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MET please tell this cry baby Patrice fi stop mek ah fool of herself pon di intanet. Every minute she ah bawl ova bruk pocket Whitey and den two two’s she run bac pon di cocky. And ah wha Reggae Pop haffi do wit dem slackness? Hmmm look like somebody know sey him ah fu#k pon har and nah tell har. Could it be with di new gyal him did ah pose up wit ah Bruck it Dung? Ah who she? Di gyal look like one likkle pickney wey sneak out har granny house fi “Bruck it dung.”

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19 Responses to JMG MAN COURT

  • simplicity says:


  • Observer says:

    Morning Metty and Mettyers :peluk simpleeeeeeeeeeeeee yuh cum outa hiding :salahkamar dwl

  • Fassness says:

    How is this “Breaking News” they are not even together. That’s just her Baby Daddy lol! Trust me, she is not crying over anything or anyone. They are both great parents to their daughter. In addition, that pic at bruk it dung dosen’t tell any story, he takes many pics at these dancehall events, big whoop. People too idle…

  • Jackson says:

    But dis man look like one a de gay scammers…lol

  • Observer says:

    lol @ jackson

  • Original Goodas says:

    no sa jackson me u bad so

  • Justlikedat says:

    You don’t like what she say on her instigram or twitter, go jump off a bridge and drown. Internet gangsters always trying to blast a bitch, Go sit dung. At least she say what she feel and don’t hide. Take lessons bitches>>>> Straight

  • Fassness says:

    Totally agree ^^^^^^^^

  • No Joke says:


  • Sexyslimmaz says:

    Jackson ur comment is killing me lol…….. Unnuh betta leave Popeyes road manager alone lol woiiiiiii

  • Turbo says:

    Yow! A Dutti Aiesha dat??? dwl stink cratches Aeisha Rattigan you drop pon dih site a pose wid di lang mawga bwoy. You no want come blow mi agen. U hole dun out an u no reach noway yet.

  • Anonymous says:

    uh oh look like the next gal have a file

    Nuttin bad to say bout the chattin Patty but so it go with love….i guess

    LMAO Jackson…he’s one of popeye right hand man so any and everything is suspect

  • Anonymous says:

    him an popeye a battyman

  • not taking it back says:

    him an popeye battyman

  • not taking it back says:

    a no me sey so a dem other man

  • Anonymous says:

    Cyan believe country gyal pim pim from st. Mary who just reach merica and guh back dung looking pop dung pon pink walls already. Pim what a way you a get fat. Guess your outta shape big and sour cousin Beth a carry yuh . Anyways you reach a Florida back now, hope yuh guy look bout yuh teeth.

  • Anonymous says:

    Fi a gyal who fah madda deh a London and can dress and look good mi nuh know how if har daughter come suh. Big up mi classmate Shelly Gayle a London yuh ting eva proppa

  • not her fault says:

    shelly too bloodclaat worthless she deh a london how long now and she get are papers and still she dont have Pimpim Living with her… but hotter then she yuh cyan find and wicked Ian er father is no better frm him tek up undercover woring Sakina he had to carry his kids back to JA… dutty man put out you kids dem thru woman no woanda the child end up ova yah she nuh under no government… Worthless Shelly and nasty showell guh look bout unuh daughta she crying out for help and ah look if love in all the wrong places!!!

  • suh it go says:

    girl in stripe dress look look like snookie frm jersey shore

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