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  • Real says:

    met mi deddin at your intro…it sound like calypso fi true ………

  • Original Goodas says:

    Tell dem Angel cause every man dem see people wid dem say dem a f—kkkkkkk… pull uppppppppppp pon di one

    Good morning family a metter. Metty a wonda if today ago nice like yessiday

  • Observer says:

    Good morning Met and Mettyers :peluk

    a di media she mek dis fah but chu she dah har pumz suh wi alwayz haffi tink dat

  • Real says:

    observer…………..i thought gwhizz was the “one” and mi tink moses did still a go deh ..

  • Observer says:

    real…angel juss can neva b trusted she full a deceit

  • Real says:

    a same so ar husband seh

  • Original Goodas says:

    @Real and Observer see she clear it up deh moses is also hr friend. dwl

    me like it

  • Observer says:

    real i caw badda mek she juss sing n guh chu caw she only fool harself…OG she an Moses wi alwayz b fren caw em is a man tek bak any vomit an fi em flex dat but it luk like killa too renk

  • Cindy Royal says:

    Good morning! Mi seh, Angel & GWhizz video shotttttt!!! It sexy, dem look good togehdah (betta dan she an Beenie ever did on video). Lawks di video jus hot.

  • Observer says:

    cindy yu a talk like dem deh doah mek angel play wid yuh hed she luv doin dat wid ppl suh she lookin betta wid em dan beenie still doah stop she fram dash front pon beenie

  • so-special says:

    yes di video wid she an gwhizz shot fi true mi like it!

  • Cindy Royal says:

    No Observer, I’m not talking bout no relationship ting wid she an any man. If yuh notice, mi seh shi look better on video wid GWhizz dan she did wid Beenie who shi is/was married to. The video chemistry between she an GWhizz jus hot pan a level mi neva si wid she an Beenie. Suh mi nuh care who shi a dash it pan, mi a speak to the video chemistry.

  • LUNDUN says:

    angel voice annoying bad.

    so she basically a seh she ave nuff man fren, but di person weh she will admit is har man, is di one weh a give har grands even millions.

    tell dem angel!!!! no boy a no u man unless dem a let off. u will chat and laugh wid any missa man, but !!!

  • PPL busineSS says:

    MET ame alone realise say ANGEL call out d ole a d man de whe she [email protected]#K her fren??? all MOSES??? ANGEL go sit the fuk dwn, n FYI “AN SO” u a try buss from 2005 n nobody na run wid it so u can drop it if a no PINK WALL u no relevant

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