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BEIJING — Authorities recovered hundreds more dead pigs from a river that provides drinking water to Shanghai, China’s financial hub, bringing the total to more than 6,600 since last Friday.

Pictures of swollen and rotting carcasses in the Huangpu river have worried many residents, but officials say the water supply remains safe.

The surge in dumping of dead pigs – believed to be from swine farms in the upstream Jiaxing area of neighboring Zhejiang province – has followed police campaigns against the sale of pork products made from diseased pigs.

On Wednesday, a Zhejiang court sentenced 46 people to jail for producing unsafe pork from sick pigs that they had acquired and slaughtered between 2010 and 2012.

The official Xinhua News Agency said police in the city of Wenling had seized 6,218 kilograms (13,708 pounds) of diseased pork.

In another operation last year, police in Jiaxing broke up a gang that acquired and slaughtered diseased pigs. Provincial authorities said police arrested 12 suspects and confiscated nearly 12 tons of tainted pork.

On Wednesday, the Shanghai government said the city will continue to monitor water quality and test for viruses including porcine circovirus.

It said the city disinfected the carcasses before burying some and incinerating others.


  • Wtf I can see nothing due to this pop up met…

  • Met says:

    morning stully hold on

  • LUNDUN says:

    my gosh every country have sum amount a meat scandal eeh.

    a same so it come out big big big weh day seh a horse meat dem a sell wi as beef inna englan.

    ole wicked dem!!

  • Foxy Lady says:

    Morning Met, you know mi over here a cuss yuh sey yuh block mi cos I couldn’t log in. Sorry fi di cussing 🙂

    I think it’s time we start going vegetarian if not vegan. The bible denounces swine as the worst meat. Science confirms that the pig and the white man share 99% DNA and the pig’s skin is closest to human (white people).

    If that ain’t enough to get people to stop eating pork, then nothing will. I have eliminated all red meat from my diet and working on the chicken thing but buoi I love me some jerk chicken.
    Time to start taking responsibility for what we ingest.

  • kgn13 says:


  • Cindy Royal says:

    Knowing di chiney dem, dem soon find a way fi use dem dead pigs yah tun dem into some cheap, crap product(s) that will be shipped to western countries, cuz dem nuh easy. kmt

  • Met says:

    dem arrest 46 people fi sell di meat already

  • Jules says:


  • kgn13 says:


  • Nasty chinky eyed fckerz ….ok met mi seet.

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