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This dutty bleach out man that is walking up and down in philly a act like him a some body with him face look like when him have stroke get out my facebook inbox SOOKIE BRITISH and go and take care of Keisha baby that you aint mining ok you thrick the glay and breed are and left the glay if that round up face one that you a pose up with and in my inbox a tell me pay lies nasty man i don’t want you BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT MY TYPE.


23 Responses to BAD BAD PEOPLE

  • hehehe says:

    Sarrie fi say but Karma is a vbitch. Keisha did have up har good good husband weh gi har papers and turn har into a part time lady and she leff him fi dat fool.She wah hype so she get hype and loose har stripesssss. Di hussban d begh har till him fool fi come back home and she think no baddie else neva wah di bwoy. now him move on and she get dis she a mad ova di hussband. I don’t blame hussy fi laugh offa har bloodclaat. When she did abox bout and him rescue you andf gi you papers you neva did appreciate it. Now you see weh man can give, :travel :travel :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  • Observer says:

    a doah wah describe god’s ppl but weh yuh shape deh fi ooman?? :nohope: anyhoo mr man cum outta di ppl dem inbox n guh mine yuh kids a suh dem seh fi tel yuh ooooooooo :maho

  • F000ing Kraases says:

    Suh why dem put up Keisha picture & not fi Sukki. Kmt

  • Tawkchuet says:

    Him offspring in the belly a represent fi him otayyyyyyyyy

  • kia NUNYABIZNIZ bubblez says:

    send in sukki picture nuh

  • Saucy Baby says:

    @ Chuet and Zervah , between the two of unno I don’t know who make me buss out dem big dutty laugh more. Look here man, Chuet what u say the off spring representing.

  • Anonymous says:

    senda, so if keisha ex-man a look yuh why yuh send een keisha picture and not the man picture? unu love start rass problem? keisha lef sookie before she have baby..sen in sookie picture and leave the girl out of it cause a no she a look yuh.

  • Me go pon Fb go faas pon Sookie British page, DWL at d pink wall wid d floral spread pon d bed? A mus one ooman yaad dat. Caan man place decorate so

  • hehehe says:

    no baddie no wah see sukko . Fi him nose alone wi block we view from seeing the entire pink wall screen tidday. Him and sexy shauna really related fi chu that is one fambily cah hide, noses for days.

    Keisha you shoulda know seh suckoo wutliss from mawnin. If him have a son a Philly whe him no loo pon why you think him ago fart pon u and urs. (him is Stacy roger mafia woman baby fada)

    mi no care how him hood sweet from u nah fart pan u kids that instantly kill my nature.. :hotrit :hotrit :hotrit

  • Cindy Royal says:

    I wonder is what kinda “thrick” him “thrick” har fi get fi breed har. kmt Sum a unuh love money tuh much, dat unuh will all f000 monkey an breed fi it choo money.

  • Anonymous says:

    So y Keisha pic up here senda ah Keisha u when secretly draw if her file smh… Send d man pic

  • MNL says:

    Ah so it go.. di man inna every party a philly a look woman, and the girl dem weh a look a hype get the “thrick”

  • F000ing Kraases says:

    [email protected] “thick” Sukkiis a hot mess and Keisha an har belly did ina dance here whole 9 months right up until did estate bruk.

  • rotten dicks says:

    me seh a nufff gal a a Phill breed cause dem get trick. See man ina party and no know seh dem a dancehall bums. dem clean everyday and a buy di most lickka and dem pickni a nyamm oddles of nooddles. ypoou neva see some a dem wid dem pickni u only hear seh dem have kids.lmao.
    Kayann boo boo. when you gonna let Sample be a real man and step up to di plate? him eva ina party a hide wid gal.
    Nikki and Alyssa when is shabba going to stop populating philly? him have gals galore and still a look more every week.
    Marie and Stacy when is Roger going to calm his lickel teelie?
    Jigga all star, Skilly, one Gran,. di whole a di man dem a philly need fi look up di meaning of daddy.

  • LadyWoW says:

    philly people ahh buoy


  • Real talk says:

    Keisha and Kim fi go cleane dem duty house and stop walk and gone like dem hot cause dem flap Kim man bread her and left Keisha man trick her and gone because dem too nasty no man not staying with them

  • Real talk says:

    All a Philly people them no say Kim and Keisha a de too nasties gal dem a Philly no man don’t want no duty gal go clean up UNO yard duty Keisha

  • Anonymous says:

    Keisha no say di man don’t want her long time Keisha little airport can’t take care of the man so she get dump

  • freeloader says:

    If u neva kotch a di gal dem yaawd u wouldnt know seh it wah clean. At least dem live somewhere unlike u and u everry ktchingg self.

  • No Joke says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Poor keisha…betta she did stay wid the hubby whey give har har papers.

  • Empress B~ says:

    Yuk wa mek him luk suh smh? Dat dema run dung

  • Empress B~ says:

    Mi guh fass pan im fb mi mek fi seh

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