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SUH MI GET IT………………….

DI SENDER SEH:-good day met it look like mappie matey step up cause wifey had enough

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23 Responses to SUH MI GET IT………………….

  • Observer says:

    is it juss me or mappie mate luk gay

  • NAH LOOK says:

    Zervah huh seeit ..mi huh fi ask if a ooman mappie wife left him fan cause andi shortage ..but no man dis man look too fruity..
    mappie if a suh it gwaan bad pon yuh

  • BK says:


  • Tawkchuet says:

    Exactly dude look zesty no hell so mi no get it :siul

  • Observer says:

    it luk to me like a mappie ooman dis but she tyad a bun suh she a gi em bak bun wid di bunna man (mappie matey) a suh rite??

  • Classy says:

    Sender it too early fi this, yes we at met love the met but yuh story no go no weh, low teisha alone cause shi no trouble people, lets ask mappie what happen.

  • Classy says:

    MET how mi Neva see yuh a mappie thing?!!!!!!! It shot!!

  • Met says:

    Yuh eva si mi dere?

  • mek unnu bad so? says:

    Before ppl who know nothing start commenting look at the site first, mappie and lateisha was ups in the party so how can you comment saying she tired of bun so she a gi him back bun with this dude, no must some friend this?, unnu too bad man.

  • Yep! says:

    I thought it was Chris Rock at first… My bad

  • Original Goodas says:

    that pic was taken at mappie dance saturday and the lay was behind the bar. Sender look like u trying to find out if dem still deh so u can run in

  • Classy says:

    Sender here is your answer yes she and mappie still deh. Yes it’s mappie party. She was at the door collecting all night so shi tired. Yes now yuh happy?.

  • Anonymous says:

    Latisha tek ova but mi neva see Donna there I like dem 2 together go ahead latisha n tek ur place

  • Anonymous says:

    donna why yuh send in this pic and not the one with she and mappie. Its obvious a you do this.

  • Tawkchuet says:

    She look tiaad fi true true n har man dance n her hair look so matter of fact her hair must not look like that no given day cho kmt

  • Anonymous says:

    A she own da man now cause Donna run gone I guess cause She neva yet hold down da door or stand up inna bar she usually stand up wit her frenz n watch lets see how long dem to get along until him bring in another one if he dnt have one already

  • mek unnu bad so? says:

    Di sender just send in the worst pic wen party over and her face sweaty, prove the sender is hating on teisha, lots of nice pic was on the site and you choose this one. I was at the party and shi tan f000ing good. Stop hate pin di girl

  • mek unnu bad so? says:

    Donna go sit dwn and don’t send in no more pic because your mad, but by rite any mate would look for the worst pic and the worst pose lol

  • No Joke says:

    Dat man look like him have SUGA INNA HIM TANK

  • MAMACITA says:

    @ “mek unu bad so”…..Yuh read di caption above di pic? An if yuh read it…yuh undastan it or yuh jus canna crawse it??? Di sender mean say……IT LOOK LIKE DONNA TIRED FI GET BUN….SUH SHE MOVE OUTTA WIFEY SPOT AN LEFF IT GIVE DI GIRL UP TOP”……Okay. Apparently a suh it seems cause smaddie say Donna wasn’t at di party an whole nite is jus Mappie an dat girl. Suh if yuh did read good….yuh wouldn’t come cuss….yuh woulda come confirm an say “Yessss…..rayyyyy mi good up fren get move up”. Yuh should congratulate the sender for making the world know that yuh fren get move up….Jus know say she soon haffi start stress ova di next gyal wha go tek fi har place as matey since she tunn wife now. Cause it look like a Mappie say “2 gyal to mi ting at allllll times”. Lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    @mamacita a da same ting me get from da post n Donna was not their cause I was n I always support mappie ting n Donna always run da door or da bar so wen me walk in its obvisiously dat Donna get tired if da f000ery n mappie u did look gud but u should of put on a tee shirt cause dat belly na Mek it n latisha did look pretty but she could of find sum thing better fi wear instead of da see thru ting u have da man no need to show off ur body unless ur competing wit sum one

  • Anonymous says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Met a tru Donna have big big belly like she soon pop

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