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Happy Mothers Day To The Mother Of 2 Of My Wonderful SonsTracy @tmac1178 #BestMom #LoveHer #Special

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  • Miss-$tullesha says:

    Thanks what happen when wi fell in love blemish goods….one days like these when DEM fi call DEM babies mammas

  • goodso says:

    I guess the man expressing him true feelings :matabelo

  • ladyann says:


  • Me says:

    Which glama Tanya from Miami?

  • Anonymous says:

    Bottom pic on the left Is that Tracy before or after the wig?? :nerd

  • Tt says:

    Met he has since remove that pic enuh

  • Met says:

    morning tt den him nuh mus move di picture di penis part outa control stay bad …is either him cover it fully or shave properly :nerd

  • Tt says:

    :hammer i are cant manage Burg

  • Ieeee says:

    Is attention Burgs a look why him fling up Tracy again last night. Serene was the first one to comment on it and she never hold har tongue. Lol. You no seeit look like Glama stop di paypas so Burgs a try spite har now. Meck him stay deh cause. She mite gi him a free vacation ..

  • Observer says:

    @ Met _________________________________________________________________

  • BIPOLAR says:


  • yesss says:

    @ Bipolar
    I wouldn’t blame har if she find man, cause dat manframe didn’t respeck or appreciate har. A bet you the next man do.. It can sweet me when mi ina di party and she no look pan him and him hitch up ina every corna a watch har. dwl. Why him neva bring out wifey fi maddas Day party last night? di way how him bruk and love attention him drag ass out the house ina And di whole time him in deh him was doing what he does bess. being a loser in every gal face, tracxey can keep living in misery and denial cause vhim will never change. Kudos to Glama at least you show him how its done. glama please don’t advertise ur new man either let them nosey broads die in suspense.

  • Anonymous says:

    burgs u and tracy a poppy show.

  • Anonymous says:

    Eeeeehhhhhhhhh him n d I baby maddda is f000ing ugly

  • Anonymous says:

    Glama too fool fool fi find man… She nuh find no man she just had fi watch while him claim Tracey and next week fi har.. Following week fi janieka .. So sit back glama next week fi u

  • Speak Up says:

    Glama a idiot she never going to leave Birgs alone. she take so much disrespect for that man it unbelievable and whats so crazy she a older female thatn the rest he usually f000 so she she have more sense and see she getting play. Dumb Bitch. smfh

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