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Rebecca Silvera , former Ms. World Jamaica runner up 2009 will make a memorable appearance in Oxygen Network’s Find Me My Man this coming Monday, May 6, 2013. The reality series features beautiful women who are given dates, with the hope of finding Mr. Right. The series was recorded in Miami while Rebecca was single for a short time , after being separated from her now boyfriend football player Edson Silva.

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19 Responses to FIRST JAMAICAN

  • Anonymous says:

    she is sooo pretty

  • my2cents says:

    Met u know me see the advertisement and me a say the person look like her but I wasn’t sure plus she talk with an accent on the show like her main language is not English and me never know she have accent so me just shrug it off.

  • Met says:

    den she nuh mus have accent ? :hammer

  • my2cents says:

    lol no Met, stop it. A nuh so me mean man. Where is she from originally? Her parents are from another country that doesn’t speak English or did she grow up in another country where they don’t speak English?

  • Met says:


  • Met says:

    a soon come …one of our bloggers passed on

  • my2cents says:

    Oh no met. Me just see the picture but me never realize say is our qpick. How she died met?

  • my2cents says:

    and me nah play wid u ennuh met. Why u keep on a avoid answering bout Rebecca oooo?????????? Are u trying to tell me that the haccent is just for the show?????

  • a diff me says:

    rebacca nuh born and grow a jamaica ? so that accent must be newly acquired

    i was watching this show just last night

    i will make sure to watch her episode and see what her man problems are

    its a good look though

    first she in 2chainz video now reality tv

    look like we will be seeing more or rebecca on tv this year

    if kim k can do it y not becca

  • ... says:

    Yes gyal, yuh know seh yuh just a use di vehicle fi propel your (a) career…Groupies take note!

  • KrissyB says:

    person above mi yuh nuh hear say met nuh allow anybody fi talk bad bout her new lesbian lover rebecca..try nuh remind everybody say di girl a did jamaica’s biggest whore, especially not on this blog my darling..and dont remind dem say she finally find a man fi mind her and buy her escalade (LIKE WHA DANHAI DID BUY CARLENE) yuh cant write dem things bout rebecca pan dis blog mi darling…dont write how she dunce and dont have a proper education, yuh want met beat yuh lmao

  • Met says:

    krissyb whey u seh?? u mus did a use di straw fi suck after we when wi dun suck fi know if a mi lesbian lover or not…di straw never full? next time nuh swallow before di session end ..u greedy bitch

  • Met says:

    mi business wid wha people a chat bout cant write a so unno love run off unno half rotten finger dem and tell lie pan people all di while…if she a whore and retire whoring wha happen a u hole she did a lease fi use? what a way u bright is which year rhode scholar u be?

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Yes Iahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dem bush di mad nerves dis mawning lolllllllllllll Met say don’t swallow till the session done no man I’m outta hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :tkp

  • Met says:

    chuet which mad nerves? :nerd
    dem too outa order…yes mi will tek up fi rebecca if mi si dem seh something and a nuh true mi clarify but di rest I will laugh and pass it…now this heshe a come call mi lesbian so maybe di belly did empty a nuh my fault…greedy people always hungry

  • Anonymous says:

    just a fyi the accent is a jamaican accent. thats all i have to say. smh! just because shi nah choe dun dan i patwah (yes same way mi a spell it) nuh mean seh shi a nuh jamaican.

  • jammy says:

    I really love how Becca wore a neclace to rep Jamaica, did anyone notice that? Den if a Jamaica shi seh, y di hell unnu tink she hiding har accent? smh. unnu fine to much fault….

  • ked says:

    I know I am a bit late, but it should be clear to anyone that she had a Jamaican accent. I was in my bathroom and had to rush out a wonder a wish Jamaican dat de pan oxygen. Yes, my dear, that is called a Jamaican ENGLISH accent. Lisa Anna, any educated Jamaican would sound the same way. That was the real deal!

  • Anonymous says:

    This trying to find out why she will make a memorable appearance? She so pretty or came close to winning a competition why she having a problem to find man?! Kmt

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