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EMAIL 1.Yuh know say mi like my man wid likkle hair pan him front. Di 2 a we bald front nuh fi a rub. No sah.

EMAIL 2.Caption diss bloooodclat. Him just post it pan instagram. No saahh. No wordsss.
EMAIL 3.Burgs tun moggle
EMAIL 4.a wah duh a him bad

Naktrubutee Mprezz MahogganeePricelezz..STALLION…#Wow #Amazin..#—————
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Claudette Glimittyglamitty McDonald Wow!!!!!
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Dyana Koku Wooow u put this on FB. SmH!!
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Princess Na’diah Wooooooo:))))
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Dacia MissDee Niceness Oh Myyyyy………… check you out…..misbehaving. …..I can’t even tell lie… an seh mi nuh LIKE it “like unlike like” mi mash it 3 times……
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Stephanie Garibaldi MR BROW SUGAR GoOD GOD DAMmmmmmmm
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Serene Brown De photographer need to lick!
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Burgs B Burgs No photoshop Serene dats str8 from my fone
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Lisa Cyrus Sweet mother of gawd! Lol!
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Trysten Barbena What am i looking at here? *serious face*
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Serene Brown Mi neva seh photoshop. But dem coulda tell yu fi bring up the ball a likkle ain’t no body wanna see ur black pepper grain!
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Tebo WhyteRose Like I said before attention junky smh
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Burgs B Burgs Hmmm Serene
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Serene Brown Smfh and u was saying what now about my shoot?(raise eyebrow)
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Jenieker So Excellent Needham U leaving nothing to the imagination..smfh!
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28 Responses to 4 EMAIL MI GET

  • Met says:
  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    :tkp yuh know wah

  • goodso says:

    Good morning and Happy Mothers Day to all jmg mothers…met it too earlyyyy…no words

  • Ieeee says:

    If mi Neva know better me woulda tell you seh him a battymon.. Him Juss live pon di computer and love attention.. Him and Tracey match each other cause dem ah rubb balls a nite time.

  • Observer says:

    well a tings like dis mek todeh hav suh much maddaz suh HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY JMG LADIES AND GENTS 🙂

  • Piinky says:

    Yea I find him sexy before but him want too much attention. Like the balk thing infront a fi him balls just seem so gay to me

  • EbonyLolita says:

    Miss $tullesha beg you a ride cuz mi nuh have time fi FB f000ery! :travel

  • No Joke says:


  • Yep! says:

    Burgs tek di dutty crep outta yuh mout and mek mi shubeen sinting weh much cleaner and more tender; that is more than black pepper sprinkles.. That is an entire field of black pepper corn seeds, unprocessed and unrefined :hammer … Metty wha gwaan mumzy; they’re having a Mother’s Day dance tonite in honor of Pikky so i’ma definetly step out and rep for the Mrs.

  • Yep! says:

    Hey girls… Happy Mommy’s Day to you all :peluk

  • Little Willie says:

    Mi Nnnnnnnnnnnah Laff……Burgs a lick boots anna squeeze balls…..come out, come out, where ever you arrreeeeeeee!!!! Talk about sending a message. Some gerls brave sah.

  • Little Willie says:

    Yep!….Pick mi up when yu a roll out. Mi waa guh di party too.

  • Yep! says:

    Willie yuh live Atlanta?.. A lie!!

  • Yep! says:

    Willie if yuh live outta state… Fine yuh owns way come dung ya and den link Metty and tell ar weh yuh deh… At that point mi wi pick yuh up at the nearest bus stop.. Provided that yuh have mi gas money and dance fee plus liquor expenses fe di nite..lucky mi naah tax yuh fe hair nails and a outfit wid shoes and accessories..

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Yeppie fi u know whey mi know no pick up Willie cause 9 months from now hey yeah mi a come hol on deh :tkp

  • Anonymous says:

    I have one question, is who took that picture?

  • Little Willie says:

    Tawkchuet….mek yu waan blight my movements?
    Yep! … No bus stop. As fi di tax…gas tax, mi ok with, but di ressa tax whe yu mention, doze are investment. Hope di hair natural….or it stitch dung reeaaallllll tight.

  • Little Willie says:

    And weh mek mi haffi link Met? Yu have booking agent? ‘ere mi nuh maineee. Cho.

  • Little Willie says:

    Yep! Whichart di pardy keeping?

  • Little Willie says:

    BTW Yep! If a di cheap pink Moet weh mi see dem a bayde wid you a drink, I got you girl. Iffa good Vodka or Henny yu bet buss!!!

  • Met says:

    willie :ngakak

  • Little Willie says:

    Who dat a shout mi……Agent Met??

  • Met says:


  • Riches says:

    Cant see pic cho happy mother’s day to all jmg mothers!

  • Riches says:

    Jus si it no words

  • Yep! says:

    Dwl Chuet. Willie Metty anuh mi agent but she can ping mi fe mek mi know which bus stop yuh deh a wait fimi. Me is a Henny girl ( no ice), but nuh worry ya poogie boogie…I got yo drink cause after you take one sip of me you will neva taste another :wowcantik…btw boo, hair is all naturaaaaaaaalllll….still expensive fe maintain suh yuh wi still deh pon di hook fe hair do fees and expenses plus hair dressa tippings

  • Yep! says:

    Agent Met stop laugh quick eeh LOL…The party a keep @ Elegance Nite Club offa Memorial Drive

  • Yep! says:

    People mi gone guh provoke my kids dem; come back lata

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