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29 Responses to CHAM WIFE NEW CHOON

  • Observer says:

    mi neva really like har much but a guess di rhythm caw ride pon

  • Anonymous says:

    I like it, she sounds good
    Keep at it “O”

  • Brightlight says:


  • Met says:

    but it is a shame doe…………. cham wife a nuh dj and some a dem a sing from how long and dem music cannot sound like dis..shame shame

  • 187 Dem says:

    I love di beat!! She is a pretty woman & I wish her much success, just hope she is humble :thumbup

  • BIPOLAR says:


  • sexyteeready says:

    I like it

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree BiPolar. I expected a banger afta ptu. These lyrics are kind of soft.

  • Observer says:

    rite bipolar a dat mi seh ghetto an skin fi show an all dese tings it need better lyrics but di beat niceeee

  • Cindy Royal says:

    :shakehand2 @ Met

  • LUNDUN says:

    it sound good

    it remind mi of cham song ‘backshot’

  • Real says:

    she sound like her hussy…but a true still shi sound better than some a di one dem weh a do dem ting from RADIGAN DID RICH

  • Cc says:

    Met its quite common in music biz dese recent yrs, ppl without much talent making it over ppl with talent, for whatever reason…I tink dat shud b a topic up for discussion….Dave Kelly is a genius if him make me a riddim an write me a song to go wit it… a little coaching on my delivery I could hav a hit to, not sayin dats definitely wat happen here but she is part of a musical camp weh many artis on the out side a wish dem cud be in her position…not sure weh mi a try seh a com out right but its definitely a nice topic to discuss Di politics in entertainment is crazy lol

  • shawty says:

    did she juss say pon a bakkle or har spouse

  • shawty says:

    like it still no 3 bad at all goooo OOOOOOOO ghetto we bawn

  • Miss Jamaica says:

    I heard it lastnight and I liked it the beat is cool

  • Theresa says:

    I stopped listening after the 15 second mark

  • Sexyslimmaz says:

    I like here but she doesn’t sound no way like this……. Baby Cham called her on stage & i watched her performed in miamia in January at the reggae unity concert, she had no stage vibes, I think her performance was boring I enjoyed listening to her songs on the radio, ipad etc & she sounds way better. Her voice is really soft. She needs to rough it up some more. It’s new for her still

  • Beautifully Made says:

    Luv luv luv it madddddddd

  • Chin says:

    O yuh try gawn wid yuh one hit wonder dwl!

  • Little Willie says:

    She is DJ-ing… No? Talent tun down low. Di riddim nice doe. Mi coulda do some damage pon di riddim.

  • NUFFY says:

    Don’t like it….Not a hit…Beat “ok” words–no no

  • Observer says:

    mi nuh noe y dem caw lef dem man inna di dancehall like dem haffi falla kmt.

  • o cant sing says:

    Songg nuh mek itttt … hit wonder trueee .the beat offf .n she fi stop act like she the next rihanna.wanna be superstar .get the phuck out of here .mek cham continue with his is.


    Me like it…@Met, u soo rite cause all knock knee Tifa DONT SOUND AS GOOD. Unu be fair, di gal no sound bad at all..

  • fhye says:

    A lie,as much as mi nuh like tifa,tifa sound wayyyy much betta than ooooo!mek she move from ova yah wid her wanna be rihanna self kmt mi nawh sah ppl nuh fi follow a artist style or like it but she a od it she need fi go find her own image cause it a look fi har.cho rawtid..

  • Anonymous says:

    mi lub it …. it mad

  • sweet naty says:

    she is doing well!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


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