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NAIROBI — AFRICA must shake off its romantic view of China and accept Beijing is a competitor as much as a partner and capable of the same exploitative practices as the old colonial powers, Nigerian central bank governor Lamido Sanusi has warned.

Reflecting the shifting views of a growing number of senior African officials who fear the continent’s anaemic industrial sector is being battered by cheap Chinese imports, Mr Sanusi cautions that Africa is “opening itself up to a new form of imperialism”.

“China takes from us primary goods and sells us manufactured ones. This was also the essence of colonialism,” he writes in the Financial Times. His remarks are among the most trenchant by a serving African official about the continent’s ties with the world’s second-largest economy.

Trade between China and Africa was worth more than $200bn last year, 20 times what it was in 2000 when Beijing committed to a policy of accelerated engagement.

It has been a period of growth, partly thanks to Asian demand for African resources.

But a boom in commodities, services and consumer spending has coincided with the relative decline of African manufacturing from 12.8% to 10.5% of regional gross domestic product, according to United Nations figures.

African leaders and the African Development Bank have recently urged governments to work with each other to ensure they maximise benefits from relations with their leading trade partner, but they have traditionally cloaked their concerns in emollient diplomatic language.

In contrast Mr Sanusi has thrown down the gauntlet to Beijing. “China is no longer a ‘fellow underdeveloped economy’,” he writes.

“China is the second-biggest economy in the world, an economic giant capable of the same forms of exploitation as the west. China is a major contributor to the deindustrialisation of Africa and thus African underdevelopment.”

An experienced private sector banker, Mr Sanusi is credited with cleaning up Nigeria’s banking system after a crash that wiped out 60% of bank capital in 2009. He has also given Nigeria’s central bank a more activist role. In his article, Mr Sanusi argues that African countries must respond to “predatory” trade practices — such as subsidies and currency manipulation — that give Chinese exports an advantage.

He also says the continent must build infrastructure and invest in education. “Africa must seize the moment and move manufacturing of goods consumed in Africa out of China to the African continent … I cannot recommend a divorce. However, a review of the exploitative elements in this marital contract is long overdue.”

His comments come ahead of South Africa hosting a summit of Brics (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations next week. South Africa, the largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, was incorporated into the bloc of Brazil, Russia, India and China last year.

President Jacob Zuma last week told western companies to stop warning against the embrace of China. “China is doing business in a particular way and we think we can see the benefits,” he said. “But we are very, very careful,” he added, citing Africa’s experience of colonialism.


  • PhantomPhoenix says:

    Jamaica need fi tek heed as well.

  • Brightlight says:

    Every and any one can get rich and prosper off of blacks. I notice the rise of Chinese ppl in Jamaica as well. They know in the USA they can’t pull that shit. But come to a “land of blacks” and be treated like a king while u prosper off of the them. Take up ppl good natural resources and in return sell back some cheap knock off that ends up doing more harm than good. kmt

    It’s like us black people cursed for real.

  • Anonymous says:

    This man knows exactly what he is talking about, because yuh have suma dem chinese living inna Zambia, dema set up them farms ana employed black woorkers, where nuttin nu wrang wid dat. but when yuh see how thaem treat dem bad is a shame. meh seh to me self massa gad nuh 21st century slavery dis. They definately need to be watched when yuh see a chiney man a smile an laugh wid yuh be scared. when dem dun wid africa , is a different kind a tears demma guh cry. Most african leaders are shit,simply, dem dont think long term, them think about today an nuting else. wutlis set a f— dem . look pan alla deh resources whe that deh country blessed wid? and them just a sell it off feh little a nuttin. i am totally ashamed.

  • Met says:

    mek dem nuh keep eye pan dmm

  • Dr. Sloan is too greedy and eh deserves to be scammed… With that being said, I am 100% against this scamming thing. When I was in college, a few Nigerian cats kept on pressuring me to bite on a few of their scams…

    Dude told me that his uncle was apart of the Nigerian government and that IMF issued money in the increments of $250K could be transited to the US and all that he needed was my bank account information.

    Apparently I was going to get a 25% cut from each transfer. Dude told me that since I am Jamaican he trusted me with that much money.

    He showed me his SL600, CL600 and his S600, a few houses and just like the devil, told me that I could be sitting pretty just like him…

    I would not submit and dude would pressure me every day until he gave up…

  • oops, wrong window…

  • Divide and control….

  • milikeit says:

    Hi Met, bwai, It’s a damn shame that people born on the richest part of the earth is the poorest in the world. Says something about the so called African leaders. China is the new colonial power. I saw a factory they opened up selling shoes and they treat the workers like they’re in boot camp, military style. Somebody up top seh black people cursed, I don’t think we are cursed, we just don’t stick together. We are our worst enemies, after the chinese rape Africa, the indians will come for the leftovers, KMRT

  • Anonymous says:

    sorry 9.32 dem deh chinese not leaving till them get the last dregs. dem deh! no sar, yuh nuh see when dem finish wash dem rice ,yuh nuh see them tun the left ova wata meck prawn crackers? as far as dem concern every bit a drap have value. dem gwan like them nuh have nuh sense when it suite them. guh ina wan chiney shop an shart 1cent and say ,ooh i am a cent shart, him weh seh nu undastand english. yuh nuh see how much stray dogs dem pick up inna china feh guh cook? yuh guh china town ,whe yuh tink demma sell? nuh rass claat chicken tripe!!!!!! can you imagine? chicken tripe?!!!!!!hahaha…yuh know how chicken trip tin? nuh poo yuh a eat? dem deh a the living scavengers of the earth. then again, a wonder iffa dem diat meck the mostly educated? cause meh geh dem that as a props. but on a serious not we have to watch them good good.

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