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Title: Muffet

Message Body:
Have 3 kids and grand kids and a show your body like that that’s why your man have class woman

Title: Old foot

Message Body:
The old foot them with grand kids need to set down with them old body and stop spend pon the young boy them because them don’t need them to rass

59 Responses to GRANDMOTHER?

  • LUNDUN says:

    the grandma dem a get younger and younger, so her having a grandchild doesn’t mean she’s old.

    she luk good as far as i can see.

  • jah jah son says:

    me no see nothing wrong wid da body ya , show it if you got it , sendre you jus mad u no look so oooooooo

  • No sa yah grandma yah look like she in a r thirties she look better than nuff young gal look good to me.

  • Brightlight says:

    Good morning Metsy and metters 😉

    That’s a good looking grandmother.

  • Anonymous says:

    She look damn good #go_glam_ma #rhoa

  • Met says:

    brightie :peluk yes she looks nice

  • LUNDUN says:

    met a two time dem send in young grandma? an u juss join di two togedda mek one post?

  • fashiondoll says:

    Me girlfren is a 32 year old, look good grandma. The woman look very good sender abaay

  • LUNDUN says:

    OMG @ fashiondoll!!!

    r u talking about the girl in the pic?

  • fashiondoll says:

    Lol no lundun i dont know this lady. My gurfren had her daughter at 16 and unfortunately het 16 yr old has a son. Good thing she learns from her mistake and id back in school.

  • Met says:

    32 fashion doll? and is a grandmother?

  • fashiondoll says:

    Den Met u have all 30 year old granny a ja enuh

  • FREEDOM says:


  • 187 Dem says:

    Woman look good, smady really send in dis fi wah???

  • Anonymous says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with this lady face or body, personally I think she pretty and body look great. I am sick and tired a di dutty pop down gal dem in them 20’s that keep putting down women thirties and older. Find some facts to use to put down women other than age. Everything unnu draw fi age. Kmt

  • london5948 says:

    Good morning met, jmg, metters, peepers n all. I r is here. :peluk

  • Real talk says:

    GOOD MORNING JMG STAFF. Don’t like her out fit , butt she look good sender she blocking ur trafic

  • Lawdy Lawdy says:

    Mi nuh si nuhting wrong wid dah woman yah… Di senda is ah hater!!!

  • LadyWoW says:



  • LadyWoW says:

    32 Year old Grandma can gwan yes – she mussi bread from she a 16 and di pickney weh she have come do di same ting.

    Di cycle repeat itself

  • fashiondoll says:

    U brush u teeth from mawning or drink likkle tea u come yah a tun spelling police? Me dun establish seh me deh pon me fone so get lost

  • Lubby says:

    The lady look soo good. Ur jealous come on look pan the lady shee look like she a 25. The title should be how to look like your 25 at 32 lol lady you look goooooddd

  • missmention says:

    DIs is a very sexy granny….look like sender grudge di ooman…

  • Tammy says:

    Granny look like 22. Sender your shaming ur self

  • Lubby says:

    The lady look like she 25 lol sender ur a hater u probly look like the old foot. The title should be how to look like 25 at 32 the women body n face look good. The title should be how too look like 25 at 32 . Sender this pic look gooood. The women look like she a 25 lmao sender I bet you ugly. Granny look good bap bap

  • Hotstepper...formerly peeper says:

    granny look hot

  • Lou-Lou says:

    Please don’t bad mind the woman tru she look better than uuuuuu

  • GENUINE says:


  • MR TRY LIVE RIGHT. says:

    Grand ma look better than nuff a the early 20ties girl dem out there, weh deh a every party every night and up and about all day. word to the wise get at least 7 hr of sleep am or pm to keep the age off little longer….the bag dem and the black eye dem and the wrinkle dem cant hide under the make up long…..oh yeah drink nuff water lol.

  • Anonymous says:

    Di rass do dem commentators yah from wah day everytime i read all ive bee seeing is ” longtime old big woman” seriously like wtf when since is 30 40 or 45 considered old gtfoh you young hatersss & leave all the look good 30-50 years young women. Old iis from 65/75 upwards

  • Jules says:

    Who di rass waan be a grandma at 32? Nuff ooman now dis a get dem fuss child at dat pickney nah meck mi nuh grandma before 55. Dem muss hab di resources and strent fi raise dem own pickney, dem nah teck mi tun no wuckhawse.

  • Yep! says:

    Sender if the woman body a gi yuh migraine headaches every time she touch di road jus cut yuh yeye and look the other way…. Hatin ass hoe! :f000:

  • No Joke says:

    Grandma a gi sumbody headache…..

  • oh,well says:

    Sender,this woman has a tidy body. Maybe you are concerned that granny seems too familiar with the prostitute fashion that has been the backbone of D list celebrities and reality stars for the last ten years. Nobody wants to see a granny dress like a hooker no matter how tidy her body is. Just saying it’s got old. Nothing is wrong with adopting a classy swagger in ones thirties and onwards.

  • Yep! says:

    @ NO Joke a dat a mad di senda; dat is one good lookin granny; senda try exercising and maybe… Just maybe… You might look as good as dis ya owl foot; badmine aguh kill nuffa unu…

  • Neesha says:

    The woman look good.

  • Tameka says:

    This lady look sexy. She look better than these 22 year old. She look like she is 21. This granny look good. Sender ur a hater cuz this lady look good she have the body let her show it this sender dnt look good like her granny look good sender abayy ur a hater. I bet ur the old foot. Lady you look good. This sender flap herself cuz this granny look 22

  • Muffet says:

    MSG FRM 37 YEARS OLD GRANDMOTHER readers stay tune for part 2 of ths story! Jealousy chick who is sleeping with my 45 year old man! When u see the pics u do th math!#JEALOUS

  • Anonymous says:

    This lady look good

  • Muffet says:

    Sender yyy u nuh put up a pic mek di ppl dem see how u look! Cause as far as me can see di GRANDMOTHER look damn good! So I guess ur just another bitch hating!!! #GET A LIFE!

  • goodgal says:

    Can bet seh is a pap dung body young gal sen een dis. Badmine is active


    i dont know how old this woman is.but from me a likkle boy me love big woman .THIS WOMAN CAN GET THE LONG JOHN ANY TIME .I STILL HAVE CRUSH ON SOME OF ME HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER DEM ,EVEN THOUGH SOME GETTING ON IN AGE.

  • Donna says:

    Looks dam good! A picture is worth a thousand words…She doesn’t need to defend herself

  • Tiffe says:

    Me ready for part 2 because this old foot look good but u need to have respect for your kids

  • Met says:

    she is 37

  • Good hole says:

    She nuh look ah Rass she Fi respect har self n memba sah she’s a mother n a grand mother n lef all dem tings Fi Di young gal dem! SMH

  • Tameka says:

    Good hole stop hating on the lady bet u dnt look so good. The sender bad mind n it sound like ur hurt too

  • Jah jah says:

    Mixup to bloodclot them ppl need a life your body look good but me need to see your met because me they the barbershop and see her and she turn up loud lol to still waiting fi part 2 me like u and your met still looking good

  • Good hole says:

    @tameka if ah pussy yah look Fi suck Di old gal deny yur application, badmind Fi wah liposuction n Botox

  • Tameka says:

    @dutty hole u sound hurt true every saying the lady look better than u ugly gal bet ur the sender n the lady body look good you should be ashamed ur making old fit mash u up. Bap bap granny look better than donkey gal in the pic. Word of advice u shame urself cuz granny mash you up inna this one lmaooo

  • Libby says:

    Lol I bet ur the sender @duuttyhole the lady mash u up.n it sound like you so hurt. You need fi ask her for her doctor cuz ur donkey pic not cutting it at all you look like stale calla loo abayyyy. Donkey gal mi have a doctor too that t can give you a different face n sum cream fi ur wrinkle skin abay abay donkey face n wrinkle skin gal the day dne you. Send in a better story next time cuz this is just you hating all the way lol donkey

  • Ben says:

    Lol trueeeeee @ Libby

  • Trudy says:

    Wow you ppl really hav time on yuh hands to be arguing over somebody weh not even memba unnuh or recognize unnuh

  • Toya luxury says:

    A me a the sender am just saying she must have respect for her kids because what type of clothes that she make it look like she a look a man you have a man why u a wear something like that fi a 37 year woman only a friend no your secret and only me can reveal it remember that I do this for a reason and all the duty people them out there a say she look good yes she do but to next man when she have a man think b4 u people bloodclot text and me tell u who I am in a later day muff

  • Ben says:

    Abay @ toya stop wrry bout wat plp wanna wear n watch urself the lady like it that’s why he wear it hater. Lawd a fuss mi a hear this u wrry bout the lady Pinckney them weh no know u. The lady look 20 so Mek she wear it. She selll off n all me a see in this story is u ugly donkey hating on the lady abay donkey gal bet u cnt look soo lmao mi no this lady but mi know haters n ur one

  • muffet says:

    Sender …feel bad for u muff dnt keep fren so u sad ..bitch my man was staning behind me..y worry bout me guess u wnt me 2 …get help bitch

  • muffet says:

    Readers mi no u guys c the same thing im seein triffle ass whore a look attention ..but im not goin to stoop tht low…mi jus feel bad for her..poor ting

  • Anonymous says:

    Me need to see the pics with the met some me the info part 2 make me talk to think them

  • Youngmoney says:

    That’s a grandmother that can get it and I’m young people need fi stop hatin I don’t see nothin wrong with her

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