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Title: Recia walk n fppk dwn the whole a kingston

Message Body:
Recia u need fi sort out u life u no stop walk an f++ dwn the place u live wit u mother an sister duhaney an de house stay bad young gal lik u can’t buy paint an paint u house an gate no ambition u no have, cuz u nah pays bills nothing an the amount a man weh u a f+++ u shudda can add on a1room ur a worthless bitch u no ramp fr f+++ u frens dem man,u an u sister love giv 3some together Guys if u wan a quick f+ link reica she no have fi knw u fi f++ u,no shame u lov f++ the men dem weh inna de same link all wen dis bitch knw seh de man dem a fren she will f++ dem say way She f++ HUBU FR MIAMI,BOUNTY DE BARBER,CHUBBy,LUKI FABULOUS,Andre ,BOBBY 007,SLAUNGTER ALANTA,DINO BOUNTY HANDI MAN,TROY FINITY,J icon,WALLY,MINGA,SHAWN DEL,MARIO juggist bro,MARVIN 5STAR,SHAWN WALLSTREET JUGGISt fr NYC an lists f+++ goes cant name dem all lists too long but if u look pon de man dem weh she f++ all of dem r either fren or family.


  • ladyWoW says:

    so senda she f– ur man!??! buoy when friendship mash up or a gyal tek unu man unu rung come leggo di nastiness pan JMG. mi glad me block out di girl face. u inna di people dem pussy life like u nuh have nuttin fi do.

  • Sender why the f— you clocking this girl puxxy???? Why yuh mad? Is it your vagina she a put mileage pon?

  • marlet says:

    na lie still i know this chick well n a real talk yow this chick have beeeeeeeeeeen around

  • BLACK KNIGHT says:

    all me can say is bomboclaat (eyes wide open)

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Why u block out her face she f— all a my friend the na tell no lie on her, she all a f— woman too, me friend get 3 sum from she and her friend nicki all the time.

  • Met says:

    samantha good morning love :)

  • coco krispie says:

    What a list long….I guess so when STD get pass around yuh just need to check off the names like guest list :cool

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ met good morning Hun.

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ coco that a past round long time all a the man them on the list is my friends and I tired to talk to them about these girls when them go a ja , u don’t see in a Christmas there was one big war down there with bleach out Buju fr. AZ and juggist lord groupie need to give me a job .

  • Dwrl says:

    All mi want know did the sender wash HAR pussy all day because mi no tink it get no kind of attention the way she busy a tend to the gal own, HAR push wash check, tek f—check, from Tom dick,and Harry check……..SENDER DID YOU COLLECT YOUR CHECK YET CAUSE YOU WORKING OVER TIME….WHO NEXT ON THE F— LIST MS PUSSY ASSISTANT??

  • mad head says:

    @met dah story ya tru a de first story mi can testify to dis gal no ramp fr f— ppl man,she no response a she say pussy fi get f— out,i think a she an shofia weh deh wit wally danghter dem she par wit mi surprise how no gal no bust her rass yet ova dem man

  • Big booty gal says:

    What away unnuh a pick up fi d likkle nastiness…she too nice fi a move so..a d man dem a chat bout it , she nah learn..n har sister a d same ting..dutty hole Brittany ..she only a mash up har self..she need fi stop ..she’s a mother …set example fi u daughter .Stop f000 u fren dem man n Stop f000 d circle man nuh look good when Lukey ,chubby ,Mario,Minga,Troy n others stand up together a mash you down …a next ting always f000 in a condom no matter how good d nigga look…n stop suck dutty hood too…d Gal man weh u f000 fi a hairstyle she a plan fi f000 u up so beware ..she Nuh have Nuh fren every min is a different girl u c har a par with..Reci get ur shit together u can do better n do it for ur daughter ……

  • on the inside says:

    reici you guys need to clean up your friend circles! its obvious is your own friends sending you guys in. first trish now reici. badmind friends unnu fi stop send in unnu friends yes from the fallout gwaan unnu a send in the girl dem. me nah pick no side but unnu fi stop it unnu dirty heart a shine through, yess unnu weh deh a farrin and deh a yard why unno dont send in unnuself?

  • thisissomefunnyshit says:

    like seriously tho we all knw where this s steming frm n all this s pointless n a waste of time cuz d sender/s(NICKI SWEETS AND KIM BOUNTY BABYMOTHER) who post this info s no better than the person they r trying to bash cuz nicky walk n f000 like dog n nuh see seh she have a problem wid her mouth d time u tek to go bashing this gal weh unno used to par wid u go look after u mouth weh stink like batty hole nt even riverton nuh smell suh u need to take out ur denture n brush it separately(n when unno a talk bout 3 some check NICKI SWEETS) kim worst cuz when u deh wid bounty u a f000 pon him wid all kinda man so lets nt go there bt back to d matter at hand im nt picking sides bt pot a cuss kettle say it black all uno need fi clean up unno lifestyle n do better unno may nuh have a chick r a child bt unno ting tun dung n unno pretty n shape gud

  • on the inside says:

    unnu never fall out over man or nothing so y unu ome put up the girls & a try f000 them over everybody was friends at 1 point unnu deh a each other yard so Y when unnu vex unnu come a put them up. if me was like dem me woulda come done unnu back. badmind is active!

  • Nicky sweet says:

    Ok soo mi get a call say u guys callin my name go an suck ur mother me an reci don’t hav anything bitches we jus dont talk soo y de f= wud I put her up maybe its u weh a call up mi blood clot name dweet reci good an me great dont hav time for u ppl,nuff gal mi hear say all kind a ting bout her soo she must knw which 1a her mate or enemy do it

  • Nicky sweet says:

    Note dis out of all reci frenz I love her lik my sister cuz I truly did lik her she is a nice girl despite de bad ppl say about her I didn’t care soo de person weh a call up my name maybe ur jus using dis topic to mention me bitch,everybody is doin 3some bitch dats nothing new soo jus join de party lol

  • Transformer muma says:

    Who d f000 is KiM ..she n Reci a never Fren like dat..anyway dat a dat..lef d man bloodclaatt baby madda .. Mi knw har thru Reci n she nuh stay dem way deh…Reci all mi a say jus be careful .. Kinda have an idea as who put up n it’s not Kim r Nicky Sweets..mi deh right in half tree when dem a write it… I dnt knw much abt u but da day deh dem tear u dung wicked nah lie.. U c hair dresser shop n clothes store God Help dem.. Have a good day Met.. Mi did have to run in cuz mi was right there n I dnt c r hear bout dem 2 gal frm when

  • Just Saying says:

    No man is never WALLY she f— is WALDY sender get d spelling properly please…she is one of WALDY f==a girls!!!

  • Samantha pretty says:

    Make nicki gone she a do up the girl because juggist drop her from jan and a model with a new slim thing and now in a easter juggist no pay her no mine and have up Recia a that a the problem a guess nicki haver good in a the 3 sum LOL.

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ Transformer u need to call name cause I guess the perso or persons a get blame then.

  • Samantha pretty says:


  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ nicki sweet glad u admit that u did do the 3 sum lord groupie u see that im not telling any lie on nicki now tell the people them now why u vex with the girl cause u and I know and the hole a half way tree.

  • Lol says:

    Soo juggist a f– reci dah bloodclot gal deh flick har p– all bout a wah day mi c her com a park plaza in a BMW mi hear she hav a man a Montego Bay

  • Anonymous says:

    She famous fi 3some mi hear dats her specialty

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ lol a problem BMW she was in cause I was there.

  • Good pussy says:

    Right now Kim fi be careful of Nicky Sweet cuz she a Nuh good somebody…she sell out har fren dem fi likkle a Ntn…that bitch unnuh c deh…who f– like dutty whoring Nicky sweet…weh cyan read ….Reci n Kim a did good fren mi Nuh hear bout Nuh vibes between them…Nikey Mek har fren dem look bad cuz she dun dem with har Many Men dem …dat bitch is not a fren to keep…she fake as hell …,Kim a true mi Like u n seem like good somebody mi a look out fi u n Reci u n Kim fi link back cuz unnuh did cool n pure things….F– Big Ole Fake Nicky sweets…

  • Tihiary says:

    This some bulshit…ladies stop it …it Nuh look Good….

  • Transformer muma says:

    Nicky Sweet a nuh good smaddy , she nuh real . She’s not a Fren to keep.. Dat dutty gyal sell out har Fren dem fi Little a ntn.. She f—ing whoring dog weh nuh stop walk n f—.. But she have to do it cuz she nuh come frm no weh.. Old germs.. Kim mi nuh knw much bout u miss but u seem quiet so mi cyan really dun u careful a stink mouth Nikey .. Dat gyal is a waste.. It better u n Reci par ..then I dnt knw y u n Reci nah link n mi use to c unnuh everywhere so work it out.. Nikey Mek d man d weh u a f— send u go bk a school u cyan read fi save u life johncrow ….she nuh stop chat har Fren dem wid har man dem.. Jus fi Mek her self look good .. Kim n Reci unnuh nuh a half bad as nickey .. Different man every night.. Kim u good fi even chat back to her Memba she Mek bounty box out u bloodclaatt jus because she cyan keep har mouth n she nuh real .. Dat bitch @ Nicky sweets.. Mi a go a mi bed with d ppl dem man.. Met Good Nite

  • Transformer muma says:

    Mi hurt rite now so mi a go talk d tings dem. big up uself @good pussy same preeings we deh pon.. F— a fake Fren..

  • Met says:

    yes nuh badda transform di name no more

  • Saucy Baby says:

    Lol! Hi Metty….

  • @ transformer how much name u ago used says:

    It’s seem as if dis person hav somthing personal wit nicky sweet cuz she change her name 5 time jus to talk about nicki she tek u man an u seem hurts lol @ mets 9:27 u no c met find out an say stop transform u name

  • Met says:

    hi saucy mi cyah tek dem eno

  • Lol says:

    Dis story ain’t get no where cuz fr wat am readin it’s 1 person makin comments an its all about nicki an Kim

  • Tihiary says:

    Yo met need to cancel this shit cuz I’m confused right now,…sister Met plzz delete this craziness da transformer muma deh a mad mi

  • Raytaa says:

    Stop now plzz n thanks

  • Met says:

    rayta/tihiary/transformer I can put it pan the front page because ure not fooling anyone

  • Observer says:

    mi sehhhhhhhhhhh onli on jmg u fine suh much mad ppl suh all di one dem weh a bawl out confuse a dem a multiple ppl?? Mettttttttt please cum ere ooooo

  • Met says:

    i is rite ere

  • Samantha pretty says:

    @ met a so nice this and the Mario story is the best ever LORD.

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