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It was reported that the Wyndham Hotel in New Kingston was ablaze early this morning

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Fire this morning destroyed a section of the Wyndham hotel in new Kingston.
There have been no reports of injuries from the fire which started shortly after 12:00am.

Unconfirmed reports are that the fire started close to the ballroom on the ground floor. Guests are being transferred to other hotels
Firefighters are now conducting cooling down operations.

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  • LUNDUN says:

    any updates yet met?

    is it badly damaged?

  • Met says:

    no lundun mi a go check now

  • Met says:

    a wyndham brb

  • LUNDUN says:

    ok met

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Met, I was just reading how the US Congress pushing for the Jamaican scammers to be extradited here to stand trial. I’m all for it.

    United States lawmakers yesterday pushed for lottery scammers to be extradited to that country to stand trial for defrauding Americans of millions of dollars, and chided Jamaica for not having acted sooner to address the problem during a damaging congressional hearing on the matter.

  • Met says:

    Foxy morning I saw it as well and I do agree that measures should be taken to stop these scams but why dem nuh go collect back di money from di nigerian dem…they easily said that they could be extradited from ja as if dem nuh know its an agreement process and I am not too fond of them making an example of jamaica…also i do not believe their numbers…

  • KMT says:

    Met, they are making an example of Jamaica because we are an easy target. Jamaica will bounce back “duppy know who fi frighten” they cannot dream of getting involved with Nigeria they are 1 million times more gangster in Nigeria. These so called thugs would bawl like a baby if they had to try anything in Nigeria much less US law enforcement trying to get involved with Nigeria. Jamaica did make this go on too long but the people who were ripped off are too greedy .How are you going to win a lottery that you didnt enter?

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Yes Met, I thought of that the moment I read it, afterall we borrowed the scams from the Nigerians and they have never done anything about that. It’s interesting how they so easily hop on the Jamaicans but mi nuh like tief none at all and these poor old people were not rich, they were hard working people who planned and saved for retirement and these criminals have no qualms about leaving them destitute like Uncle Sam will take care of them and we all know sey nobody cyaan survive on social security alone. Time fi end it. Plus anywhere ill gotten money is, there will be violence. The article you posted stated how guns and crimes have increased as a result of the lottery scams.
    People thing there is something wrong with hard work and honest living. This is bad, the poor people dem neva work hard dem whole life so yuh can hype a Jamaica.

  • Met says:

    Yes they are making an example of us …just because they can

  • Observer says:

    an juss becaw wi suh licky licky an frihten fi merca

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