg yuh low him…DWL

  • Anonymous says:

    Bitch Wicih one?

  • DWL in ATL says:

    ambitious stop lie a my man dat!

  • DWL in ATL says:

    as a matter a fact mi de with the two dem

  • mz.B says:

    den sender if the man tell yuh seh, him nah nuh body..weh yuh a guh round di orders fa and a investigate…mr. full suit a red is exceptional, just believe him nuh cho…besides yuh dun put one foot fwd already just mek the next one reach fwd to nuh..

  • oletrubblemekka says:

    smh! The stupid things ppl spend time investigating.

  • simplicity says:

    den if yah danchall regular which mix up nuh reach yuh ayze ole daily via fone call or yuh yeye sight via text…cum betta dan dis cuz yuh knw weh yuh knw already but a use JMG as an excuse fi guh even more deep into things…kmdt

  • No Sah! says:

    Senda mine a yuh a look di the man enuh and a try play reverse pyschology pon Metsy wall enuh. Mine yuh get wha yuh a look fah!

    If yuh already a enter the relation-boat with doubts wha mek yuh think it ago get any betta. Now is suppose to be the time him a sweep yuh off yuh feet but instead yuh haffi a do research pon the cocky dat simply mean sey yuh know more than you want to reveal.

  • pgirl says:


  • mnl says:

    Dis ya boy yah inna every body inbox pon fb a nuff gal mi hear him name a call pon all ct him reach him use to hang out wid some next youth but it seems dem too local fi him so a him n dah red youth a par now.why woman pick up dem self n call dem ya dem man.him name Ricky

  • local says:

    I know the girl that him use to be with not sure if them still together. Whoever do this is just mad n dead wrong gonna search n see if I can find a pic with the girl weh mi know a did him woman

  • Met says:

    please nuh change ur name again..are you new here ? :nerd

  • simplicity says:


  • No Sah! says:

    Cho! mad people to claat.

  • Riches says:

    woieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Met seh are you new here__________________________________ den nuh mus Met dem tink yah eediat i cyah manig :ngakak

  • Anonymous says:

    He is still with is babymother

  • Anonymous says:

    Gyal yes, he is MARRIED. My ex n him are friends. N dats wah mi ex seh. Trust me he is a dawg cuz mi ex is one. N birds of a feather, does flock together. Highly emphasize pon EX!!!. My girl RUN!!!!!!!

  • ???? says:

    Gyal mi ex n him are friends n mi ex seh him MARRIED. My ex is a dawg n mi realize he only hangs out wid otha dawgs. Emphasis pon EX. Tek it from me dont get caught up, RUN!!!!!!!!!! Cuz him n mi ex love go party n look gyal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah Tammy P from CT Mon!!!

  • ???? says:


  • ???? says:

    @ anyms 8:07 it not she man alone. Him n my ex mi call dem “community $!&K. Dutty mattrass dem.

  • talk up says:

    Ladies u cannot looking a man n go into dancehall what u expect them a dog

  • talk up says:

    Metty big up you self, Happy belated mothers day

  • Yep! says:

    Ma’am this young man has on a red pants wid a hot pink short…by the looks of things you may have ” stiff” competition cause him look like hee have man.

  • Rose says:

    His name is Pretty Ricky,we talk for 5 months he pay my phone ill and and want insurance money,sneakers etc use thing,second him f000 mi Fren he’s a gold digger

  • Rose says:

    Typo him wrk a old navy,

  • Rose says:

    Bare gal

  • ???? says:

    @Rose: ah so him n his clique stay. Use women fi dem.tings. Personally I tink its nasty cuz ah mon dem name. Dem should go look wuk n wuk hard n stop PROSITUTE dem selves fi material tings. Him n him frenz comn worse den sum females.

  • AweyDiBl**[email protected]@tDis? says:

    Him finally come out a di pointed mouth boot dem now? Ricky, PRETTY Ricky…. him same one, he use to be with one of my in-laws years ago, she told me she always wondered about him because he would rather stay in the mirror all day than f*ck her when she is by his house chilling for a weekend or so. Come like siren fi real, always a beg like him [email protected]@s blind….. loves blue jeans, white tees and sneakers…… Any way they broke up; Approximately 3 years later I saw him at a club in the BX, he approached me with him one bag a talk, I fall back and addressed him by his name, he took a good look but still didn’t recognize who I was, so I revealed my identity and said, either way you are out of luck because I don’t date dancehall men. Long and short of it, HIM NEED FI GUH ONE SIDE…. LADIES STOP SELL UNNO SELF SHORT AND MEK DEM MEN YAH FEEL LIKE DEM ALL THAT…… RESPECT YOURSELVES FIRST.

  • lol says:

    i know exactly who sent this in pon the yute and you need to stop when u a hide and f000 in inna yuh car when him come CT Yuh naa send in things pon him..and i know he told yuh he have him woman..i cant stand these f000ing ppl lowe the yute hes not like that every man have bagga gyal and HES NOT TAMMY P MAN THEY ARE JUST FRENS dutty ppl lowe the boy name..

  • Anonymous says:

    Ah su yu ah defend TAMMY P ee @lol

  • Anonymous says:


  • kaymichelle says:

    left the man alone and just beg a f%^% if that’s what u want…

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