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Title: Boston bomber suspects

Message Body:
I am sooo scared now….the Boston bomber suspects were in my neighborhood…I heard loud boom noises,helicopter & nuff police sirens…I been up all night till now…they killed a MIT police, robbed a 7 eleven,& car jacked someone. We cant go anywhere…police & swat are all over the place..they said there might be active bombs on neighborhoods streets…scared bad….they are literally up the street

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  • Cindy Royal says:

    U & ur family stay in ur house & keep ur heads down especially when there’s gun fire or explosions.

  • Brownberry says:

    Met, city on lockdown still cops everywhere on top of buildings just all over the city. They will not stop till they get him out of the house they claimed he is hiding in. I heard the house was cleared then he sneaked in but not so sure so they are saying they will use chemicals if they have to to get him to come out.

  • Brownberry says:

    I still can’t believe these two boys were sitting right there at MIT campus which is less than THREE minutes driving to the bombing site (walking distance). MIT is on the border of Boston and Cambridge. I saw all the cops and boats in the water last night when I was walking from the memorial but thought nothing of it and that it would be related to the bombing.

    Now they are saying they are looking for a GREY HONDA CRV – MASSACHUSETTS PLATE

  • Met says:

    brownberry mi cyah even comment to f— di way mi livid

  • cocomix says:

    very sad :( keep safe and hope for the best Brownberry

  • praying for you says:

    Sender, my thoughts and prayers are with you and everyone affected. Be strong and try to stay focused and calm.

  • Brownberry says:

    Mass Avenue full of cops on every corner and I mean every single corner; Boston Medical Center tightly guarded. Not going to lie a little scared but my building surrounded with cops on all four ends because of who lives here. Sirens all over the place. I keep jumping every time I hear the fire trucks because for some reason, it reminded me of Monday in my head.

  • sender says:

    I’m still here…I fell asleep & wakeup… I’m learning they went to my high school, but not in my year….they were living across the street from my cousin mother…. I can’t fathom all of this right now

  • Observer says:

    Just stay indoors brownberry…my prayers are with you and the residents of Boston. Now dem a question a family member…a uncle…em soun ignorant nuh raas….dis is too real…smh

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