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dis is a story bout likkle miss who luv chat people and nuh see fi har life. she need fi go find god cauze she nuh see wah a gwan inna har life. she have one mad son one (Edited) daughta one (Edited) daughta and one disaster who wah be willy haggort. Him a look a f+++ buss, das why him hitch up pon likkle miss. him nuh stop chat sey she ah him investor. but him nuh stop walk n look everybody. him chat har wid di gyal dem seh she ah 52 and tell mi fren how she ah miss out pon him goldmine and nyam out mi fren p++. likkle miss u walk an chat di whole a yuh fren dem. u lend dem money fi go china and dem owe yuh an nuh wah pay, u chat cocky,moreen, jenny,althea,city, yuh owna sista,ruff,batty man donovan. all di money u sey u have u dont stay good. house and car nuh fit yuh, u madda beg like a dog ah florida di ppl dem tired ah har. u run go do belly fi look like andrea. ndrea ah kill yuh. all weh u a do english say him nuh wah u cauze u old. all di mexican daughta him breed an ah hide it from you. him ago kill u inna u own movie cuz u tink u star di show n u dont! him is a fupppg teef, him rob mi bredda ah farrin n nuff more people n cum dung ya ah hype. him cah leff him babymodda. him fraid ah di sista cuz shes a feds. him tell people so inna jamaica. him chat u seh u vulgar and u anno fi him type. him mumma hate u. dats weh him tell mi sista! u ah ride fi ah fall n u ago drop off n bruk u f++ back. n u fren dem ago laugh affa yuh. all ah unno cht unno one onneda, unu ah dog nyam dog. repent likkle miss n go baptise

A DI SAME SENDA DIS OOO____________________ :hammer


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