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13 Responses to BAY SIKES A USE

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Is how dem ppl here nose pred way n open up likka funkadel doorpost so lol boy dem deh long time now? Cause dem all start look like one another poor ting when will this story done senda just get to the meat of the matter no n meck we hash it out n move on cho rass

  • Fyahwife says:

    Picho a top = sexy in di waist Sammy Davis in the face

  • Real talk says:

    Ms Ann again aka : rampin shop a goodas :hoax :2thumbup :travel

  • london5948 says:

    Sender me ah beg u. U can bruk e dung jus ah likkle bit more fi me, caw me ah try decipher d ting an iz like me av dementia, so do please, come agen!!

  • london5948 says:

    @chuet “funkadel doorpost” I r iz dedding _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ded!

  • Observer says:

    dis senda all ova di raas place. rose deh a ja, romping deh a farrin weh ur man deh?? cassen seh yu well confuse oooo

  • Anonymous says:

    Tawkcute,,dats why we read the comment dem first, cause ah de same thing we say when me see them, dem all need nose reconstruction, that’s why them attracted to them one n other, lol

  • Anonymous says:

    one small question deh is she related to romping shop?? :tkp :2thumbup

  • Black Rose says:

    Good Afternoon met n metters!

    Bwoy everyday dem post dis woman and nahh tlk up wah gwann…cause me really need fi know innuh….senda get a pic a d 2 man dem send in and mek wi understand the reallll reason yah send in d woman suh much time…

    And really dem nose brawwwwwd bad!

  • Samantha pretty says:

    That’s the baby father ( police man) sender we need the married man that she and Rose a tak now.

  • seriousbloodclautt says:

    romping shop seems like yuh romping ruff, leave di ppl dem husband alone dont mek ah blow it up. i know the married man, (hint) him short but his name shorter.

  • Anonymous says:

    They nose broad yes, but that’s how God made them and many many other Black people (he made some races have even worse shape noses).
    There is plenty that can be talked about like her nasty see through out fit etc, so why not laugh after the things she has chosen to do or wear, but not her nose! SOME of you people are going on like she go in a shop go choose her nose or like she sat at home and made it. When in fact it is God given and a reflection of the People/family that came before her!
    If someone insult you, I’m not saying don’t pick them apart and use anything to cuss them about, but to just tek set on someone unknown to you, or someone who’s not causing YOU any trouble is just wrong.
    Plantation mentality still going strong it seems! Kmft

    And for anyone who want to start cussing about my comment – go read the more recent ‘dear Pastor’ post that Met has put up in the last couple days, to remind yourself of what harm can be done by putting people down for things beyond their control, which we shouldn’t want to change even if we could, like having strong features of our lovely black race.

  • Anonymous says:

    … Furthermore the post wasn’t about her nose, so that never need to mention!

    Grow up up!

    AND NO I DON’T KNOW HER, OR HIM AND DON’T WANT TO just had to comment on the comments that would be deemed racist if they came from a white person, SO ARE THEREFORE EVEN MORE INSULTING WHEN THEY COME FROM OUR OWN.

    As Black people we come in many forms with differing features, why put down those with less diluted features.
    We get what we get, should love what we have and accept every bit of you African origin that maintained in us (to different degrees) and others.

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