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Title: Reform life

Message Body:
Mi no mi fass but mi kinda lass ya now.
Up until a yr and a half ago no one in di party family didn’t know this man was capable of being loyal.
Couple months ago it was mas Glama. And now every minute him a fling up dem pic ya like him in new found love. Di sad part about this is all a him gal dem deh pon him Fb a see it.kaydan,veachy,Glama and serene plus jeneka. My question is this. A try him a try meck dem jealous? Or a di repayment dis him affi meckk fi all a di bunn weh him dash out? Mi seh from di fat boy get suck off Burgs quat and tunn lickel puppy dag unda Tracey. Burgs you future secure she nah go no weh. You can stop di acting and di reform performance now.


  • long island lov says:

    this guy is so sexy i just wanna sex him

  • rack city says:

    Nopes. Mi sarrie but Tracie faba one trong back man, tronga dan burgs himself. Mi cah imagine fi dem romping shop nothing gentle at all.
    Dah community buddy deh confuse ya. Him still a do him , only more discreet now tonks to di pink wall.
    :tkp :maho

  • Speak Up says:

    I like burgs hes mi lil friend he cool and he is a funny guy but there are some things that get to m about him i hae the way he missleads all these young girls and make them look like a fool why dont these girl open up their eyes and see that is is playing you and making you look like a clown how can you be with a man that lives with a woman and have kids for that woman and can only see you a certain times can the cocky be that good kmrt amother thing is him out there having so many kids with these girls and not taking care of them and denying them the main one nikki child if any one seen that lil boy he is the splitting image of burgs he is so damn cute its a shame. you girls need to wake up and burgs you need a reality check your getting old fix your life before it fix you.

  • Anonymous says:

    Look how long him and de gal serene stop talk sender yu sound mad get yu information right nu him baby MADA him him want to post him post nu fi him FB

  • YOLO says:

    By the looks of this pic it look like him live one life wid she in another type of party setting, and the groupies get the main dancehall setting. TrAcy mama, a shame you shame fi come a di real yaawd pawtie wid Furburger? Him need fi show har some respeck now. Stop taking all those pics wid all ya groupies, and stop act like u a likel bwoy and grow up. Your Gallis days done , memba you a gray up now.dwl

  • talkDtingDEM says:

    YOLO, mi agree wit yuh..waay him come from fi real..bout 1yr ago no body na even kno him..dem idiot gal gwan & hype him up like him somebody…doh get me wrong him look good, but Burgs u gettin too old for dis shit..sort out ur life, all dem young gal u wa f– na look good fi a big man that na hav shit..look pon yuh frens dem Rankin, Dan Dan dem life sort out..KMT..gwan & sit down some where & take care for yuh pickney dem cus baby sittin na cut it dem hafi eat and look nice too

  • Speak Up says:

    i agree with you guys burgs you getting older not younger you n eed to stop all those young boys things and set up your life find one woman and settle down and tec care of your kids ALL of Them!

  • MAD TAX PAYER!!! says:

    Burgs Who?

    If Tracey no shit Burgs cah nyam. Burgs job is FB,Instagram, kick,twitter and Jmg. Him mixup juss like a gal , dats why him love the computah so. If you wah no ppl bizzness just drop a hint near him , him will finish di sentence. Mi hate a man weh dem tongue langa dan woman own and burgs own longa dan riva Nile. Him no work, so what unuh expect from a man that stays home during the day and rome di road a night. A big grey tone man like you the computer occupy half a you life instaed of ur kids. When you tyaad fi sleep you run gone a gym bout you a burn off stress. You cause your own stress. Get up be a man find a job and take care of your responsibilities. Uncle Sam shouldn’t be doing it for you. All dem gal deh weh a sleep wid you, dem wah beating fi bawn wutliss.

  • Philly says:

    true man..I always see him inna dance & wonder wa all d hype is about..true him look better than most of dem dancehall man dem him aint noting to gwan so fi..dem gal dem is wotless gal cus me & burgs son’s mother is frens & me kno fi a fact burgs do take care of dem kids more dan babysit dem when dem na go to school..Burgs stop hype up with LV, Gucci, red bottoms tell yuh woman dem giv u the $ fi yuh pickney dem instead cus meh kno fi a fact yuh broke fi thief & is tracey, monkey face janeika, sherene dat a buy yuh dick

  • sickadem says:

    Tracy luk gud no stress pon fe har face derrick seh tracy.tracy seh derrick wooooooiie.glama tap unu wutliss yanky badmine comment.unu crew wuh bathe.derrick c seh unu headside drop a grung caaw unu tink seh competishin wid all a d mate dem beat unu bad.UNU FE TAP TRY MANIPULATE DERRICK WID PITNY NICKY.D MAN NUH WAN UNU.derrick seh tracy tracy seh derrick dwllll unu fe dreem bout dem rerds deh

  • ThEXOnE says:

    Burgs induced Schizophrenia; another great JMG moment

  • Met says:

    wicked wicked :hammer :hammer :tkp

  • Ms rickman says:

    Bitch plzzzzzz bout the main one Nicky child @ NY NICKY shout tha f– up no one remember that u was his reject but u boo boo Tru d man keep 2 dance n it shot yah run in bout baby father n nah mine pickney burger put all his kids on fb n IG bitch where is urs and all his woman n sidebitches got to love n respect that that’s including u miss I can’t find my child’s father go kill Ur self bitch tha boy looks nttn like burger every hype man f000 u u claim them breed u mayb if u invest Ur time wisely n get a good education n a job hype man won’t keep trick u n f— u dumb bitch leave my boo Derrick alone he fine want u n Neva will Tracy a him wife n me a him life so go mek yo 20 year old young buck weh yah f000 play daddy opps did I say that out loud him n burgs unconfirmed son almost same age what he’s like now 6 n u still don’t member who breed yo yolo I guess ctfu silly bitches!

  • Anonymous says:


  • Met says:

    ____________________________________________________________ anonymous 5’48 :hammer

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